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New for 2018 – WCRA Championship Racing – The Whippets in Action

4th WCRA Championships, 2018

Reproduced with kind permission of Michael Treacher. 
All rights reserved.

WCRA Championship Weight Group Winners

As part of the evolution of the website, these images are being merged into the write-up and results pages for their respective events. Until they are completely linked together they will remain on this page. 

Please Note: As there are lots of images and galleries, it has been difficult to get consistency in weight group, dog and owner details into the overlay on thumbnails due to them being created over a length of time. When these galleries are ported over to the write-up and results pages the images will be folded into the results, giving full details of each and every weight group win, dog and owner. Please bear with us while we complete the transition. 

4th WCRA Championships 2016

Main: 240 yd bend;  Veteran Sprint  150 yd straight ½yd/lb & yd/yr

3rd WCRA Championships and Veteran Crowns 2016

Main: Straight 170yrd,  Veteran Crowns: 150yd ½yd lb & yd/year

2nd WCRA Championships, 2016

Main: 240 yd bend; Veteran Sprint 150 yd straight ½yd/lb & yd/yr

1st WCRA Championships and Veteran Crowns 2016

Main: 150 yd straight; Veteran Crowns ½yd/lb  & yd/yr

3rd WCRA Championships 2015

Main: 180yd straight; Veteran Crowns: 150yd  ½yd/lb & yd/yr

1st WCRA Championships 2015

150yd straight, Veteran Crown 150yd straight at 1/2yd a lb & 1yrd/yr

3rd WCRA Championships 2014

150 yards straight

1st WCRA Championships 2014

180 yards straight (Veteran Crowns over 150 yards at ½yd/lb & yd/yr)

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