Whippet Club Open Show September 2018 – Dog Critique

A huge thank you to the Officers & Committee for inviting me to judge Dogs at their Open Show, the venue, catering & hospitality was without doubt first class. A hard working committee put on an excellent show and I was delighted to be judging with Luke Johnston who judged the bitches today. We decided amicably to call on the referee Sean Samber for final decisions but that is what judging is all about, different opinions & the interpretation of the breed standard in your own mind. Special thanks to my two efficient stewards who kept the ring in good order. I wish the hard working committee all the very best with this club for the future.

Whippet Club Open Show

Minor Puppy Dog (3:1 abs)

  • 1st: Miluk’s Westwood Prince Liam , quite mature in body for age, has a well balanced head & strong jaw, alert eye, well set neck & in good body & has depth of chest & strong in loin, good feet & tail is well set, in good coat & condition, well set rear, preferred his front movement over 2.
  • 2nd: Glyn’s Tarramoss Cream Tea a smaller & finer dog than 1 but was in excellent proportion, has a well shaped head & good neck, body developing well, correct arch over loin, neat feet & well set tail, good quarters, throwing his front around at this early stage, needs time.

Puppy Dog (1)

  • 1st:  B.P.D. & R.B.D. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King Of Clubs, just love the balanced outline of this youngster, excellent head, good eye & correctly set ears, his neck leads to a super shoulder & upper arm, correct depth of chest & ribs correctly sprung, strength in his loin & well set quarters, he certainly stands over a lot of ground, all comes together on the move, reaching well out in front & driving from the rear, this he does with ease & minimum effort, in excellent coat & condition, tail correctly set & carried, has excellent neat feet. Delighted later went R.B.I.S. under the referees decision in strong competition.

Junior Dog (6:1 abs)

  • 1st:  B.D. & B.I.S. Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW quite mature for his young age & shows himself to advantage at all times, today never put a foot wrong & delighted to give him top honour & later see him take B.I.S. under the referee. Has a super well balanced profile & is the correct size & build for a male. Has the desirable shaped head & slight stop, strong jaw & good dentition, alert eyes & rose ears well set on head, long & muscular neck & correct lay of shoulder & upper arm, in excellent body for a youngster, strong in loin with correct arch over his loin which is muscular, well set tail & carried correctly when moving, particularly liked his strong quarters & hocks well let down, neat feet, in excellent coat & muscular condition.
  • 2nd: Andrew’s Railfield Randir At Shamus I see this dog has same sire as 1, similar in make & shape but looks slightly larger than 1, masculine & well balanced all through, good head & neck, excellent depth of chest & correct loin, good feet ; moved out well fore & aft, well set tail carried correctly, lovely hard condition.
  • 3rd: Neale’s Runaround Starman  At Stormalong JW.

Maiden Dog (4:1)

  • 1st:  Westwod Prince Liam
  • 2nd: Royle’s Chiendetom Andante, has a well shaped head, good eye & ear placement, depth of chest & strong in loin, well set rear & tail, good feet, prefer front of 1, in good coat & presented in hard conditionmoved out well fore & aft, well set tail carried correctly, lovely hard condition.
  • 3rd: Ford’s Sunset Warrior intro EX RL1.

Special Beginners Dog (5)

  • 1st:  Perkins’s Dejare Dutch Masterpiece At Zeglynn, for me stood out in class for  his balance in profile, has a well shaped head & slight stop, good eye & ear set, in good body, depth of chest & well sprung in rib, arch of loin & well made quarters, carries his tail correctly.
  • 2nd: Trouton’s Runnel Run For Fun, finer all through than 1 has a good head piece, good neck, not the front of 1 when stood or moving, correct depth of chest & strong in loin, well set rear, tail set well & carried, neat feet, good coat.
  • 3rd: Sevior’s Evaluna Black Orchid.

Novice Dog (5)

  • 1st:  Railfield Rainoir at Sharmus.
  • 2nd: Webber’s Zoraden Paint It Black, has a strong jaw & well shaped in head, prefer front angles of 1, fair depth of chest, has good quarters & drives well from his rear, low set hocks, tail well carried.
  • 3rd: Sevior’s Evaluna Black Orchid.

