WCRCh Zippa Cup (Bitch)

For the winner of the Superstars Bitch competition

(Presented for annual competition by Mr D. Rosser and family)

1981Miss Binfield66 pts
1982WCRCh Nippy Girl75 pts
1983WCRCh Sierra100 pts
1984Platignum92 pts
1985WCRCh Zippa98 pts
1986WCRCh Zippa
1987WCRCh She's a B106 pts
1988WCRCh Lady Moonshine101 pts
1989WCRCh Little Minx90 pts
1990WCRCh Magic Trick92 pts
1991WCRCh Agile Dream99 pts
1992WCRCh Agile Dream100 pts
1993WCRCh Smartie83 pts
1994Kool Silk88 pts
1995Diana Tecca90 pts
1996WCRCh Serena101 pts
1997WCRCh Black Diamond Queen108 pts
1998WCRCh Black Diamond Queen108 pts
1999WCRCh Flybynite107 pts
2000WCRCh Bunny Girl105 pts
2001WCRCh Molly Malone86 pts
2002WCRCh Diamonds Sapphire Star106 pts
2003WCRCh Brown Eyed Girl105 pts
2004WCRCh Diamond Sapphire Star107 pts
2005WCRCh Crystal Star107 pts
2006*Stripey Tara92 pts
2007WCRCh Stripey Tara101 pts
2008WCRCh Summa Breeze
2009WCRCh Summa Breeze
2010WCRCh Faithful Venture
2011WCRCh Faithful Venture
2012WCRCh Faithful Venture
2013WCRCh Diamond's Star50 pts
2014WCRCh Shakira43 pts
2015WCRCh Fenland Whisper76 pts
2016WCRCh Sapphire's Ruby Queen96 pts
2017WCRCh Polly Flinders

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