About the WCRA

Pedigree Whippet Racing (WCRA)

One of the great joys of owning a running breed is to slip off the lead and watch your dog give rein to its basic instinct.

Of course this can be a pleasure reserved for just you and your dog but you can have a great deal more enjoyment by joining a racing club and measuring your dog against others in a structured environment.

Racing is administered on behalf of the Whippet Club by the Whippet Club Racing Association (WCRA).

There are 8 clubs affiliated to the Association geographically spread from Scotland to Cornwall.

WCRA Championships - Mains

Club racing is designed to be fun and to accommodate all standards. Most clubs race on Sunday afternoons and a programme of racing lasts about three to four hours. Time is allowed to introduce new racers to the sport and races are usually handicapped to give all a fair chance.

Progression can be made to Open Class racing organised by all clubs throughout the year. These provide sterner competition, but also provide brilliant social weekends in the company of like-minded people.

The final step is to Championship racing and earning the title of Racing Champion.

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Contact WCRA Secretary, Kim Saxby