The WCRA Committee

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The WCRA Committee 2023

Chairman: Mr Mark Etheridge

Secretary: Miss Kim Saxby

Treasurer: Mrs Sue Hoddinott

Interim Racing Manager: Miss Kim Saxby

Disqualifications: Mr Mark Etheridge

Superstars Officer: Karen Bridge

Committee Members:  Mr Mike Eaton, Jacquie Mullin, Karen Bridge, Gary Hogan

Whippet Club appointed Registrar: Mr Garry Comber

Whippet Club Appointed Representatives:

Hon. Chairman: Mr M. Hawkins

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs S. Hoddinott

Superstars Officer / Karen Bridge / An intro

I come from a horse-racing background including working in racing yards at Newmarket, after leaving that and getting a whippet I discovered the thrill of whippet racing, especially when one of them is mine!

My time in whippet racing isn’t as long as many of you but each year the excitement of training and planning the year ahead increases. Being able to help in the background to put on these events is my contribution to making sure this exhilarating sport continues.

April 2023