Thank you to the committee for my invitation to judge this excellent run show. This appointment was one I have desired in my judging career and was thrilled with my super entry and can not thank the exhibitors enough. I had some large classes with some quality bitches unplaced. Many thanks to my stewards

Bitch Critique

Class 15 Special Veteran Bitch 7 -9 Years (9,4)

  1. Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazzmatazz 8.5 year old red fawn and white in lovely condition feminine outline, attractive head and eye, firm body, correct front and rear angulation, deep chest with a well sprung rib, good length of loin, moved freely around the ring winning a strong veteran class.
  2. Richard-Healion’s Anywhere And When At Clynecourt Sh CM 7 year old fawn and white parti sweet head and eye, good length of neck and body, well placed shoulder, elegant mover from all angles, good coat and condition.
  3. Mycroft’s CH Supeta’s Eclipse JW Sh CM

Class 16 Special Veteran Bitch 10 years (6,2)

  1. Vaughan’s Shirotae Silken Lady 12.5 year old red fawn & white feminine whippet in super condition for her age a credit to her owner. Lovely head and expression with a dark eye, good front and rear angulation, well balanced with good bone and feet, moved soundly around the ring.
  2. Whittaker’s Mulcair Musical Melody JW Sh CM 11 year old fawn with white trim, another in super condition she was rangier than 1st, covered the ground well when stood and on the move. Deep chest and brisket with a firm loin, good bend of stifle and strong hindquarters.
  3. Wignall’s Starswift Sunset.

Minor Puppy Bitch (24,3)

  1. Smeath’s Dejare Only Dreamimg At Willingwisp 8 Month old fawn and white trim, winning this large class on her elegance. I liked her overall shape having a correct top and underline covering the ground standing and moving, showed with confidence. I liked her size and bone ,no exaggerations. Moved around the ring soundly and with purpose. A very promising puppy who I look forward to seeing mature.
  2. Newton’s Nevedith Beau Peep, A dark brindle & white trim with a curvy outline, an attractive head, with a good length of neck flowing into a well laid shoulder, lovely length of body, well balanced with good substance, moved soundly, a close decision splitting hairs with 1st.
  3. Woodcroft’s Cobyco’s Cover Girl

Puppy Bitch (10,2)

  1. Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice a red fawn and white trim, beautiful head and dark pigment, with a good under jaw, good length of neck and correct placed shoulder, good return of upper arm, elbows are well set under her body, has good substance, with a well sprung rib, has a curvy outline, covering the ground on the move, a confident puppy in tip top condition, my BP bitch, winning BP In Show.
  2. Wilson’s Edenwhip Grange Fell At Willowash pale fawn and white trim, a compact well balanced bitch, has a flowing outline, good bone and feet, firm body strong hind quarters, with a good second thigh, just needs time to mature, wasn’t moving as well as 1st today.
  3. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star At Silverfrith

Junior Bitch (13,3)

  1. Davies’s Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif a shiny black and white trim, feminine shape full of quality. Her neck flows into a well placed shoulder with a deep chest and brisket, correct front and rear angulation, moved like a dream, Well handled, kept her shape on the move a balanced performance.
  2. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Queen Of Diamonds JW ,red brindle and white parti elegant arched neck flowing in to a lovely compact shape. A balanced bitch with correct conformation, moved true coming and going with drive.
  3. Jones’ Jonthryn Blondes Av More Fun.

Class 20 Yearling Bitch (13, 3)

  1. Thomas Aarminias Princess Of China At Bowdonia, brindle and white attractive head with dark pigment, took my eye as she went around the ring. I really liked her curvy outline. Her neck flows into her correct lay of shoulder, good fill in front and deep brisket, well sprung rib covering the ground yet not exaggerated in any way worthy of this class win.
  2. Moncrieff’s Runaround Symphony a quality fawn a little bigger in frame to first , again a lot to like about this bitch she is very balanced with no exaggerations. Nice head , correct rose shaped ears curvy top an underline. Moved with ease around the ring.
  3. Wignall’s Crosscop the Wonder Of You At Star Swift.

