Satin’s Veteran Consolation Cup

For the winner of the Veteran Consolation League; based on the points scored in the Veteran Consolation Finals of the Superstars counting events

(Presented for annual competition by Mr D, Mrs C and Miss N. Brown of Satin Whippets)

1997Time Bandit
1999Born To Be
2000Diamond Nugget
2001WCRCh VC Blackbird
Midnight Blaze
2002Midnight Blaze
2003Royal Ranger27 pts
2004Evening Star
2006Shifting Sands
2007Bonsai Bunny25 pts
Guye's Godrevy25 pts
2008Bonsai Bunny
2009Feathers McGraw
Guye's Godrevy
2010WCRCh Guyes Gwynder
2011VC Agile Addition
Braecombe Shadow
Gambler Girl
Hawaii Five 'O'
WCRCh VC Terraquinn
2012Muppy Puck
2013Lisandy Twinkles Daughter15 pts
2014Campanula Tottington11 pts
2015Harib 'O'11 pts
Deadly Twister11 pts
2016Laguna Lovely Lara16 pts
2017Fangdangle21 pts

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