Bitch Critique: The Whippet Club Open Show, September 2022

Bitch Critique - Whippet Club

I would like to thank the committee of The Whippet Club for inviting me to judge the september 2022 open show

I had 14 classes of top quality Whippet bitches to go over, and I would like to thank the exhibitors for the lovely entry and I’m sorry I couldn’t place you all. Best in Show, Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite sex in show was the Referee’s Descion

Special Veteran 7-9 yrs 5(2)

  1. Brown’s Ardenote Star Maker – 8yr old FB loved her size & type, pretty head Long elegant neck going into nice laid shoulders, nice length of loin with good hindquarters moved with elegance and drive in tip top condition.
  2. Fisher-Home’s Citycroft My FairLady Of Jasarat – 7yr old FB with a lovely head and kind expression, nicely constructed body with correct angulation front and rear moved well.

Special Veteran 10 yrs + 6

  1. Walker’s Shoaling Silver Sorrel – 13yr old FB an elegant old girl loved her shape who moved round the ring with precance and grace, so correct in front that showed on the move, firm over the loin, strong hind quarters, BVB BVIS
  2. Osborne’s Loroli Lets Do This With Derohan – 12yr old Brindle B, another in tiptop condition for her age, feminine head with a dark eye, into a correct neck & front with lovely lay of shoulders, another good mover.

MPB 7 (1)

  1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Truth About Love – 7mth old cream FB lovely kind head with a cheeky expression full of mischief, lovely head & neck into a well laid shoulders, good depth for her age, lovely topline on the move, beautiful in profile, BPB & BPIS
  2. Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Caramel Calypso – 8mth old FB appealed on her honesty of type nothing about her over done, different type to one, a lovely head, good neck clean shoulder & good depth, moved soundly, placings could easily change on another day.

PB 6 (1)

  1. Longhurst’s Abbyhurst Dancing Queen – 10mth old FB beautiful head & expression, long neck into well laid shoulders, good length of body & well angulated quarters,moved with drive.
  2. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik A Million Dreams – litter sister to MP 1st more or less the same attributes as her sister but needs to settle on the move.

Junior 4 (1)

  1. Perkin’s Zeglynn Pipkin Nana – FB pretty head, neat ears, long neck, straight front into well laid shoulders, would like a bit more body and bone, moved sound lovely on profile.
  2. Reed & Pace’s Dejare A Dash Of Hope – F&W Parti loved her shape and elegance & clean lines, lovely head & Expression, long neck going into well laid shoulders, moved well in great condition, but was very unsettled in the lineup.

Maiden 4 (1)

  1. Neal’s Aloise Bloon At Stormalong – FB very elegant, pretty head, long neck, straight front with a good lay of shoulders & length of rib, moved well.
  2. Hill’s Shimmeree Calico’s Cupid – Blue Bitch different type to one very feminine presented in lovely condition, curvy underline, good firm loin, lovely bone moved out well.

Special Beginners 8 (2)

  1. Longhurst’s Abbyhurst Dancing Queen
  2. Tristram’s Pagarie’s Princess Elsa – FB with a kind eye, lovely rose shaped ears, good lay of shoulders, good topline, moved with drive, nothing to dislike about her.

Novice 5 (1)

  1. Lipscombe’s Seliko Honeysuckle – F/W Parti loved her type, no exaggeration, lovely neck, shoulders, & topline, lovely to go over, good strong hindquarters moved with drive.
  2. Griffith’s Sochma A Stitch In Time For Pelyma – BD B really liked her classic shape & overall balance, lovely depth of chest, good topline, lovely in profile but very unsettled on the move.


  1. Osborne’s Loroli Life’s A Rollacosta At Derohan – BD B in tip top condition, with a lovely head, with rose shape ears, good neck going into good shoulders, plenty of depth & spring of rib lovey outline with strong hind quarters moved with drive.
  2. Chandler’s Maidenbower Mercedes – FB smaller than one, with a beautiful eye & expression that melts you, soundly put together good spring of rib, good hindquarters, needed to settle on the move.

Postgraduate 5 (1)

  1. Hill’s Shimmeree Cool Calico Blue – B very elegant all through, sweet head, lovely long neck, straight front with good lay of shoulder & rib cage, well angulated hindquarters, nothing to dislike about her.
  2. Baulch’s Erinnis Mignonette – FB sweet head, clean outline, clean shoulders, good topline kept on the move, super hind quarters, close decision.


This was a fabulous class full of quality.

  1. McConky’s Barmoll Butterfly Flip – W/B Parti well as soon as she walked into the ring she caught my eye, and i was not disappointed when i put my hands over her full of class, shape, & quality, beautiful head & expression, clean shoulders with good depth of chest & well sprung ribs,loved her elegance & overall balance, with topline she kept on the move, strong hind quarters, moved with drive one of the best movers on the day and shown to perfection. BB RBIS & BOSIS
  2. Wignall’s Crosscop The Wonder Of You At Starswift – FB pretty bitch balanced throughout, lovely straight front, lovely long neck into good lay back shoulders, correct topline, moved lovely in profile.


  1. Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny For Bluestreak – W/F Prati another quality bitch, excellent breed type, sweet feminine head, super front with ample forchest, good length of loin, great rear angulation in tip top condition, another great mover.
  2. Osborne’s Florancy Above And Beyond Derohan JW – BD B another breed type, sweet head, ample neck into well places shoulders, & correct topline,lovely front & depth, well angulated hind quarters moved with drive and elegance.

Open Hight

  1. McConky’s Barmoll Butterfly Flip
  2. Wood’s Ardencote Destiny’s Child – FB so correct in size typical Whippet, good head & expression, good front with fill in depth, curvy underline,good topline, shown in super condition.

Open Racing/lure coursing

  1. Webber’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker JW – Bk B one that i have judged before, super size & breed type, lovely head & neck going into good shoulders, with a good rib cage, good topline and underline strong rear end built for speed, moved with grace & drive.
  2. Lucas’s Welsh Daffodil – Blue fawn, good depth of chest, balanced topline strong loin, sweetest of heads, stood lovely in profile & moved so well for the first time shown.

Lesley Smeath (Willingwisp)

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