Dog Critique: The Whippet Club Open Show, September 2022

Dog Critique - Whippet Club

I’d like to thank the Committee of TWC for inviting me to judge dogs at their first open show since 2019 and for their hospitality on the day. I’m also grateful to my two very efficient stewards who kept the ring moving nicely. The show was held at the usual venue but unfortunately this year there were no floor mats. Most dogs coped well enough with the polished wooden floor but the movement of some suffered a little as a result. With a lovely entry of 46 dogs, I was spoiled for choice in some of the classes. Huge thanks to all who allowed me to go over their dogs.

MPD (3, 1)

  1. Barkas’ Citycroft Line of Duty. 7 months. What a promising young man. Classic fawn with white trim. Good bone and correct angles throughout. Masculine head with long elegant neck, nice front and strong broad back. Pleasing top line. Elbows well tucked in. Moved out well.
  2. Saxby’s Sandspring Sea Master. 7-month-old fawn with white trim. Shorter in body than 1. Lost out on movement today.

PD (0, 0), JD (7, 0)

  1. Soffe’s Zoraden Macchiato. This youngster of 12 months drew my eye as he entered the ring. Shaded fawn with black mask and white trim. Correct size male with a super head and front, good bone, deep brisket and good spring of pastern. Moderate throughout. Shown in wonderfully fit condition. Moved out well in profile and absolutely true coming and going. A well-deserved RBD.
  2. Webber’s Denimblue Willdo JW. I have watched this shapely blue/white trim dog grow on since he was a baby puppy being socialised around the ring. Now 17 months of age and up to size, he is balanced, masculine and shapely. Shown in good hard condition.
  3. Wayman’s Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair.

MD (4, 1)

  1. Perkins’ Zeglynn Arnie’s Cute Helper. 15-month-old fawn, black mask and white trim. Another of good size although would have preferred a little more bone. Liked his overall shape, dark eye, elegant neck and top line. Moved well in profile.
  2. Arkell’s Swistir Bailey’s Cream. 22 months. Fawn brindle with white trim. Larger type than 1 and not as balanced. A little unsettled but moved well around the ring.
  3. Norris’ Veloxcanis Solis Victor

SBD (4, 1)

  1. Barkas’ Jimanica Just Dreaming. 6-year-old male red fawn/white parti of good size. Kind expression, strong neck leading into well laid-back shoulder. Curvy and well bodied. Moderate throughout. Hocks well let down. Moved nicely in in profile and accurately coming and going. A lot to like.
  2. Steel’s Nattah Potters Magic. 3-year-old black/white dog of finer type than 1 but with the same desirable curvy outline. Long neck leading into smooth shoulders and a deep brisket. Well-muscled without being overdone. Moved out well in profile but just a little untidy in front going away.
    Seviour’s Evaluna Black Orchid.

ND (3, 1)

  1. R Candler’s Maidenbower Maserati. 22-month-old pale fawn dog, moderate and of nice type. Lovely head and expression, fine ears, good length of neck leading into smooth shoulders. Would have preferred a little more length of rib and more muscle at the business end.
  2. McConkey’s Barmoll Billy Joel. Heavier type than 1 with a good masculine head, strong neck and nice lay back of shoulder. Well filled in front and ribbed well back. Neat feet. Out moved by 1 today.

UGD (2, 0)

  1. Steel’s Nattah Potters Magic (see above).
  2. Seviour’s Evaluna Leave Your Hat On. 2-year-old dark brindle/white trim. Nice head with dark eye, long neck and smooth shoulders. Good tail set and carriage. Not at all happy on the floor today which affected his movement quite badly.

PGD (5, 0)

  1. Steel’s Tigsisle Time After Time. 3-year-old shaded fawn parti dog of nice size and shape. Nice head and expression. Fine ears and elegant neck. Good layback of shoulder and strong, well-muscled broad back. A sound mover but a little unsettled today.
  2. Shepherd’s Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana JW. Striking 2-year-old fawn parti with black mask. A lot to like about this boy who has everything in moderation. Some rather untidy front movement lost him the class.
  3. Bellamy’s Mithrandir Albatross.

LD (6, 3)

  1. Wayman’s Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair. 2-year-old fawn brindle parti. Lean head with dark eye and fine ears. Strong neck well set on good layback of shoulder and nice fill in front. Ribbed well back with defined tuck up and moderate angulation behind. Moved with reach and drive.
  2. Barkas’ Citycroft Fred Astaire. Correct size 4-year-old dark fawn brindle with white trim. More substantial than 1. Masculine head with well defined stop and strong jaw. Strong neck leading into smooth shoulder and curvy top line. Good angulation throughout. Another one who struggled a bit with the floor today and didn’t move as well as I have seen him do.
  3. Nunneley’s Kelsmonk Kind of Magic.

OD (3, 0)

A small class but the most closely fought of the day.

  1. Perkins’ Dejare Dutch Master Piece at Zeglynn JW ShCM. Rising 6 years of age this mature dog was lovely to go over. He just flowed under my hands from head to tail. Moved out around the ring and true coming and going. Shown in super condition and handled to advantage he could not be overlooked. Delighted to award him BD and on the referee’s decision BIS.
  2. Barkas’ Jimanica Just Dreaming (see above).
  3. Byron’s Jasarat Gucci.

OHD (7, 2)

  1. Soffe’s Zoraden Macchiato (see above).
  2. Perkins’ Southgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn. Another shapely fawn of good size from this kennel presented in good hard condition. 2 years old with black mask and white trim. Moderate throughout. Unlucky to meet 1 today.
  3. Wayman’s Crème Anglaises One More Knight at Scarletfair (Imp Ned).

OR/LCD (6, 2)

  1. Wood’s Ardencote Dating Destiny. 5 years old quality pale fawn dog with white trim presenting a balanced picture. Nice head and expression, elegant neck, good fill in front and a broad, strong back. Carried ribbing well back and nicely muscled behind. Just a little untidy in front on the go away.
  2. Norris’ Hareruner Hombre Estrella. Deep red fawn with black mask and white trim. At just over a year old this boy still has some maturing to do. Moved nicely each way. Shown in fit condition but could do with a little more coverage.
  3. Seviour’s Evaluna Leave Your Hat On.

SVD 7-9yrs (7, 0)

A lovely class to judge.

  1. Byron’s Padstian Pip in New York VW. One day short of 8 years of age this gent gave an excellent account of himself today. Fawn/white trim with a masculine head and dark eye. Strong neck leading into smooth shoulders, good front stemming from a deep brisket, nice bladed bone and strong pasterns. Pleasing top line and moderate angulation. In excellent condition for his years, he moved out well in all directions. Delighted to award him BVD.
  2. Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer. 8 ½ year old fawn/white trim with the kindest of expressions. Nice angulation throughout but shorter in body and not as shapely as 1. Moved soundly.
  3. Webber’s Dark Wing.

SVD 10+yrs (1, 0)

  1. Armstrong’s Barnesmore Tigers Shadow. This 12 ½ year old enjoyed his day out! Red brindle with white trim gave a good account of himself and moved nicely around the ring.

Fiona Finch

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