Mia Amigo Plate

For the winner of the Superstars Master Veteran League

(Presented for annual competition by Miss Sharon Ireland)

1983WCRCh Pippa
1984VC Our Jack
1985WCRCh VC Young Patches
1987VC Stevie 'O'
1988WCRCh VC Jolly
1989WCRCh VC Jolly
1990VC Swepstone Gemmi Biskitt
1991VC Montego Bay
1992VC Night Visitor
1993WCRCh VC Little Minx
1994VC Steppenwolf
1995VC Rebecca of Khartoum
1996WCRCh VC She’s No Lady
1997WCRCh VC Firebug
1998WCRCh VC Firebug
1999VC Black Satin
2000WCRCh VC Serena
2001VC Whisper
2002WCRCh VC Flybynite
2003VC Morning Mist77 pts
2004WCRCh VC Elovado
2005WCRCh VC Bunny Girl
2006WCRCh VC Flyaway
2007WCRCh VC Flyaway74 pts
2008WCRCh VC Trailblazer74 pts
2009WCRCh VC Close To Crazy
2010WCRCh VC Trailblazer
VC Lighthouse Mirage
2011WCRCh VC Alaska Venture
2112WCRCh Baby Love
2013*Trying Again42 pts
2014WCRCh VC Heross33 pts
2015WCRCh Sapphire's Gem58 pts
2016VC Raffles60 pts
2017VC Winterfell Arfa Must Dash61 pts

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