Championship Show 6th April 2019


Judge – Anne Macdonald

Special Veteran Dog 7-9 Years (6:1)

  • 1st Halbert’s Ch. Benzfreya Major Drummer
  • 2nd Wayman’s Cobyco Chasing Rainbows at Scarletfair
  • 3rd Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM
  • Res Russell’s Glantam Shooting Star
  • VHC Lowe’s Shirotae Spring Promise at Ousebank

Special Veteran Dog 10+ Years

  • 1st Smith’s Savuka Sharp Dressed Man

Minor Puppy Dog (13:1)

  • 1st Owen and Brodie’s Wolfcastle Rumpy Pumpy
  • 2nd Woods’ Ardencote What A Rogue
  • 3rd Wheeler’s Ranvelli Lemon Lush
  • Res Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine over Monelli
  • VHC Bingham’s Lolani High and Mighty

Puppy Dog (6:2)

  • 1st Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Heatwave
  • 2nd Wallace’s Collooney Playing Away at Courtbirch
  • 3rd Head’s Demerlay Handsome Harry
  • Res Allansson-Runesson’s Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon

Junior Dog (13:1)

  • 1st Halbert’s Marimay Harry’s Game
  • 2nd Richard’s Richclass Run for Cover
  • 3rd Wilson’s Barnesmore Lakota Legend at Willowwash
  • Res Hawker’s Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop JW
  • VHC Miluk’s Westwood Prince Liam

Yearling Dog (9:2)

  • 1st Place’s Arminias Love The Way You Lie JW
  • 2nd Neale’s Runaround Starman at Stormalong JW
  • 3rd Price’s Wheelspin Silve Shadow Among Silkdance JW
  • Res Holland’s Elmanash Glenburgie
  • VHC Shenton’s Alysando’s Blue Sky Sunshine

Maiden Dog (8:2)

  • 1st Woods’ Ardencote What a Legand
  • 2nd Head’s Demerlay Handsome Harry
  • 3rd Grisoli’s Loroli Dancing in the Dark
  • Res Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine over Monelli
  • VHC Supeta’s Show and Tell Astrazone

Novice Dog (6:1)

  • 1st Bingham’s Lolani Gentleman Jack
  • 2nd Elmanash Glenburgie
  • 3rd Pilkington and Myer’s Supeta’s Show and Tell Astrozone
  • Res Hillyer’s Evaluna Black Orchid
  • VHC Seviour’s Evaluna Blue Bayou

Undergraduate Dog (4:1)

  • 1st Lolani Gentleman Jack
  • 2nd Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon
  • 3rd Zevenbergen’s Gold Finch

Post Graduate Dog (19)

  • 1st Smith’s Cloudside River Dream of Collooney
  • 2nd Ellam’s Tarward Jaguar avec Clionys JW
  • 3rd James’ Drakesoak Rum Punch
  • Res Richards’ Richclass Simply Magic
  • VHC Russell’s Barmoll Banoffee Toffee at Arjuna

Mid Limit Dog (7)

  • 1st Ellis’s Railfield Rainmaster
  • 2nd Head’s Demerlay Snowy Owl
  • 3rd Barnes’ Willingwisp Loose Ur Shirt at Doddridge
  • Res Glasspool and Manner’s Penbriar Dark Secret at Mannerpool
  • VHC Bellamy’s Kandalama Royale

Limit Dog (19:4)

  • 1st Mycroft’s Supeta’s Secret Weapon
  • 2nd Owen and Brodie’s Oakbark Making Dreams at Wolfcastle
  • 3rd Ellis’s Railfield Lone Rainger JW
  • Res Poole and Winkley-Balmer’s Edenwhip Quantum of Solace
  • VHC Glaholm’s Rae Renowned at Gazenorth JW

Open Dog (15:1)

  • 1st Head’s Promised You a Miracle da Roseira Brava at Demerlay
  • 2nd Wheeler’s Ch. Mythic Balder des Plaines des Bruyere avec Ranveli JW
  • 3rd Johnson’s Ch. Danluke Lord of the Dance JW
  • Res Courtney’s Courtbirch Force of Nature JW
  • VHC Marston-Pollock’s Ch. Falconcrag Another Class

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Dog (5:2)

  • 1st Webber’s Zoraden Paint it Black
  • 2nd Severn’s Nattah Silver Lining
  • 3rd Evaluna Black Orchid

DOG CC – Promised You a Miracle da Roseira Brava at Demerlay

RESERVE DOG CC Ch. – Mythic Balder des Plaines des Bruyere avec Ranveli JW

BEST PUPPY DOG – Shalfleet Heatwave

BEST VETERAN DOG Ch. – Benzfreya Major Drummer


Judge – Julie Meakin

Special Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years (6:1)

  • 1st Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazzmatazz
  • 2nd Richards-Healion’s Anywhere and When at Clynecourt
  • 3rd Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Eclipse JW ShCM
  • Res Severn’s Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah
  • VHC Hedley’s Knoxhill Eclipse

Special Veteran Bitch 10+ Years (6:2)

  • 1st Vaughan’s Shirotae Silken Lady
  • 2nd Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Musical Melody JW ShCM
  • 3rd Wignall’s Starswift Sunrise
  • Res Handley’s Top Tallulah

