The Time Trophy

For the owner whose dog(s) who (collectively) gain most Superstar points at the Championships each year.

(Presented for annual competition by Nigel & Judy Booker in memory of WCRCh Time Finder and WCRCh Time Flies)

WCRA Annual Trophies The Time Trophy image

1999Angela Parker68 pts
2000Robin Sweet92 pts
2001Robin Sweet53 pts
2002Angela Parker47 pts
2003Angela Parker56 pts
2004Angela Parker57 pts
2005Robin Sweet
2006Colin & Tina Jennings67 pts
2007Colin & Tina Jennings62 pts
2008Jane Drake44 pts
Chris & Ernie Ruffle44 pts
2009Sue Ward79 pts
2010Sue Ward
2012Sue Ward
2013Angela Parker64 pts
2014Patricia & Graham Gilfeather60 pts
2015Patricia Gant182 pts
2016Angela Parker278 pts
2017Angela Parker290 pts

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