Whippet Club Open Show 23 September 2017 – Results


Judge: Gill Andrew

Whippet Club Limit Show 23092017

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

  • 1st: Courtney’s Courtbirch Storm Warning
  • 2nd: Hillyer’s Evaluna Blue Bayou
  • 3rd: Perkins’ Dejare Dutch Masterpiece at Zeglynn
  • Res: Seviour’s Evaluna Black Orchid
  • VHC: Reeves’ Wrennalla Isle Be Chasing at Chrispan

Puppy Dog (3)

  • 1st: Richworth’s Kierpark With or Without You
  • 2nd: Cahill & Timberlake’s Enolacans Antonio Banderas at Chipperlake (imp)
  • 3rd: Evaluna Blue Bayou

Junior Dog (6:1 abs)

  • 1st: Shepherd’s Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM
  • 2nd: Ellis’ Railfield Rainmaster
  • 3rd: Troughton’s Runnel Run for Fun
  • Res: Enolacans Antonio Banderas at Chipperlake (imp)
  • VHC: Harper’s Whisterfield Wild Foxglove

Maiden Dog (2)

  • 1st: Whisterfield Wild Foxglove
  • 2nd: Tarling’s Florancy First Frost

Special Beginners Dog (3:1)

  • 1st: Perkins’ Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn
  • 2nd: Allansson & MacDonald’s Nattah Echo In The Mist over Macalldon

Novice Dog (6:4)

  • 1st: Kierpark With or Without You
  • 2nd: Saxby’s Nattah Knight Gawaine with Sandspring

Undergraduate Dog (5:4)

  • 1st: Perkins’ Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn

Post Graduate Dog (4)

  • 1st: Ellis’ Railfield Lone Rainger
  • 2nd: Bellamy’s Kandalama Royale
  • 3rd: Reeves’ Chrispan Wots It All About
  • Res: Glyn’s Wheatroyd Matisse

Limit Dog (3:1)

  • 1st: Lawrence & Woodward’s Bryntreia First Glance
  • 2nd: Courtney’s Courtbirch Force of Nature

Open Dog (4)

  • 1st: Scholes’ Craigavad Once In A Lifetime
  • 2nd: Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer
  • 3rd: Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo
  • Res: Lawrence’s Saraquele Steal A Glance Over Bryntreia

Special Open Dog – Height (1)

  • 1st: Runnel Run for Fun

Special Open Dog (Racing/Lure Coursing (7)

  • 1st: Webber’s Dark Wing
  • 2nd: Craigavad Once In A Lifetime
  • 3rd: Osborne’s Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan JW (imp Fin)
  • Res: Glasspool & Manners’ Moonlake Miles to Go Over Mannerpool JW
  • VHC: Clilverd’s Monelli Mississippi

Veteran Dog 7-9 Years (4:1)

  • 1st: Whitehead, Smith & Mixides’ Citycroft Never Forget
  • 2nd: Harpet’s Huntilghill Mr Kool at Janiste
  • 3rd: Fletcher’s Jarmane Lark Rising over Shuleah

Veteran Dog – 10+ Years (3)

  • 1st: Osborne’s Ch Loroli Authorized by Derohan JW
  • 2nd: Reed’s Dejare Cobweb
  • 3rd: Monelli Mississippi

Best Dog: Railfield Lone Rainger

Reserve Best Dog: Citycroft Never Forget

Best Puppy Dog:  Courtbirch Storm Warning

Best Veteran Dog: Citycroft Never Forget


Judge: Lynn Griffiths

Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years (8:1)

  • 1st: Hills’ Ch Shimmeree Black Winceyette
  • 2nd: Osborne’s Loroli Let’s Do It with Derohan
  • 3rd: Wignall’s Starswift Sunset
  • Res: Robertson’s Moonlake Mazda
  • VHC: Lawrence’ Kierpark Memphis Belle with Bryntreia

Veteran Bitch 10+ Years (5:2)

  • 1st: Whitehead, Smith & Mixides’ Stormburst Winter Sparkles for Citycroft JW ShCM
  • 2nd: Walker’s Shoalingam Silver Willow
  • 3rd: Neale’s Stormalong Black Narcissus

Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

  • 1st: Reed & Pace’s Dejare Dutch Dream
  • 2nd: Courtney’s Courtbirch Diamond Dust
  • 3rd: Becquet & Darby’s Gazenorth Secret Escape to Becscott
  • Res: Wignall’s Starswift Save A Prayer
  • VHC: Bunney’s Starswift Since Yesterday with Bunehug

Puppy Bitch (4)

  • 1st: Fisher’s Marleben Dream Mover
  • 2nd: Reed & Pace’s Southgrove It’s My World at Dejare (Imp Ndl)
  • 3rd: Smith’s Welstar Airs And Graces at Cryhavoc
  • Res: Dighton’s Evaluna Tiger Lily

Junior Bitch (2)

  • 1st: Webber’s Zoraden Darkest Wings
  • 2nd: Walker’s Jimanica Jade Star of Shoalingam

Maiden Bitch (4)

  • 1st: Dejare Dutch Dream
  • 2nd: Hoare’s Tormor Many Clouds
  • 3rd: Welstar Airs And Graces at Cryhavoc
  • Res: Starswift Save A Prayer

Special Beginners Bitch (6)

  • 1st: Audland’s Alroed Jewel In the Crown
  • 2nd: Fisher’s Marleben Dream Maker
  • 3rd: Reed & Pace’s Dejare Daydream Believer
  • Res: Headley’s Knoxhill See The Stars
  • VHC: Williamson & Grant’s Windfly One Perfect Day

Novice Bitch (3:2)

  • 1st: Southgrove It’s My World at Dejare (Imp Ndl)
  • 2nd: Jimanica Jade Star of Shoalingam

Undergraduate Bitch (5)

  • 1st: Zoraden Darkest Wings
  • 2nd: Franklin’s Haccasbrook Madam Gigi
  • 3rd: Meadham’s Harerunner Halfpenny
  • Res: Bayley’s Collooney Candy Crush
  • VHC: Molyneux’ Molvine Princess Charlotte

Post Graduate Bitch (6:2)

  • 1st: Wood’s Ardencote Aiming High
  • 2nd: Spencer’s Chelridge Lady Guinevere
  • 3rd: Knoxhill See The Stars
  • Res: Reeves’ Chrispan Forget Me Not

Limit Bitch (9)

  • 1st: Hills’ Shimmeree Black Satin
  • 2nd: Whitehead, Smith & Mixides’ Winter is Coming to Citycroft
  • 3rd: Chant’s Florancy First Footing
  • Res: Molyneux’ Milvine Queen Elizabeth
  • VHC: Candler’s Thesperia Charis at Maidenbower

Open Bitch (4:1)

  • 1st: Whitehead, Smith & mixides’ Citycroft Supanova JW
  • 2nd: Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker
  • 3rd: Walker’s Shoalingam Silver Promise

Special Open Bitch – Height (8:1)

  • 1st: Webber’s Diamond Web
  • 2nd: Ardencote Star Maker
  • 3rd: Haccasbrook Madam Gigi
  • Res: Moonlake Mazda
  • VHC: Collooney Candy Crush

Special Open Bitch – Racing/Lure Coursing (12:3)

  • 1st: Diamond Web
  • 2nd: Zoraden Darkest Wings
  • 3rd: Florancy First Footing
  • Res: Harerunner Halfpenny
  • VHC: Collooney Candy Crush

Best Bitch: Shimmeree Black Satin

Reserve Best Bitch: Alroed Jewel In the Crown

Best Puppy Bitch: Dejare Dutch Dream

Best Veteran Bitch: Stormburst Winter Sparkles for Citycroft JW ShCM

Whippet Club Open Show September 2017

BEST IN SHOW: Railfield Lone Rainger

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Shimmeree Black Satin

BEST OPPOSITE SEX: Shimmeree Black Satin

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Dejare Dutch Dream

RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Courtbirch Storm Warning

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Citycroft Never Forget

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