Superstars League Points System

Changes to the Superstars points system – Revised 2015

  1.  Winners of the Finals for Main, Consolation, Veteran and Veteran Consolation will now be awarded 8points
  2. Semi-Finals – there are some weight groups where the numbers of runners are limited and therefore some semi-finals have not been programmed; in order redress the balance, winners only will be awarded 1-point
  3. Dogs running at WCRA Championships will be awarded double Superstars points which is now in-line with the existing calculations used for Progeny Points.
  4. Superstars Points will now be awarded for Opens at Affiliated Clubs where dogs with an Alternative Passport System (APS) are also entered, on the basis that the Open conforms to Superstars Rules, only the dogs that hold a valid WCRA Passport and run at said Open(s) will be awarded Superstars Points.


  • All whippets entered under a valid WCRA passport, will be subject to all previous criteria as described in the WCRA Rules of Racing, this is particularly important should a whippet holding a WCRA passport be disqualified for fighting.
  • A completed Open programme from the participating Club to the Superstars Points compiler, where the results will be analysed and points awarded to whippets with WCRA valid passports in accordance with normal Superstars rules (amended 2015).

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