Undergraduate Dog (5:1)

  • 1st:  Palmik King of Clubs.
  • 2nd:  Glasspool & Manner’s Penbriar Dark Secret At Mannerpool, quality young male who excels in balance, has good head proportions & well set eye & ears, elegant well set neck leading to super shoulder & upper arm, good body proportions, excellent feet, good bend of stifle & low well set hocks, tail well carried & set on, in gleaming coat of correct texture, very nice youngster who moved well fore & aft but not quite as settled on stack today as 1.
  • 3rd: Perkin’s Jakarta Jetsetter At Zeglynn.

Post Graduate Dog (3:1)

  • 1st:  Rishworth’s Kierpark With Or Without You, liked his head & has good eye & expression, well set ears, neck is long & elegant, has a well set shoulder & upper arm, good depth of chest & front not too wide, has elegant arch of loin & his hocks are well set & low, stifles well bent, in excellent hard muscular condition & in good coat, tail well set & carried at right level on the move.
  • 2nd:  Zevenbergen’s  Gold Finch, could not match 1 on the move in this class, well shaped in head, clean in neck, in good body & has well set hocks, tail carried & set correctly, neat feet, in hard muscular condition.

Limit Dog (2)

  • 1st: Ellis’s Railfield Rainmaster JW, very nice balanced picture in profile, he scores well in neck & shoulders, reaches out well in front & corresponds with driving rear action, excellent depth of chest & elegant arch of strong loin, well shaped quarters & low well set hocks, excellent bend of stifle, good tail carriage & set, neat feet, in excellent coat of good texture & hard muscle tone.
  • 2nd: Faber’s Sufeina Black Jasper, pleasing head & eye, good rose ears well set on head, elegant in neck & has good shoulder & upper arm, in good body, well set tail, moving a little close behind, has excellent muscle tone.

Open Dog (7:4)

  • 1st:  Rishworth’s Richclass King Of Kings, masculine & has good head, well sprung ribs & depth of brisket, strong loin which is well arched, moved out well fore & aft to take class, has strong quarters & hocks are well set, stands over plenty ground, good tail & feet are neat, excellent muscular condition.
  • 2nd:  Bellamy’s Kandalama Royale, well put together dog who I thought would move better than he did today,did not not the reach in front I was expecting from his conformation, excellent in body & has well sprung ribs, well set rear, tail carried correctly, hard condition & has good coat.
  • 3rd: Perkin’s Dejare Would You Believe At Zeglynn Sh CM.

Special Open Dog – Height (4)

  • 1st:  Wheelspin Silver Shadow among Silkdance JW.
  • 2nd: Runnel Run For Fun.
  • 3rd: Kirtland’s Erinnis Stargazer.

Special Open Dog (Racing/Lure Coursing (4:1)

  • 1st:  Webber’s Dark Wing, very well balanced, scored in head & well set ears, good eye & expression, stands with correct width in front & has good feet, in good body & well ribbed & strong in loin, liked his well set hocks which he uses on the move, well set & carried his tail correctly, gleaming coat & excellent muscle tone.
  • 2nd: Osborne’s Derohan Viking Flagship, good skull & fore face proportions with slight stop, well set eye & rose ears, not the front assembly of 1 & is of slightly longer body proportions, good bend of stifle & has strong driving quarters.
  • 3rd: Saxby’s Nattah Knight Gawain With Sandspring.

Veteran Dog 7-9 Years (4)

  • 1st:  & B.V.D. Kirtland’s Palmik Starlight Raider, masculine & slightly larger & longer cast than I like in profile but won on his sound & precise movement, lovely expression from his eyes & well set ears on a balanced skull, strong in jaw, excellent length of neck, depth of chest & good width in front, well set tail, neat feet, excellent coat & muscle tone
  • 2nd: Osborne’s Derohan Viking Flagship.
  • 3rd: Bellamy’s Palmik Celtic Royale.

Veteran Dog – 10+ Years (2)

  • 1st:  Osborne’s Midnight Dazzler At Derohan at 10 yrs still in excellent body condition & well muscled, well balanced in head, good neck set, still standing well at the rear with well set hocks & good bend of stifle, tail carried well when moving, good feet.
  • 2nd: Clilverd’s Monelli Mississippi ; good heads & eye, good depth of chest, arch of loin & fall away ; not the front of 1 & drive from behind, in excellent coat & condition, neat feet.
  • 3rd: Bellamy’s Palmik Celtic Royale.

Special Progeny D or B (2)

Judged jointly we agreed without any hesitation on the uniformity of type & balance that the progeny of the bitch Hill’s Ch Shimmeree Black Winceyete take the class above 2 Kirkland’s Palmik Starlight Raider.

Mark Ord (Judge)

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