The Whippet Club Championship Show 6th April 2019 – Dog Critique


SpVet. (7-9) (6.1)

  1. Ch Benfreya Major Drummer. A lovely whippet with a good head and very good outline with curves in all the right places. Liked his front, depth of chest and rear angles. Has good balance overall and although a tad soft in pasterns was moving and showing well. Best Veteran.
  2. Cobyco Chasing Stars At Scarletfair. Another of good size and shape with a pleasing head, stands over plenty ground and was in good muscular condition and striding out well on the move
  3. Ch Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM.

Sp Vet. (10 +)

  1. Savuka Sharp Dressed Man. A red/wh parti of 11 years who was showing his age. A bit over angulated but moving with ease and shown in good coat.

MPD (13.1)

A lovely class.

  1. Wolfcastle Rumpy Pumpy. A very promising pale fawn brindle/white of super type and size. Has a well proportioned head with bright eyes, good ears and dentition. Has a good front, legs and feet, good top and underlines. He moved freely with forward reach and rear drive holding his outline.
  2. Ardencote What A Rogue. Fawn/white with a lovely head and expression. Has a good neck and shoulder, good front, legs and feet and was well ribbed back to a good length of loin and nice width of thigh and second thigh. Nice true mover.
  3. Ranveli Lemon Lush

PD (5.1)

  1. Shalfleet Heatwave. Br/Wh with a beautiful head and expression, Good length of neck with well laid shoulders and good fill in fr.ont. Has well sprung ribs carried well back to a strong loin. Good rear angulation which was well muscled and he was a fluid mover showing reach and drive. Best Puppy.
  2. Collooney Playing Away At Courtbirch. Fawn with smokey muzzle with a good head and length of neck, good front, legs and feet and nice deep chest. A bit longer cast than the winner and not as positive out and back but moving well in profile
  3. Demerlay Handsome Harry.

JD (12)

  1. Marimay Harry’s Game. Lovely headed dog with good eye and expression. Has a good length of neck and a firm, flowing topline. Liked his front and good legs and tight feet. Has a good spring of rib, arched loin and a well angulated rear with a good width of thigh. Well muscled throughout and a nice free mover.
  2. Richclass Run For Cover. Fawn /Wh with a beautiful head, lovely eyes and ears, a good fill in front, good topline and well muscled rear with hocks well let down. Thought his underline could carry further back without being exaggerated. Nice fine coat and skin.
  3. Barnesmore Lakota Legend.

YD (8.1)

  1. Aarminias Love The Way You Lie JW. Very nice size and outline. I liked most things about him. Has lovely dark expressive eyes, a good neck and shoulders and good front and feet. He has a good spring of rib giving him a good broad back, strong loin and good rear angulation with low hocks. Moved really well in profile but could be a tad tighter at elbow today.
  2. Runaround Starman At Stormalong JW. A very handsome fawn with good top and underlines. Head has nice proportions but would like a darker eye to enhance his expression. Has a good strong neck, good forehand and a well muscled rear. Moved well.
  3. Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW.

MD (8.2)

  1. Ardencote What A Legend. Fawn/White baby puppy of 7 months who behaved so well. He has a lovely head and expression, a good length of neck, nice shoulder and upper arm, good legs and feet. A very true and free mover who has still to develop in body and spring his ribs both of which need time.
  2. Demerlay Handsome Harry. Fawn with pleasing overall shape and proportions. Has a good head and neck, good top and underlines. Nice type but a bit soft in pasterns today and throwing his front. Picking up rather than reaching forward.
  3. Loroli Dancing In The Dark.

ND (6.1)

  1. Lolani Gentleman Jack. Pale fawn with a nice head and good outline. Liked his size and type. Has a well filled front, good depth of chest, was well ribbed with good loin and well angulated rear. Used his low hocks well on the move.
  2. Elmanash Glenburgie.Pleasing young dog with a nice head and length of neck, well developed ribs. Good topline when stacked and neat tuckup. A good mover in profile just needs to steady in front.
  3. Supetas Show And Tell Astrazone.

