The Margaret Baker Breeders Trophy

For the Best Brood Bitch, based on Superstars progeny points gained by offspring that year

(Presented for annual competition by Mrs M. Baker)

WCRA Annual Trophies - Margaret Baker Tophy image

1987Papedaro Camelia (On A Promise)
1992Spring Sunset of Fairmist (Mystique)
1993Spring Sunset of Fairmist (Mystique)
1994Brummie Bertha (Brummie Bertha)
1995Spring Sunset of Fairmist (Mystique)
1996Spring Sunset of Fairmist (Mystique)
1997Leading Lady (Leading Lady)
2000Sunlay's Black Satin (VC Black Satin)
2001Dusty Madam (VC Whisper)
2002Little Twister
2003Little Twister
2004Little Twister
2005Little Twister
2006Goodad Blaze of Song (WCRCh VC Just for Fun)
2007Goodad Blaze of Song (WCRCh VC Just for Fun)
2008Goodad Blaze of Song (WCRCh VC Just for Fun)
2009Goodad Blaze of Song (WCRCh VC Just for Fun)
2010Wheatroyd Magic Maisie (Wheatroyd Magic Maisie)
2011Wheatroyd Magic Maisie (Wheatroyd Magic Maisie)
2012Wheatroyd Magic Maisie (Wheatroyd Magic Maisie)
2013Typhoon Tilly (VC Typhoon Tilly)
2014Tarramoss Lazy Town (Eye of the Storm)
2015Carlstream Pop Star (Pop Star)
2016Sunlay Queen's Topaz (WCRCh VC Sapphire's Queen Topaz)
2017Sunlay Queen's Topaz (WCRCh VC Sapphire's Queen Topaz)

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