1st WCRA Championships and Veteran Crowns 2019

1ST WCRA CHAMPIONSHIPS and VETERAN CROWNS at RYEMEADOWS on 28 APRIL 2019 – 150 yards straights; veterans ½yd/lb plus yd/yr

A great day’s racing on a track that is really starting to blossom now. Every time we come here we find things get better and better; we really appreciate Lynn & Dave’s marvellous hospitality, this weekend they looked after us wonderfully. A barbecue plus fire-pit warmed a chilly Saturday evening and quite a few of us travelled home still perfumed by woodsmoke.

A big “well done” to Ian German and his crew – setting-up was particularly tough with gale-force winds on the Saturday and the various marquees and gazebos had to wait till Sunday morning – despite all this extra work on the day, an increased entry (94 with only six non-runners) and the annual Superstars presentation we managed to start racing shortly after one.

The racing went smoothly with only two reruns (one “bird’s nest” and a lure line breakage shortly after), plenty of close finishes and plenty of new winners. Two whippets won their Racing Champion titles and five their Veteran Crowns – and every runner finished, which you’re not entitled to expect with all those new-season pups.

The 16lb group originally had two whippets on the card but with one injury withdrawal Les Salt’s *No Trouble had a solo; the 18lb group very much the Ameesha show with their 12 month old *Ameesha Summer Rocket showing Mum that she can do it too. Kev & Sue Shakespeare’s Cairdean Pipsqueak was on a lone mission to prevent a Villis 1-2-3 and although she failed valiantly she was only two and a half lengths down on the winner.

Sarah Mills’ WCRCh Tinkers Moondancer was the first new title-holder of the day with a convincing win in the 20lb group from Sarah Layfield’s Winterfell Merry Mayhem, while John Wareing’s *Forever An Opal won a blanket finish for the 22’s, edging out Angie Parker’s WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen by a head.

In the 24lb final, another tight finish, Christine and Mark’s WCRCh Ryamber Spring Fever beat the Gilfeathers’ Rising Star to gain her title, while in the 26’s the Cuttlers’ *Call Me Amazing showed her class. The star of the day, she won the Fastest Time Rosette with an 8.74 run in her heat (not bad for uphill!) and beat two good Racing Champions in the final.

Kennelmate and litter-brother to the 16lb winner, *Double Trouble took the 28lb final from WCRCh Radar, while John and Maggie Brearley’s *Feillys Gold won a small but select 30lb weight group from the two littermates Master’s Edition and WCRCh Back To Light. Next the 32-pounders; Mark Etheridge’s WCRCh The Cooler King was beaten by *Gimme Attraction in their heat but turned the tables in a close final.

On to the junior veterans. WCRCh VC Ameesha Little Ebs, the record title-holder in the 18lb Champs weight class dealt smoothly with a good field in the 20lb final to gain her “full set” at her first attempt. No-one seems to have told her she’s now a veteran – or perhaps she’s not listening. Carol Brown’s *Satin Secret ran very well to keep the margin down to two lengths. The Cuttlers’ VC Call Me Lucky overcame Gavin Cairns’ WCRCh Polly Flinders in the 25lbs group while in the heavyweights, Christine Lomas’ VC Trouble Maker beat Sue Meacham’s Winterfellin Vanilla Sky; a really good effort from a dog that also successfully competes on the lure coursing field. All three winners were new Veteran Crowns, well done.

The senior veterans 20lb group was a match between two litter-sisters who’ve been running-mates all the way from puppyhood, this time the Shakespeares’ VC Cairdean Yoshimi edged out breeder Kim Saxby’s VC Guye’s Goldilocks. Unusually we didn’t have any heavyweights; so the 25lb final finished off the day with a popular, well-deserved win and title for Mike & Ginny’s VC Small Change. She ended a sequence of three Veteran Crowns for Sue Hoddinott’s fine VC *The Were-Rabbit who ran well for second.

We were delighted to have Lilah Wainman (Laguna) to present the prizes and it made a lovely end to the day, hopefully everyone got home safe and all the dogs are okay. Now, the bend 2nd Championships beckon on 16th June, make sure all your pups are properly schooled and we’ll see you there!

Report by Mark Etheridge


1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 16lb

NE 16lb

*NO TROUBLE (Trouble’s Lass) – Rorross Brambers Flyer x Eddie’s Belle of the Ball. Owner: L. Salt (time not taken).

