The George Branch Consolation Cup

For the winner of the Consolation League; based on points scored in the Consolation Open Finals of the Superstars counting events.

(Presented for annual competition by Mr. J. Corson in memory of George Branch)

Cornish Citizen
1994Binfield Dart
1995Ballyhasty Sam
1996Lady Di
1997Our White Hart
1998Black Angel
1999Black Pearl
2001Bullet Bunny
Forest Flame
Jedi Knight
2002Delter Showing Red
2003Happy Days41 pts
2004All Is Not Lost
2005Feather's McGraw
2006Feather's McGraw
Muppy Puck
Wilsdon Jimmy Mack
2007Red Opal25 pts
2008Red Opal36 pts
2009Guye's Gone Fishing
2010Go Bailey Go
2011Shropshire Lass
2013Harib "O"21 pts
2014Ameesha Red Rascal15 pts
2015Gold Edition17 pts
2016Jessie J12 pts
2017WCRCH Jett Black 20 pts

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