Class 21 Maiden Bitch (13,4)

  1. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star At Silverfrith red brindle and white parti, placed 3rd earlier in a strong PB class seemed to have settled more going into this one showing off its sound movement with good drive around the ring. Attractive head and eye with fine rose shaped ears nice fine tight coat. Correct topline covering the ground with nice length of loin, good tail setting. Placed 2nd in NB
  2. Head’s Demerlay Magical Mitzi a sound fawn and white has a mature body for 10 months old deep in chest and brisket strong hindquarters good bone and feet good coat and condition just wasn’t as settled in movement as first today.
  3. Lindley’s Jazzellie Fantastic Time

Class 22 Novice Bitch (8, 3)

  1. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly Of Runnel a very nice quality bitch another that took my eye while moving around the ring she has nice extension of movement that is unexaggerated true coming and going. Her shape is very pleasing to the eye correct lines and angulation. Good front fill with nice depth of brisket in good condition handled well.
  2. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star At Silverfrith see above 1st MB
  3. Bunney’s Bunehug Blessed ‘N’ Bewitched

Class 23 Undergraduate Bitch (9, 2)

  1. Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice see above 1st PB
  2. Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony pale fawn full of quality classic head and eye. Good length of neck flowing into a well laid shoulder, deep chest and brisket good length of body, covers the ground while on the move in tip top condition.
  3. Glaholm’s Gazenorth Secret Identity

Class 24 Post Graduate Bitch (21, 5)

  1. Wilkinson’s Citycroft Star Fall JW a top quality fawn and white trim who for me is eye catching. She is a real show girl which helps show off her qualities, she has all the attributes I look for in a whippet balanced with no exaggerations. She has a lovely arched neck into a flowing topline good strong hindquarters with low hocks which enable to drive around the ring with ease very pleased to award her my RCC winner.
  2. Owen’s & Miss Z & E Brodies’ Wolfcastle Hot Gossip Avec Ebonique brindle and white parti with nice outline lovely head and eye deep chest and brisket, elbows well set under her body, covered the ground on the move strong quarters with good bend of stifle another good mover.
  3. Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony

Class 25 Mid-Limit Bitch (12,3)

  1. Ellis’ Railfield Rain Nymph fawn and white trim in top condition classic outline nice size, correct front and rear angulations well laid shoulder good spring of rib. Good honest mover carrying her topline while on the move shows her self off when relaxed.
  2. Doherty’s Crème Anglaise’s La Colle Noire a dark brindle and white trim another lovely size close to first in qualities has a curvy outline balanced on the move correct front, deep chest covered the ground while coming and going.
  3. Julian’s Blondessa Be Happy

Class 26 Limit Bitch (32,8)

  1. Marston-Pollock’s Falconcrag Cover Girl brindle and white trim she won this strong class on her movement with excellence reach and drive. A quality bitch with a feminine head good length of neck flowing into correct placed shoulder with legs set well under her with neat elbows, good fill with nice depth of brisket.
  2. Smeath’s Willingwisp Moment of Love a feminine pale fawn and white trim one I have admired her for her quality and elegance she has a very balanced outline with curves in all the right places. Classic head and eye with rose shaped ears nice tight coat, another eye catching mover.
  3. Perkin’s Silkridge Whispering Grass

Class 27 Open Bitch (16,5)

  1. Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Candy Crème a stunning pale fawn one who I have watched from the ring side but was a pleasure to judge myself. She just oozes quality my hands just flowed down her arched neck in to well laid neat shoulders flowing into her smooth topline. Excelling in her free flowing movement with low stride, everything I look for I was thrilled to award her the CC gaining her title awarded BIS with my co judge Anne Macdonald.
  2. Green & Place’s Ch Colloney Queen Of Dragons With Brochinbelle JW fawn parti quality bitch, another pleasure to go over lovely type and correct size has a curvy outline, very balanced with good conformation front and rear. Another good free flowing mover with low hocks enabling her to drive from behind in top condition very well handled.
  3. Owen & Miss Z & B Brodie’s Skomerdream Field Of Gold To Wolfcastle

Class 28 Open Racing / Lure Coursing Bitch (7,2)

  1. Doherty’s Crème Anglaise’s La Colle Noire see above 2nd MLB
  2. Webber’s Zoraden Darkest Wings black smooth coat, compact in shape with curvy outline and underline. Moved true coming and going in top condition.
  3. Third’s Gorewater Jura Joy At Bruntsfield

Judge:  Julie Meakin

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