WCRA Annual Trophies – A record of Winning Whippets

Collected together for the first time, a historical record of the WCRA trophy winners.

Compiled by the Superstars Officer, WCRA

If you can fill in any of the blanks, then please do contact the WCRA Registrar

Each table is presented on it’s own page as otherwise this post would get very, very long. Use the pagination at the bottom of each table to click through or skip to the relevant historical list using the links below:

Heatherpard Cup
WCRCh Pattie Platinum Trophy (Dog)
WCRCh Pattie Platinum Trophy (Bitch)
WCRCh Zippa Cup (Dog)
WCRCh Zippa Cup (Bitch)
The George Branch Consolation Cup
The Margaret Baker Breeders Trophy
Haraiser Trophy – Blue Streak of Ocklynge Rosebowl
The Venture Golden Collar (Bend)
The Venture Golden Collar (Straight)
The Time Trophy
VC Stevie ‘O’ Challenge Trophy Veteran (Dogs)
VC Stevie ‘O’ Challenge Trophy Veteran (Bitches)
Mia Amigo Plate
Satin’s Veteran Consolation Cup

The Laguna Trophy

For the most successful dog at WCRA Championships

(Presented for annual competition by Mrs. D.U. McKay)

WCRA Annual Trophies - Laguna Trophy image
1983WCRCh Jolly
1984WCRCh General Joe
1985WCRCh Mitcham Cruiser
1986WCRCh Hawkwind
WCRCh Joe Rags
1987Perry Lane
1988WCRCh Tobermory Bay
1989WCRCh Striker
1990WCRCh Binfield Jet
1991WCRCh Binfield Jet
WCRCh Tommy
1992WCRCh Red Assasin
1993WCRCh Red Assasin
1994WCRCh Red Assasin
1995WCRCh Red Assasin
1996WCRCh Time Flies
1997WCRCh Flash Bang Wallop
1999WCRCh Tusken Raider
2002WCRCh Steadfast
2003WCRCh The Bear
2004WCRCh Starstruck
2005WCRCh Wybay Redwing
2006WCRCh Big Ron
2007WCRCh Diamond Geezer
2008WCRCh Run at Mill
2009WCRCh Braecome Nadal
2010WCRCh Texacana Venture
2011WCRCh Texacana Venture
2012WCRCh Flash in the Pan
2014WCRCh Nip 'n' Tuck
2015WCRCh Scallywag
2016WCRCh Scallywag

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