The Whippet Club Open Show 23 September 2017 – Dog Critique


I would like to thank the officers and committee of The Whippet Club for inviting me to judge at their Open show on 23 September 2017 and also thank all the exhibitors who entered their dogs for accepting my decisions in a very sporting manner.  The quality of the entry was very high and in several classes I really was spoilt for choice.  My co-judge, Lynn Griffiths, and I were in complete agreement with the major award winners.

Whippet Club Open Show September 2017

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

  1. Gower’s COURTBIRCH STORM WARNING.  A 8 month old brindle with white trim.  Very mature for his age but who had a lovely head and expression.  A long neck led into good lay of shoulder with graceful topline and corresponding good underline.  Strong quarters allowed him to move freely around the ring.  Just needs to mature into his frame now but all the basics are there for him to have a bright future.  Well handled by his breeder. BPD and RBPIS
  2. Hillyers EVALUNA BLUE BAYOU – a blue pup with a great skin and coat.  Mature for his age he had a great depth of brisket and front fill.  Good head and ears, lovely long neck leading to good shoulders.  Presented a nice overall picture when he co-operated with his young handler, but was giving her a very hard time!

Puppy Dog (3)

  1. Rishworth’s KEIRPARK WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.  10 month old bright brindle with a lovely head and the darkest of pigment.  Elegant long neck leading to good shoulder, deep enough in brisket with a pleasing length of loin leading to strong quarters.  Good bone with lovely tight well knuckled feet.  Was a bit tense on the move which caused him to flatten his topline a touch but showed enough of his true movement to deserve this class.
  2.  Cahill and Timberlake’s ENOLACAS ANTONIO BANDERAS AT CHIPPERLAKE (Imp) Pale fawn of nice quality, lovely head and expression, good long neck leading to a well placed shoulder and nice topline.  Moved truly with good front extension .  Just feel that he needs to drop into his frame a touch which  will happen with maturity but overall I think he is a very nice dog.

Junior Dog (6 – 1 abs)

What a lovely class full of quality exhibits – I wish I had had more 1st prize cards to give out.

  1. Shepherd’s CITYCROFT SUNDEA WITH OXANA JW, ShcM – Mature rich fawn with the darkest of pigment giving him a wonderfully soft expression.  Lovely head with good strong underjaw, long gently arched neck leading to clean shoulder with a lovely return of upper arm.  Well filled in front with good depth of brisket.  He has a good flowing topline which in turn leads to strong quarters used to power around the ring with a light and free action.
  2. Ellis’ RAILFIELD RAINMASTER – Very attractive red brindle with a beautiful dark eye and pigment.  Built on slightly longer lines than 1, he has a graceful flowing outline with long neck leading to a beautifully clean shoulder, his ribbing is well carried back and he possesses good strong hindquarters with a good strong second thigh.  Moved out well.  Just lacked the maturity of the winner.  Has a very promising future.
  3. Trouton’s RUNNEL RUN FOR FUN.  Unlucky to meet the other two

Maiden Dog (2)

  1. Harper’s WHISTERFIELD WILD FOXGLOVE – Pale fawn dog with appealing head and dark pigment.  Good strong jaw.  A touch more upright in shoulder than I personally like but had an overall good shape. Just tended to pace on the move at the start before the handler speeded him up a little when he changed his stride pattern and moved correctly.
  2. Tarling’s FLORANCY FIRST FROST – a tall lemon brindle with a lovely appealing expression, darkest of eye and wonderful depth of brisket.  Slightly weaker in hindquarters in relation to his front assembly which tended to spoil his outline.  Moved ok.

Special Beginners (3 – 1 abs)

  1. Perkins’ DEARE WOULD YOU BELIEVE AT ZEGLYNN – Fawn dog built on somewhat rangier lines, lovely clean shoulder and good depth of brisket with good front fill.  Strong quarters with well let down hocks.  Powered around the ring with low daisy cutting stride
  2. Allanson & MacDonald’s NATTAH ECHO IN TH MIST OVER MACALLDON – shaded fawn of a more compact type than 1.  His elegant neck leads to lovely shoulder and his curvy topline is matched well by his underline.   Good strong quarters which he used well to propel himself around the ring with a lovely free stride.  Nice feet. 

Novice Dog (6 – 4 abs)

  2. Saxby’s NATTAH KNIGHT GAWAINE WITH SANDSPRING  – blue brindle who is a touch on the large side for my personal preference however he presented a nice overall outline with a deep brisket, good neck, shoulders, topline and quarters.  Moved well.

Undergraduate Dog (5 – 4 abs)

  1. Perkins’ JASARAT JETSETTER AT ZEGLYNN – Brindle dog with the most gorgeous of heads and expression enhanced by the darkest of eyes and neat ears.  He presented an overall pleasing outline with good depth of brisket and nice firm hindquarters.  Just a touch unsettled on the move today.

