Critique – Limited Members Show 21st January 2017

Judge: Mrs Jo Boughton-White

I extend my sincere thanks to The whippet Club committee for firstly inviting me to judge and also for organising a super show. The new venue is superb, both spacious and warm perfect for both humans and whippets! Overall all exhibits were clean , well presented with clean teeth and all with good temperaments in the ring.

Critique - Whippet Club Limited Members Show Jan 2017

MPD (3;1)

  1. Howgate & Hulls Palmik Whisper Again. 6 month old fawn brindle parti. Eye catching young lad. Best of heads, long elegant neck. Very well balanced front with shoulder well laid and good length of upper arm. Plenty of scope to mature into, nice amount of angulation on the hind quarters to match the front. His handler really gets the best out of him, stacked up he is perfectly balanced. Moved excellently round the ring and very sound for one so young. I hope he doesn’t grow on. Extremely bright future beckons I am sure! BPD, RBD, RBPIS
  2. Troutons Runnel Run For Fun. 8 month old classic fawn boy. Handsome head without being overdone, good length of neck. Nice smooth well laid shoulder. Good deep brisket and tuck up. Plenty of length into correct moderate angulation in rear. Really nice boy, unlucky to meet one. As he settles with maturity I am sure he will do well.

PD (5;1)

  1. Shepherds Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW. 9 month old Red fawn with white trim. This attractive boy is a super example of the breed, handsome head, into good neck, well laid shoulders and nice return of upper arm. Front is nicely filled without being overdone. Good deep brisket, Plenty of length but not so much he loses his topline. Good bend of stifle without being overdone. Loved his balance and his size. Moved well around the ring, narrowly missed out on BPD.
  2. Woods Ardencote High Class. 11 month Fawn/white parti. Quality masculine head, correct neck, nicely laid shoulder, would prefer a little more spring in pastern. Good deep brisket and tuck up. A little shorter in body than 1 which gave a slightly less balanced picture. Curvy outline, correct moderate angulation in rear, a little unsettled on the move but was nice and sound when he complied!
  3. Barkas Jimanica Just dreaming.

JD (5;3)

  1. Ellis’ Railfield Lone Rainger. 13 month old fawn boy. Really filled and starting to mature nicely since I last saw him in the ring. Correct size and nice elegant boy although still has masculinity. He has a nice smooth outline with good length and not exaggerated in any way. Good head and elegant neck, well laid shoulder and nice spring of pastern. Deep brisket and starting to get good spring of rib. Moved well, nice boy.
  2. Smiths Wheatroyd Banksy. 17 month blue fawn. Correct sized boy, good head and length of neck. Front assembly a little upright and lacking fill in front. This boy was not ‘at home’ in the ring and may benefit from some more experience and training. Moved nicely around the ring.

MD (6; 2)

  1. Howgate & Hulls Palmik Whisper Again
  2. Troutons Runnel Run for Fun
  3. Barkas Jimanica Just dreaming

ND (3,1)

  1. Siegfrieds Jamanica Jonquil. 10 month fawn. Correct size boy, good classic whippet head, nice elegant neck. Made well throughout and has a super close coat, plenty of length. Moved well around the ring and true aft. Would benefit from a little more practice to get the best out of him.
  2. Smiths Wheatroyd Banksy.

GD (8;2)

  1. Rishworths Richclass King of Kings. 19m red brindle parti. Striking boy, very handsome head into well made front with good return of upper arm and fill in front. Correct deep brisket, enough length but tends to be a little tense which can ruin his outline and shorten up. Correct amount of angulation on rear. Moved freely around the ring with extension, a touch wide behind.
  2. Saxbys Nattah Knight Gawaine with Sandspring. 5 year old blue brindle. This boy is perhaps a size bigger than I would ideally prefer, however he is well balanced and presents a lovely outline, but just need to watch he doesn’t overly relax and allow his topline to drop. Really handsome masculine head, well made front. Plenty of length and correct rear angulation. Moved well and was true fore and aft.
  3. Fabers Sufeina Elaphone Grey Gatsby.

PGD (1:1)

LD (5,1)

  1. Lawrences Bryntreia First Glance. 2.5year fawn/white parti. This boy looks an absolute picture when stacked. Presented in immaculate condition. Masculine head but would prefer a larger eye. Long elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Good spring of pastern. Body has a good deep brisket and spring of rib. Correct amount of angulation on rear. He moved quite well around the ring and was sound behind but was a little let down by his front movement. Easy winner in this class.
  2. Wignalls Collooney Stay with me at Starswift. 6 year old fawn boy. This dog was lovely in type, he stood well and created a good balanced picture. Well made throughout and moved okay but was a bit unsettled. Would prefer him with slightly less condition to see the best of him.
  3. Fabers Sufeina Black jasper

OD (4)

