Haraiser Trophy – Blue Streak of Ocklynge Rosebowl

For the Best Stud Dog; based on the progeny points gained that year

(Presented for annual competition by Mrs. P. Gaitskell)

1994Tell Um Straight (WCRCh Striker)
1995Tell Um Straight (WCRCh Striker)
1996Tell Um Straight (WCRCh Striker)
1997Tell Um Straight (WCRCh Striker)
1998Saxon Blade (WCRCh Hammeron)
1999Fairmist Time Flies (WCRCh Time Flies)
2000Fairmist Time Flies (WCRCh Time Flies)
2001Captain Scarlet (WCRCh Flash Bang Wallop)
2002Just Dandy (WCRCh Just Dandy)
2003Just Dandy (WCRCh Just Dandy)
2004Just Dandy (WCRCh Just Dandy)
2005Just Dandy (WCRCh Just Dandy)
2006Just Dandy (WCRCh Just Dandy)
2007Just Dandy (WCRCh Just Dandy)
2008March Wind (March Wind)
2009March Wind (March Wind)
2010March Wind (March Wind)
2012Vensuter Alamo Flyer
2013Bethnal Green Boy (WCRCh Evansent)
2014Chalkners Flaming Arrow (WCRCh Quiver)
2015Chalkners Flaming Arrow (WCRCh Quiver)
2016Busby Babe (WCRCh VC Devils Double)
2017Busby Babe (WCRCh VC Devils Double)

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