Post Graduate Dog (4)

  1. Ellis’ RAILIELD LONE RAINGER – my star of the day.  I fell in love with this gorgeous fawn dog when I first saw him as a very baby puppy and am so pleased that my opinion of him didn’t change when I went over him.  His topline is just the most lovely series of curves over which my hand glided and his underlined corresponded.  He has the most beautiful fine and gleaming coat.  He has a lovely head with neat ears and a dark eye and good dentition,  his neck is slightly arched and flows into well placed shoulders.  A  strong well muscled back leads to powerful quarters with well let down hocks.  His front and rear angles were well balanced  Lovely flat bone and well knuckled feet and a deep brisket with lovely infill.  He is a really good mover covering the ground with an effortless stride – all in all he fitted my interpretation of the breed standard to a T.  Just wish he was mine.   BD and with the agreement of my co-judge, BIS
  2. Bellamy’s KANDALAMA ROYALE – Brindle parti who was unlucky to meet 1.  This dog has matured into a lovely example of the breed with good head and expression, strong underjaw, lovely long neck leading to graceful topline.  His brisket is well let down and he possesses strong quarters with well let down hocks and well defined second thigh.  Moved well

Limit Dog (4 – 2 abs)

  1. Lawrence’s BRYNTREIA FIRST GLANCE – red/white parti dog with the finest of skins and coat.  Excellent pigment, good rose ears, long neck leads to good shoulders. Nice length of loin and strong quarters.  Good deep brisket with nice amount of infill.  Good bone and tight feet.  I would like him to just be a little neater in front movement as he was slightly throwing his front on this occasion, but overall a very nice dog indeed.
  2. Courtney’s COURTBIRCH FORCE OF NATURE JW – a substantially built brindle dog with good head and neck, great depth of brisket and very strong quarters which he used to advantage on the move.  Just a little bit too much of him for my preference but nevertheless a very nice dog.

Open Dog (4)

  1. Scholes’ CRAIGAVAD ONCE IN A LIFETIME – a very elegant blue brindle with good head and expression, lovely neck leads to well laid shoulders.  He possesses good front and rear angulation and has a nice deep brisket with the right amount of infill.  Just the right amount of bone for his size and excellent feet.  He uses he strong quarters to move freely around the ring showing good front extension and drive behind.  In very hard and fit condition.  A lovely dog from any angle and another who must have a really bright future
  2. Wood’s ARDENCOTE STAR GAZER – rich fawn dog of a stockier build than 1 but an all quality example of the breed. Nice head and expression, good layback of shoulder, very deep brisket and good bone and feet.  Strong quarters which allowed him to move freely and accurately around the ring.  A very nice dog indeed.

Special Open Dog – Height  (1)

  1. Trouton’s RUNNEL RUN FOR FUN.  – a high quality fawn dog who was not disgraced in any way by coming 3rd in a wonderfully strong junior class.  He has a lovely head and expression with neat rose ears, and a good strong underjaw.  A graceful neck with  slight arch leads to a flowing topline with a strong loin, Good depth of brisket and well filled front he  is also strong in hindquarters with well let down hocks.  Good bone and feet, moved out well

Special Open Dog –  Racing/Lure Coursing (7)

  1. Webber’s DARK WING – a very shapely dog in gleaming black jacket.  He has a keen and alert expression.  Elegant neck leading to good lay of shoulder and flowing topline.  Lovely bone.  Good deep brisket,  his front angulation complimented his rear.  Possessing strong hindquarters he moved out well and is in hard muscular condition.

Veteran Dog – 7-9 years (4 – 1 abs)

  1. Whitehead, Smith & Mixides’ CITYCROFT NEVER FORGET – A 7 year old black masked red fawn dog whose only concession to showing his age is a slight greying around the muzzle. He has the most gorgeous of heads with a melting expression.  Neat rose ears.  Lovely long and smooth lines which flow effortlessly from the tip of his nose to his tail.  Lovely neck with slight arch, good strong well muscled back leading to strong quarters with well let down hocks.  Just the right amount of angulation fore and aft.  Moved out well with long daisy cutting stride.  RBD, BVD and BVIS.
  2. Harper’s HUNTINGHILL MR KOOL AT JANISTE – brindle dog who again is wearing his years lightly and is still in very good condition.  Nice head and neck leading to a good shoulder.  Good deep brisket with neat tuck up, good length of loin.  Good sweep to his stifles.  Stepped out nicely one he settled.

Veteran Dog – 10 years + (3)

  1. Osborne’s CH LOROLI AUTHORIZED BY DEROHAN JW – 10 year old brindle dog who hasn’t lost any of his shape.  He has a lovely head with good rose shaped ears, strong bite.  Slightly arched beck leading to a flowing topline.  Moved well
  2. Reed’s DEJARE COBWEB – A 13 year old boy who was enjoying his day out.  Lovely appealing expression (particularly when he thought I had the sausages) Still retaining his good shape and was moving freely despite his advancing years.  A credit to his owner keeping him in such lovely condition.


Gill Andrew (Judge)

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