  1. Scholes’ Craigavad Once in a Lifetime. 2 year old light brindle. Absolutely spot on for size. This is a boy I have perhaps overlooked from the ringside, but once I had a chance to go over him and see him move his quality is evident. Handsome head with well placed ears and kind expression, enough neck. Very well laid shoulders and front, lovely deep brisket with sweeping underline to his tuck up. Correct top line with well let down rear and moderate angulation. This boy has the most lovely free moving stride, not over reaching which seems to be creeping into the breed but still driving from the rear and so light on his feet with proper true daisy-cutting action. He has than balance of grace with masculinity which is sometimes hard to find. In my notes I wrote: very well made, tidy, correct size and sound! Pleased to award him Best Dog and RBIS
  2. Rishworths Collooney Taylor Made. 4 year old lemon brindle. Correct size. Such a handsome head without being overdone, enough length of neck. Nicely laid shoulders and good front without being overdone. I like a lot about this dog, just wish he had a few more curves in his profile shape. Good topline with slight rise, moderate angulation and moved well around the ring.
  3. Osbornes Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan JW (Imp Fin)

VD ( 7;3)

  1. Fishers Becscott Lessons Dreamer of Jasarat. 7 year old blue fawn boy. This boy stood out for me on his size, overall balance and his free easy movement. He is obviously fit and in good condition with a good quality coat, he has well laid shoulders and a nice front, plenty of length and nice topline. Well handled and a clear winner.
  2. Griffiths Pelyma Seriously Suave. 7 year old fawn. Good quality boy, handsome masculine head, nicely made throughout and coat was in lovely condition. More topline than 1. He moved well around the ring and had a balanced profile when stacked.
  3. Osbornes Midnight Dazzler at Derohan.

LCD (4)

  1. Webbers Dark Wing. 3 year old black. This correct sized male presented such a good outline with a nice curvy underline and correct topline. Masculine head into enough neck, lovely well laid shoulders and good front. Very deep brisket and correct spring of rib. Plenty of length and good strong loin. Unexaggerated rear angulation. Moved well around the ring and correctly fore and aft.
  2. Osbornes Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan JW. 2 year old pale fawn. Size bigger than 1. Attractive male with quality head and kind expression. Long neck. Deep brisket and plenty of length with good strong loin. Well constructed throughout. Moved well just not as sound as 1.
  3. Saxbys Nattah Knight Gawaine with Sandspring


MPB (3)

  1. Webbers Zoraden Darkest Wings. 6 month old black. This young bitch has the most beautiful shapely outline and is incredibly well balanced and a lovely size. Feminine head, elegant neck, well laid shoulder with a nice return of upper arm. Lovely curves throughout and enough scope to mature into. Being just 6 months she was a little playful of course, but could see enough sound movement to win the class. Will watch her future with interest.
  2. Franklins Haccasbrook Madam Gigi. 8 month fw/brindle. Very similar in shape and size to 1. Very pretty bitch, feminine head and elegant neck. Front assembly was okay, but hope the pasterns tighten a touch more. Nice deep brisket and underline. Correct moderate angulation, moved well around the ring.
  3. Bayleys Whisterfield Joking Apart.

PB (3)

  1. Home & Fisher-Homes Citycroft Crème Caramel of Jasarat. This 9 month old fawn bitch really is exquisite. I wrote in my notes: Everything a whippet puppy should be, curves, so sound and beautiful throughout! She is spot on for size, balanced and moved well with extension and drive and her fore and aft movement was so accurate as well. She had nice length and enough scope to mature into. Her future must be very bright, one I would take home.
  2. Woods Ardencote Aiming High. This pale fawn bitch is similar to 1 in many respects and I was spoilt with these two in the class. Again correct size, feminine head and lovely elegant neck. Well laid shoulder and nice return of upper arm. Deep brisket and well muscled loin. She is slightly more compact than 1 but still balanced. Moved well.
  3. Williamson Windfly One Perfect Day

JB (4)

  1. Jones Railfield Rainlookout. 13 month old fawn who was a little tense but once she relaxed you could see her feminine curvy outline and her length. Pretty head, correct front assembly with enough fill in front. Lovely deep brisket, she has nicely moderate angulation behind. She was incredibly sound and had a beautiful gleaming coat. Nice size.
  2. Griffiths Amber Amaryllis from Pelyma. 17 month fawn parti bitch who was more mature than 1. Lovely head, correctly made front and nice bladed bone. Deep brisket and plenty of length. A touch heavier throughout than 1. Correct angulation and moved well around the ring as well as fore and aft.
  3. Wilsons Sochma Sunset Duchess

MB (4, 2)

  1. Jones Railfield Rainlookout
  2. Williamson Windfly One Perfect Day. 11 month old black bitch with beautiful length and nice balance. She is well made throughout and sound on the move. She just needs some more confidence to allow her to sparkle.

