JR Whippet Rescue

The Story of JR Whippet Rescue from 1971

JR Whippet Rescue was founded in 1971 by Mrs Joanna Russell (hence JR) when she realised that there was a need to re-home abandoned purebred Whippets. A mention in her breed note column in “Dog World” resulted in donations being made to help with the task. To this day the Rescue is supported by the hard work, dedication and generosity of Whippet lovers who give their time and frequently their money in a voluntary capacity. In 1976 Joanna passed responsibility for it to Mrs Elizabeth Adams who worked selflessly and with great dedication until her untimely death in 1983. Under her direction a network of helpers was built up covering most parts of mainland Britain, although this task is still not completed and more helpers are always welcome, especially in thinly populated areas.

Some considerable time before her death, Elizabeth campaigned for the Rescue to be granted charitable status. Regrettably she was unable to see the result of her labours but happily Mrs Lyn Chapman and Miss Joy Fisher were able to achieve this aim in December 1983. Accordingly the Rescue now boasts a Patron, Mrs Lilah Wainman (née: Bond- Gunning), a Chairof trustees in the person of Mrs Kate Bent, a financial advisor and five more Trustees.

Lyn Chapman retired as Organiser end of March, 1987: Laurie and Brian Hunt succeeded her and were Organisers up to the end of March 1991 when Linda Jones succeeded them. Mandy Moncrieff took over from Linda in 2007 and currently Katie McDonald and Lisa Samson perform this role.

The Rescue’s objectives remain unchanged, namely the provision of assistance to Whippets in the following categories:

  1. Abandoned, or lost and unclaimed by owners.
  2. Unwanted by owner and threatened with destruction, sale to a dealer or sale/gift to an undesirable home.
  3. Ill-treated or neglected, suffering from mental or physical distress and reported as such by an observer (confirmed by a Club member or other Whippet owner).
  4. Owner has died leaving no instructions for his/her dogs, an owner is no longer capable of care due to illness, age, matrimonial breakdown, etc.

Potential homes are approved in one of three ways:

  1. Vetted by a Rescue representative.
  2. Recommended by a whippet owner to the Rescue.
  3. Recommended by a veterinary surgeon.
Max the Whippet

The Treasurer, Organiser and Trustees are ever conscious of the help they receive from those who so willingly give their time and money to help the J R Whippet Rescue in its endless task.

The smallest contributions are greatly appreciated – and needed.

JR Whippet Rescue website: http://www.whippetrescue.org.uk/

For JR Whippet Rescue shop enquiries visit https://shop.whippetrescue.org.uk/
Or contact Rosemary Hutton, Shop and Stall Manager on shop@whippetrescue.org.uk

Registered Charity No. 326479

Patron: Lilah Wainman

Chair of Trustees: Kate Bent

Trustees: Vanna Leathart, Judith Farrington, Maria Hills,Tony Timberlake, Louise Saturninus.

Rehoming: Katie McDonald and Lisa Samson

Finance: Lynette Taylor

Shop Manager: Rosemary Hutton

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