The Whippet Breed


Whippet puppy

Whippets are gentle and lovable pets to live with. The Whippet is a hound and therefore will chase more or less anything that moves – so an enclosed garden is essential.

He likes nothing better than a run over the fields, but will always return when called. He is happy in close association with his human family and will take a full part in the family fun. But he was bred to race, hunt and course, and so he must have his good run every day – and then, being rather sophisticated for a dog, he will be happy to curl up quietly in a corner of your best sofa.

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General Care

The Whippet has a fine single coat, which means, when walking, that he needs extra protection from the elements in the colder months. Grooming is simple – just a good rub over with a damp cloth, and if he comes in muddy, a damper cloth, followed by a dry one. The nails have to be trimmed about every two weeks and, basically, that is all.

Whippet owners don’t know how lucky they are with such an easily managed little dog, which is free of inherited conditions.

Whippet curled up in bed
Whippet puppy curled up asleep

Please only buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. Always visit a puppy at the breeder’s kennel or home to see the puppies with their mother. Do not ever buy a puppy from a pet shop or commercial kennels, as puppies from these outlets could well come from puppy farms.

The breeder will give you a diet sheet and advice on how to rear your puppy, so that all requisite items can be purchased beforehand.

You can contact one of the breed clubs who will be happy to put you in touch with breeders with available puppies.

The Whippet Breed Council Health Co-ordinator is Jo Whitehead who can be contacted via email

The Whippet Breed Council Education Co-ordinator is Editha Newton who can be contacted via email

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