VC Stevie ‘O’ Challenge Trophy Veteran (Dogs)

For the veteran dog who wins most veteran open finals within the Master Veteran League.

(Presented for annual competition by Mr & Mrs R. Todman)

WCRA Annual Trophies - Stevie O Trophy

1990VC Swepstone Gemmi Biskit
1991VC Montego Bay
1992WCRCh VC Cousin Jack
1993WCRCh VC The Ace
1994Mitcham Shifter
1995VC Vensuter Smart Venture
1996VC Vensuter Red Jack Venture
1997VC Matt's Boy
1998Gold 'n' Silver
1999VC Tally "O"
2000WCRCh VC Blackbird
2002VC Ballistic Bunny
2003VC Boomerang Bunny6 wins
2004WCRCh VC Elovado11 wins
2005WCRCh Cost A Bob3 wins
2006WCRCh VC Mahler4 wins
WCRCh VC Runaway Star4 wins
2007WCRCh VC Runaway Star6 wins
2008WCRCh VC Trailblazer9 wins
2009WCRCh VC Trailblazer3 wins
2010WCRCh VC Trailblazer
2012WCRCh VC Devil's Double
2013Blade Bunny3 wins
2014WCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy3 wins
2015WCRCh VC Game on3 wins
2016VC Raffles3 wins
2017VC Winterfell Arfa Must Dash4 wins

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