Heat wins: No Trouble

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 18lb

NE 18lb

*AMEESHA SUMMER ROCKET (Ameesha Indian Summer) – Billy On Show x Ameesha Pure Spirit. Owner: L. Villis (time 9.70)

2nd Ameesha Just A Breeze
3rd Ameesha Swift Shadow
4th Cairdean Pipsqueak

Heat Wins: Ameesha Summer Rocket, Ameesha Swift Shadow

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 20lb

NE 20lb

WCRCh TINKERS MOONDANCER (Little Miss Tinker) – Wagtail Flash In The Pan x Frosty Footsteps. Owner: S. Mills (time 9.55)

2nd Winterfell Merry Mayhem
3rd Zikomo Go-Quick
4th Ryamber It’s Aw Reet

Heat Wins: Winterfell Merry Mayhem, *Tinkers Moondancer, Ryamber It’s Aw Reet, Zikomo Go-Quick
Semi Finals: Ryamber It’s Aw Reet, *Tinkers Moondancer

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 22lb

NE 22lb

*FOREVER AN OPAL (Medlarway Crème de la Crème) – Enchanted Forest of Medlarway x Wheatroyd Lily at Medlarway. Owner: J Wareing (time 9.82)

2nd WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen
3rd Minnie
4th Quick As A Flash

Heat Wins: WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen, Forever An Opal, Ryamber Stan The Man, Light Of Day
Semi Finals: WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen, Forever An Opal

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 24lb

NE 24lb

WCRCh RYAMBER SPRING FEVER (Ryamber A Moment In Time) – One Of Us x Ryamber My Blue Heaven. Owner: C. Howard (time 9.43)

2nd Rising Star
3rd WCRCh Cosmic Chaser
4th Forever In Amber

Heat Wins: Mal Y Pense, *Ryamber Spring Fever, WCRCh Cosmic Chaser, Forever In Amber
Semi Finals: WCRCh Cosmic Chaser, *Ryamber Spring Fever

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 26lb

NE 26lb

*CALL ME AMAZING (Black Pearl Of Hope) – Run At Mill x Eddie’s Belle Of The Ball. Owner: D & C Cuttler (time 9.21)

2nd WCRCh Jammy Dodger
3rd WCRCh Zola Go-Quick
4th Nancy Now

Heat Wins: Ryamber Fairy Tale, Call Me Amazing, Nancy Now, WCRCh Zola Go-Quick
Semi Finals: WCRCh Jammy Dodger, Call Me Amazing

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 28lb

NE 28lb

*DOUBLE TROUBLE (Dash’s Lad) – Rorross Brambers Flyer x Eddie’s Belle Of The Ball. Owner: L Salt (time 9.14)

2nd WCRCh Radar
3rd Good Fun
4th *Lovely Jubbly

Heat Wins: *Lovely Jubbly, WCRCh Radar

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 30lb

NE 30lb

*FEILLYS GOLD (Wagtail Johnny’s Boy) – Sunlay Chermay Eff x Ruby Rocks. Owner: J & M Brearley (time 9.63)

2nd Master’s Edition
3rd WCRCh Back To Light

Heat Wins: Master’s Edition, Feillys Gold

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner - NE 32lb

NE 32lb

WCRCh THE COOLER KING (Stormy Slippy) – Goodad Arch Event x Wonder Wag. Owner: M Etheridge (time 9.63).

2nd *Gimme Attraction
3rd Artful Dodger
4th Laguna Lawns Le Lundi

Heat Wins: *Gimme Attraction, Artful Dodger


1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner Veteran Crown 6 - 7yrs 14 - 20lb


WCRCh VC AMEESHA LITTLE EBS (Ameesha Pure Spirit) – Busby Babe x Stonecourcy Hazel At Ameesha. Owner: E Villis (time 9.63)

2nd *Satin Secret
3rd WCRCh Jett Black
4th WCRCh Great Fun.

Heat Wins: WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs, *Satin Secret

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner Veteran Crown 6 - 7yrs 21 - 25lb


VC CALL ME LUCKY (Lucky Me) – Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Our Little Dink. Owner: D & C Cuttler (time 9.48)

2nd WCRCh Polly Flinders
3rd WCRCh The Poet
4th Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee

Heat Wins: WCRCh Polly Flinders, WCRCh The Poet

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner Veteran Crown 6 - 7yrs 26 - 32lb


VC TROUBLE MAKER (Rorross Brambers Flyer) – Tom Boy He’s The One x Diane’s Girl. Owner: C Lomas (time 9.65)

2nd Winterfellin Vanilla Sky
3rd *Max Attraction
4th WCRCh(s) Star Attraction.

Heat Wins: Trouble Maker, Winterfellin Vanilla Sky


1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner Veteran Crown 8 - 9yrs 14 - 20lb


VC CAIRDEAN YOSHIMI (Sandspring Sassy Cassandra of Cairdean) – Karyon Ring of Fire x Sunset Promise. Owner: K & S Shakespeare (time 10.92)

2nd VC Guye’s Goldilocks

Hts: VC Guye’s Goldilocks, VC Winterfell Hellfire

1st WCRA Championships 2019 Winner Veteran Crown 8 - 9yrs 21 - 25lb


VC SMALL CHANGE (Chalkners From Dawn To Dusk) – Savernake Double Trigger x Chalkners Full Of Fun. Owner: M & G Eaton (time 9.88)

2nd VC *The Were-Rabbit
3rd Little Cracker
4th VC Raffles

Heat Wins: VC *The Were-Rabbit, Small Change

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