The Whippet Club Open Show 28 September 2019 – Bitch Critique

Thank you to the Whippet club for my 2nd breed club show appointment, my Co judge and I were able to agree on the top awards.

Veteran 7-9 yrs

  1. Osbourne’s Loroli Lets do it with Derohan , Nine year old brindle bitch in fine fettle,lovely neck into shoulder, deep brisket with curvy underline , moved well with drive. BVB
  2. Webber’s Derohan Attraction, another brindle bitch of 8yrs of very similar type to 1, she had such lovely front extension but I just preferred the topline and overall picture of the winner.
  3. Saxby’s Sandspring Sunset Gold.

Veteran 10+ 0 entries

Minor Puppy

  1. Whitehead,Smith and Mixides Citycroft Storm in a teacup, 8 month old brindle bitch who is just what you want for age, spot on for size with a super head and expression good shoulders and front infill, curvy underline and rear angles, she has the most wonderful floating movement,should go far. BPB,BPIS
  2. Allen’s Zoraden She walks in beauty, br/w parti colour of 6 months with lovely neck into shoulder . curvy with good bend of stifle , moved true when settled.
  3. Hills’s Shimmeree Cool calico


  1. Whitaker-Crosby’s Crosscop May be one more at Mulcair, 10 month f/w parti colour bitch who is very much at the gangly stage but this did not detract from her quality, super neck and lay of shoulder,good length of loin and strong rear quarters, moved with drive.
  2. Webber’s Zoraden Fifty shades darker 11 month old, gleaming black , lovely head and expression, long neck and super S shape, very strong hind end, moved well.
  3. Saxby’s Runaround Amazing Grace with Sandspring


  1. Reed’s Dejare Dream on, fawn with white trim, super curvy shown in very fit Condition, best mover in the class.
  2. Candler’s Maidenbower Monsoon, f/w parti bitch that is spot on for size, another curvy girl with lovely head and expression, lovely dark eye, good lay of shoulder, moved ok.
  3. Bunney’s Bunehug Blessed N bewitched


  1. Perkins Southgrove Joy to the world at Zeglynn,14 month old fawn bitch won Class on maturity over 2nd , lovely head with good neck and shoulder, curvy underline, moved well with lovely front extension.
  2. Whitaker-Crosby’s Crosscop May be one more at Mulcair, 1st in puppy.
  3. Blanks Westmount Nightingale.

Special beginners

  1. Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi tea, super fawn of ideal size, really drew my eye on first glance and did not disappoint, lovely head with sweet expression, good lay of shoulder and correct topline into strong rear end, she had curves in all the right places, I was pleased to award her RBB.
  2. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel, fawn and white parti girl, another of lovely size with super curves, strong rear end in fit condition, moved very well.
  3. Moore’s Zoraden Secret sins at Sunwalkers.


  1. Zevenbergen’s Little willow grouse, Blue bitch, on the smaller side, lovely head, correct topline with strong rear quarters, moved well once she relaxed.
  2. Brindle of a larger mould with attractive head was just carrying a little too much condition.


  1. Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi tea
  2. Moncrieff’s Runaround Symphony, lovely fawn with super neck and well laid shoulders super depth of brisket and correct rear angles, moved very well, unlucky to meet 1 today.
  3. Troutons Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel.

Post graduate

  1. Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony, litter sister to 2nd in undergraduate and another super bitch, ultra curvy with well sprung pasterns, good shoulder placement,strong rear end, moving true.
  2. Osborne’s Florancy above and beyond Derohan JW,brindle with white trim, another lovely bitch, gorgeous head and expression with strong underjaw, super S shape,correct topline with good length of loin, well let down hocks, moved well.
  3. Smith’s Welstar Airs and graces at Cryhavoc.


  1. Julian’s Blondessa Be happy lovely fawn bitch of ideal size, super head with melting expression, correct lay of shoulder, good depth of brisket with sweeping underline, correct rear angles moved well.
  2. Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak, fawn and white parti who is another lovely bitch, long neck into well laid shoulders, good front infill and feet correct rear angulation with well let down hocks,moved very well with super front extension I just felt 1 held topline better on the move.
  3. Hills Shimmeree Black satin JW.


  1. Whitehead, Smith and Mixides Winter is coming to Citycroft, I have admired this bitch from puppy hood and she did not disappoint upon examination, gleaming black with white trim,lovely head and expression,super long neck, well laid shoulder,well sprung pasterns , flowing underline, stood over a lot of ground, moved very well at all angles, no hesitation awarding her Best bitch and Best in show with the agreement of my co-judge.
  2. Home &Fisher-Home’s Citycroft My fair lady of Jasarat JW,Shcm f/w trim girl, lovely neck sweeping into correct topline that she held on the move,correct rear angles with good second thigh and nice feet, another very good mover.
  3. Wood’s Ardencote Aiming high

Special open-Height

Brown’s Ardencote Star maker,Fawn girl with the sweetest head, correct front with super depth of brisket,curvy underline and good bend of stifle, moved well.

Bayley’s Collooney Candy crush Red fawn with a lovely expression, long neck, Super length of loin, shown in hard condition.

Special Racing/lure coursing

  1. Webber’s Zoraden Darkest wings JW, Black bitch presented in tip top condition, long neck with tremendous depth of brisket, sweeping topline and curvy underline, moved well.
  2. Jones Kenaiteen Blizzard at Silvergarth, br/w particolour girl, presented in fit condition, lovely head, good front infill with strong pasterns, sweeping underline and nice tight feet, another good mover at all angles.
  3. Bayley’s Collooney Candy crush


Serena Wignall (Judge)


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