NB (7, 3)

  1. Spencers Chelridge Lady Guinevere. 18 month fawn, she is a real classic bitch with no exaggerations. Feminine head and just enough neck. Nicely made front with nice return of upper arm. Correct topline and nice curves sweeping into her moderately angulated hindquarters. She moved very soundly and covered the ground well.
  2. Chants Florancy First Footing. 2yr old f/w parti. Very pretty feminine head, well made front although would prefer a little less width between the front legs. Lovely deep brisket, she is a longer set bitch than 1. Correct hind angulation and moved well in profile and fore and aft.
  3. Wilsons Sochma Sunset Duchess

GB (4,2)

  1. Audlands Alroed Jewel in the Crown. 4 year old brindle bitch who was up to size. Correct head, good length of neck into a well made front. Correct deep chest and nice tuck up. Would prefer a little more topline. Moderate hindquarters and she moved well around the ring and was sound fore and aft.
  2. Griffiths Moonlake My Goodness at Pelyma. Fawn bitch who was similar in size to 1. Still feminine throughout with a lovely head. Not quite the front assembly of 1. Enough length to create a balanced picture with a nice topline. Beautiful close coat in good condition. Moved okay

PGB (4)

  1. Whitehead, Smith & Mixides Winter is Coming to Citycroft. This 20 month black/white trim bitch is of super size and illustrates grace and sweeping curves throughout. Correct front assembly with nicely sprung pasterns. Correct topline which slopes gently into her moderately angled hindquarters. Once she settled she moved well with good daisy cutting action. She is a lovely refined, feminine bitch.
  2. Howgate & Hulls Kandalama Dusk till Dawn JW. A striking parti 21 month old. She is of nice size with a well made front assembly, lovely deep brisket. Touch longer throughout than 1 but still presented a balanced shape. She is a very well made, smooth bitch but for me not quite the refinement of 1. She moved extremely well and was handled perfectly.
  3. Lawrences Bryntreia First Edition

LB (6,3)

Absolutely spoilt for choice between these 3 top drawer bitches.

  1. Woods Ardencote Star Maker. 2 year old fawn bitch of beautiful type. She is spot on for size, feminine head and lovely neck into well laid shoulders, well bladed bone and correct pasterns. Deep brisket sweeping into a lovely tuck up with enough loin to present a nicely balanced picture. Nice rise over her loin and she kept her topline on the move. Moderate hindquarters and low set hocks. She absolutely drove around the ring from her hindquarters and had lovely front extension. She was pushed hard by 2 but her precise movement fore and aft won her the class and delighted to award her RBB.
  2. Home & Fisher-Home’s Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW. Another beautiful fawn bitch. Beautiful expressive and feminine head and long elegant neck, nicely filled front which is well made. She is in beautiful condition and very smooth to go over. She is slightly longer than 1 and had slightly more turn of stifle but in no way exaggerated. She was just pipped to the class by 1 on movement today, another with a bright future.
  3. Ellis’ Railfield Raining Kisses.

OB (3,2)

  1. Davies’ Danluke Dancing. 3 year old brindle bitch, another who was absolutely spot on for size. She has a beautiful, feminine whippet head with a soft expression. Well laid shoulders and with a good return of upper arm, yet she is still moderate in her front fill and throughout. Her front legs are directly below her shoulders. Her deep brisket sweeps up gently to her tuck up which is matched by a smooth topline with slight rise and again sweeps into her hindquarters which match her front but are not exaggerated. I have judged this bitch before and awarded RBB but she was far more settled today. She is a bit of a show girl and likes to carry her head a little too high at times but her handler was well aware and got the best out of her to present a beautiful picture. She oozes quality and femininity and was so pleased that she also moved correctly and soundly and floated around the ring. Delighted to award her Best Bitch and BIS. I will watch her future with great interest.

VB (6,2)

  1. Whitehead, Smith & Mixides Stormburst Winter Sparkles at Citycroft JW ShCM. This 10 year old dark brindle bitch is such a show girl. She thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring and to be honest I think her handler may well be redundant soon! She is of correct size, lovely front assembly, plenty of length and correct rear end. Showed absolutely no signs of her age in either muscle tone or in her movement which was outstanding. BVIS
  2. Wignalls Starswift Sunset. 9 year old fawn/white. Slightly larger throughout than one, but still feminine with lovely curves. She has a correct shoulder and is nicely constructed throughout. She moved soundly around the ring and is a credit to her owner.
  3. Lawrences Kierpark Memphis Belle with Bryntreia

SRB (5,2)

  1. Williamsons Windfly Onnerown. 3 year old black bitch. A lovely bitch who is nicely made with her deep brisket and nice angulation. She was a little tricky in the ring but her handler really got the best out of her. She was beautiful when stacked and showed her curves and moved well enough to take this class.
  2. Saxbys Sandspring Sunset Gold. 7 year fawn bitch who is at the lower end of the recommended size which is unusual but we must be careful that this is not penalised against because it is rare. Feminine head and nice neck, well made front and deep brisket. Moderately angulated behind and moved soundly. In lovely condition
  3. Williamson Windfly Over the Rainbow

SLCB (5, 1)

  1. Webbers Diamond Web. 3 year old brindle/white parti. A super bitch, prettiest of heads, nice neck and very well made front with nice fill. Deep brisket and enough length to present a balanced picture. Correct size. Very well made and loved her soundness on the move.
  2. Audlands Alroed Jewel in the Crown.

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