UGD (4.1)

  1. Lolani Gentleman Jack.
  2. Jasarat Salted Caramel Of Macalldon. A strong boned parti with a rather heavy head which appeared a bit short in muzzle. Has a well angulated rear with hocks well let down. Moved quite well in profile showing some forward reach and rear drive.
  3. Gold Finch.

PGD (19)

  1. Cloudside River Dream Of Collooney. A nicely constructed dog with a good head and eye, good neck and shoulder placement and well knuckled feet. Well developed in chest with good ribbing, a strong loin and nice quarters with low hocks. Moved well front and rear to take this class.
  2. Tarward Jaguar Avec Clionys JW. An attractive fawn/wh who was very sound on the move. His neck could be more elegant but his shoulder and upper arm were well angulated and his front had good fill. Has good top and underlines and well muscled rear with low hocks. Preferred the head of the winner.
  3. Drakesoak Rum Punch.

MLD (7)

  1. Railfield Rainmaster JW. Beautiful red brindle of lovely shape with a good lean head and alert expression. Very good front and rear construction with good top and underlines. Well muscled with good legs and feet. Good depth of chest and neat tuckup. Strong quarters and a true and free mover.
  2. Demerlay Snowy Owl. A cream/fawn with a good outline and balanced construction. Has a pleasing head, good neck and shoulders, a nice deep chest , good topline and quarters. Could carry less weight to advantage. A free mover although tends to pick up rather than reach in front.
  3. Willingwisp Loose Ur Shirt At Doddridge.

LD (18.2)

  1. Supetas Secret Weapon. Dark brindle and a very elegant and handsome dog. Has a beautiful head, good neck and dean shoulders, well filled in front with a good depth of chest and strong topline and quarters. A very good mover in profile and in super condition.
  2. Oakbark Making Dreams At Wolfcastle. A close decision between this one and the winner. Both have much to commend them. Nice head qualities but a tad stronger in muzzle, good neck and shoulders, well filled front, with good straight forelegs and good feet. Has an excellent depth of chest and good ribbing. Good width in thigh with low hocks. True and free on the rnove.
  3. Railfield Lone Ranger JW.

OD (15.1)

  1. Promised You A Miracle Da Roseira Brava At Demerlay. Red fawn dog of nice size with a good head and dark eyes giving a keen expression. Lovely ears and good dentition. Has a super neck which was strong and nicely arched. His front was well constructed of good width and depth, and he has a good spring of rib giving breadth to his back, and a balanced and strong rear. Well muscled throughout with good width of thigh and second thigh and a good bend of stifle with low hocks. He moved really well with good low forward reach and great drive from his rear. Kept his outline well and was true coming and going. Dog CC.
  2. Ch Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Avec Ranveli JW. An elegant brindle with a very nice head and expression. Liked his arch of neck leading smoothly into good shoulders, spring of rib and topline. Has a good front with nice straight forelegs and good pasterns and feet. Has a good depth of chest and neat tuckup. Slightly lighter in build than the winner and another very good mover. Res CC.
  3. Ch Danluke Lord Of The Dance JW.

OD Racing/Lure Coursing(5.2)

  1. Zoraden Paint It Black. Shown in really hard muscular condition. Has a fair head, could be stronger in muzzle. Good legs with bladed bone and neat well padded feet. Has a good depth of chest and ribs and good low hocks. Moved soundly.
  2. Nattah Silver Lining. Fawn bridle with a nice head and eye, good front legs and feet. Not in as fit condition as one but also moved quite well.
  3. Evaluna Black Orchid.

Dog CC, Res. BIS & BOS Promised You A Miracle Da Roseira Brava At Demerlay.

Dog Reserve CC Ch Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Avec Ranveli JW.

BPD & BPIS Shalfleet Heatwave.

RBPD Wolfcastle Rumpy Pumpy

BVD & BVIS Ch Benfreya Major Drummer.

Judge: Anne Mcdonald

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