Junior Handling

The Whippet Club

6-11 years (3)

All three girls handled their dogs sympathetically and would not have been out of place in the breed ring.

1st Erin Hillyer. Erin managed a difficult dog very calmly and proficiently, which is what handling is all about. She soothed the dog on the table and took a moment to regain her dog’s attention when necessary, but without disrupting the flow of movement. This showed great maturity. Her triangle was neat with crisp corners and her shadowing unobtrusive. She changed hands neatly on the move. Well done.

2nd Emma Fisher. Emma kept her dog’s attention throughout. Her shadowing was very good and she handled her dog sympathetically. It was a close call between her and Erin. I would just like Emma to think a moment before setting off on the move and make sure she understands what is being asked.

3rd Lucy Samber. Watching Lucy handle her dog, it’s hard to believe that she is 4 years younger than the other girls. She worked with her dog well and made sure he was with her on the move. She showed his teeth gently but clearly. A little work on shadowing is needed, but a very good performance.

12-16 years – No entries

Vanna Leathart

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