Minor Puppy Bitch (24:3)

  • 1st Smeath’s Dejare Only Dreaming at Willingwisp
  • 2nd Newton’s Nevedith Beau Peep
  • 3rd Woodcroft’s Cobyco Cover Queen
  • Res Gillespie’s Penbriar Quick Star
  • Res Allistone’s Hergehill With Bells On

Puppy Bitch (10:1)

  • 1st Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice
  • 2nd Wilson and Winkley-Balmer’s Edenwhip Grange Fell at Willowwash
  • 3rd Bass’ Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith
  • Res Robertson’s Moonlake Medum Blonde
  • VHC Bunney’s Bunnehug Blessed ‘n’ Bewitched

Junior Bitch (2:1)

  • 1st Davies’ Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif
  • 2nd Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Queen of Diamonds JW
  • 3rd Jones’ Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun
  • Res Hawker’s Rosedale Lady at Mollytop
  • VHC Johnston’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea JW

Yearling Bitch (16:3)

  • 1st Thomas’ Aarminias Princess of China at Bosdonia
  • 2nd Moncrieff’s Runaround Symphony
  • 3rd Wignall’s Crosscop the Wonder of You at Starswift
  • Res Veenstra Scheerens and Valkenburg’s Shiny Sensations for Your Eyes Only
  • VHC Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi Tea

Maiden Bitch (13:4)

  • 1st Bass’ Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith
  • 2nd Head’s Demerlay Magical Mitzi
  • 3rd Lindley’s JazzallieFantastic Time
  • Res Cyangrange Serendipi Tea
  • VHC Reed and Pace’s Dejare Dream On

Novice Bitch (8:3)

  • 1st Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel
  • 2nd Shalfleet Zante Star of Silverfrith
  • 3rd Bunnehug Blessed ‘n’ Bewitched
  • Res Third’s Stormalong Selkie at Bruntsfield
  • VHC Hedley’s Knoxhill Let’s Dance

Undergraduate Bitch (9:4)

  • 1st Demerlay Strawberry Ice
  • 2nd Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony
  • 3rd Glaholm’s Gazenorth Secret Identity
  • Res Third’s Gorewater Jura Joy at Bruntsfield
  • VHC Severn’s Nattah Venus’s One Dream

Post Graduate Bitch (21:5)

  • 1st Whitehead’s Citycroft Starfall JW
  • 2nd Owen and Brodie’sWolfcastle Hot Gossip Avec Ebonique
  • 3rd Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony
  • Res Lawley’s Crosscop It’s Magic for Lawleymoon
  • VHC Taylor’s Selinko Sugar Love at Musblaiks

Mid Limit Bitch (12:3)

  • 1st Ellis’ Railfield Rain Nymph JW
  • 2nd Doherty’s Crème Anglaises La Colle Noire
  • 3rd Julian’s Blondessa Be Happy
  • Res Halbert’s Marimay Can Can
  • VHC Lain’s Lolani Tennessee Honey

Limit Bitch

  • 1st Marston-Pollock’s Falconcrag Cover Girl
  • 2nd Smeath’s Willingwisp Moment of Love
  • 3rd Perkins’ Silkridge Whispering Grass
  • Res Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak
  • VHC Hoare’s Tormor Many Clouds

Open Bitch

  • 1st Yarcoby-Wrights Cobyco Candy Creme
  • 2nd Green & Place’s Ch. Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle JW
  • 3rd Owen and Brodie’s Skomerdream Field of Gold to Wolfcastle
  • Res Howgate and Hull’s Ch. Palmik En Vogue JW ShCM
  • VHC Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker

Open Racing/Lure-Coursing Bitch (7:2)

  • 1st Crème Anglaise’s La Colle Noire
  • 2nd Webber’s Zoraden Darkest Wings
  • 3rd Gorewater Jura Joy at Bruntsfield
  • Res Jones’ Kenaiteen Blizzard at Silvergarth
  • VHC Nattah Venus’s One Dream

BEST BITCH CC – Cobyco Candy Crème

RESERVE BEST BITCH CC – Citycroft Star Fall JW

BEST PUPPY BITCH – Demerlay Strawberry Ice

BEST VETERAN BITCH – Huntinghill Jazzmatazz

BEST IN SHOW – Cobyco Candy Creme

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Promised You a Miracle Da Roseira Brava at Demerlay

BEST OPPOSITE SEX – Promised You a Miracle Da Roseira Brava at Demerlay

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Shalfleet Heatwave

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW CH. – Benzfreya Major Drummer

Special Awards Classes

Special Award Yearling Dog or Bitch

  • 1st Snelgrove’s Kayasal Starlight Rascal at Huntinghill
  • 2nd Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW
  • 3rd Aarminias Princess of China at Bowdonia
  • Res Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif
  • VHC Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch

  • 1st Crosscop Let it Shine for Supeta
  • 2nd Ch. Falconcrag Another Class
  • 3rd Newton’s By Design of Nevedith
  • Res Ardencote Aiming High
  • VHC Glantam Genesis at Arjuna

Junior Handling – 6-11

  • 1st Erin Hillyer
  • 2nd Emma Fisher
  • 3rd Lucy Samber

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