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The WCRA Committee has made the decision to change the format of the 2nd Championships on 18th June 2017 from a bend to a STRAIGHT; to be run over 150 yards – the Veteran Sprint remains unchanged.

Bend racing is much loved and a decision such as this has not been made lightly – there are two main reasons:-

  • The hard ground prevailing across the country has caused a rash of injuries. Even if we produced a perfect running surface, in running a bend we would be putting extra strain on whippets who are either returning from injury, or running with an underlying injury.
  •  We have had some rain in the past week, but the current trend of unsettled weather would need to continue deep into June for us to produce a bend to Championship standard. The long-range forecast whilst more settled does not indicate any substantial periods of rain.

Despite a dry winter and even drier spring, we are very happy with our straight track. It has held up remarkably well with an excellent cushion of grass and a good run off.  However, the bend, whilst race-able needs rain.

We have made the call early to give owners the opportunity and time to plan. 

Those who have sent in entries and wish to amend them may do so on e-mail to Mark Etheridge (mbnetheridge[at]btinternet[dot]com) by Tuesday, 30 May, and forward cheques in the post for any additional runners.

The Committee hope that the whippet racing fraternity appreciate that we have the welfare of their dogs as our primary driver for this change and look forward to seeing you on 18th June.


WCRA Committee / 17 May 17


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