Sunday 18 June at The Whippet Meadow, Detling

Main over 150 yards straight; Veteran Superstars Sprint over 150 yards straight, ½yd/lb & yd/yr


2nd WCRA Championships 2017 Line judging

Tough going for dogs and humans alike with temperatures well into the frazzling eighties, the heat had built even before the weigh-in started and we needed plenty of water and towels to keep the dogs cool. There were also some interesting fashion choices on the headgear front, not quite Royal Ascot. Whippy’s Café looked after us very nicely; the cream tea we ate while checking through the programmes for the finals, really did hit the spot as we were flagging by then.

No new Racing Champions but three new half-coats – congratulations to Morton’s Crazy Nights, Cosmic Chaser and Ryamber Likely Lad, and all the best for getting the elusive “other half”.

The Villis family had an excellent meeting with WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs justifying her favourite’s tag in the 18lb group, while Cosmic Chaser – who had run very well at Ryemeadows’ Open two weeks before – improved further to take the 24lb Group. The Mitchells’ Morton’s Crazy Nights was an impressive three-length winner of the 20lb while in the 22’s, WCRCh Sapphires Ruby Queen had the better of two close tussles with WCRCh Polly Flinders. In the final they were separated by a head, no more.  Not to be outdone, WCRCh Polly Flinders took the Fastest Time Rosette with nine seconds exactly in her semi.

WCRCh Zola Go-Quick is proving a consistent Racing Champion, she made light of a competitive group and looks like one who can run up a sequence.  WCRCh Scallywag had a solo to win the 28lb weight class while Ryamber Likely Lad took the 30lb group. The Championship classes were closed by WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred maintaining his superiority in the most competitive 32lb final for some years.

In the Veteran Sprint, sisters Cairdean Yoshimi and Guye’s Goldlocks had their own private battle with Kev and Sue’s Cairdean Yoshimi running to Ryemeadows’ form and getting ahead at the line.  Their brother VC Raffles edged *Zula Go-Quick in the 23lb and in the 26lb there was another tough race with Stripey Nancy prevailing by a head over *The Were-Rabbit. The heavyweight final was the Markamy’s versus the Winterfells, two each, speedway style, with the Markamy’s getting first and third. The veteran finals had very creditable times; while the intent of the Sprint is to give the oldies a run, friendly Open competition without Championship pressure, it’s good racing, certainly not just an add-on.

It was interesting that the Ryemeadows Open form, with a completely different track and conditions, held amazingly well.  Two weeks back, it was 175 yards, a demanding, uphill racecourse with good going in showery weather, whereas Detling was hot, shorter distance on flat and faster going.

A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard, first of all to get the track ready (we’ve only had about 15 inches of rain in the past twelve months) and those who worked on the day.

Report by Mark Etheridge

Full Results

Photographs can be clicked / tapped to enlarge


N/E 18lb   
1stWCRCh Ameesha Little Ebbs
(Ameesha Pure Spirit)
Busby Babe x
Stokecourcy Hazel at Ameesha
E. Villis2017 2nd WCRA Championship -NE 18lb
2ndWCRCh Sapphire's Queen's Pearl
3rdWCRCh Jett Black
3rdAmeesha Just a Breeze
Hts WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs, Ameesha Just a Breeze
N/E 20 lb   
1st*Morton's Crazy Nights
(Tradawin Alaula)
Karyon Aldgate ‘Ammer x
Crazy Like The Wind
A & M Mitchell2017 2nd WCRA Championship -NE 20lb
2ndWCRCh Vino
3rdTinkers Moondancer
4th*Satin Secret
Hts: WCRCh Vino, Morton's Crazy Nights, *Satin SecretSemis: WCRCh Vino, Morton's Crazy Nights
Time: 9:26
N/E 22lb   
1stWCRCh Sapphire's Ruby Queen
(Sunlays Rock On Ruby)
Busby Babe x
Sunlay Queen’s Topaz
A. Parker2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 22lb
2ndWCRCh Polly Flinders
3rdRyamber Something Different
Hts: Quick As A Flash, WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen, Ryamber Something Different, Ray Of SunshineSemis: WCRCh Polly Flinders, WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen
N/E 24lb   
1st*Cosmic Chaser
(Ameesha Cosmopolitan)
Ameesha Pure Silk x
Honeyschoice Misty at Ameeha
R. Villis2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 24lb
2nd*Sapphire’s Tanzanite Queen
3rd WCRCh Ryamber Something Extra
4thWCRCh Satin Sunshine
Hts: Cosmic Chaser, *Sapphire’s Tanzanite Queen, Ryamber Something ExtraSemis: Ryamber Something Extra, *Sapphire’s Tanzanite Queen
Time: 09:45
N/E 26lb   
1stWCRCh Zola Go-Quick
(Ryemeadows Zola)
Wagtail Flash in the Pan x
Matchington Zula of Ryemeadows
D & L. Hunter2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 26lb
2nd*Markamy's Son & Air
3rdDolly Daydream
4thWinterfell Let Me Loose
Hts: Dolly Daydream, Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee, WCRCh Zola Go-QuickSemis: WCRCh Zola Go-Quick, *Markamy’s Son and Air
Time: 9:11
N/E 28lb   
1stWCRCh Scallywag
(Inspired Twister of Carlstream)
Drawn To Me x
Carlstream Popstar
P. Gant2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 28lb
Hts: WCRCh Scallywag
Time: 9:28
N/E 30lb   
1st*Ryamber Likely Lad
(Ryamber on the Run)
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x
Running in the Family at Ryamber
C. Howard
2ndWCRCh Nip ‘N Tuck
Hts: WCRCh Nip ‘N Tuck, Ryamber Likely Lad
Time: 9:32
N/E 32lb   
1stMarkamy's Red Fred
(Goodad Another Citizen)
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x
Goodad Star Addition
D & S. Bursey2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 32lb
2ndThe Cooler King
3rdArtful Dodger
3rdLaguna Lawns Le Lundi
Hts: The Cooler King, WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred

Superstars Veteran Sprint

N/E 20 lb   
1stCairdean Yoshimi
(Sandspring Sassy Cassandra at Cairdean)
Karyon Ring of Fire x
Sunset Promise
K & S Shakespeare2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 20lb Veteran
2ndGuye’s Goldilocks
Hts: Cairdean Yoshimi, Guye’s Goldilocks
Time: 10:16
N/E 23lb   
1stVC Raffles
(Sandspring Sir Wishingstar)
Karyon Ring of Fire x
Sunset Promise
I. German2017 2nd WCRA Championship - Veteran NE 23lb
2nd*Zula Go-Quick
3rdSatin Sings
Hts: Satin Sings, VC Raffles
Time: 9:88
N/E 26lb   
1stStripey Nancy
(Miami Stripes)
Karyon Aldgate ‘Ammer x
Chalkners Follow Me
J. Burrow
2nd*The Were-Rabbit
3rdSatin Star (w/dn)
Hts: Stripey Nancy, *The Were-Rabbit
Time: 9:88
N/E 32lb   
1stWCRCh Markamy's Black Bentley
(Goodad Special Duty)
Bethnal Green Boy x
Goodad Suits Me
D & S. Bursey2017 2nd WCRA Championship - NE 32lb Veteran
2ndVC Winterfell Arfa Must Dash
3rdVC Markamy’s Marley
4thWinterfell Lay Dee Gray
Hts: VC Markamy’s Marley, WCRCh Markamy’s Black Bentley
Time: 9:59


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