The Whippet Club Championship Show, 2 April 2022 – Special Award Classes Critique

What a shame for original judge Ruth Perrett that the dreaded covid struck but I hope she takes pleasure in the lovely entry that was bestowed upon her and makes a speedy recovery.

Overall, as I have come to expect, the quality in whippets is so very strong at the moment, the only thing I saw that worried me was a few of the younger ones toeing in, this is not something I have seen as a major problem before so I hope it does not continue.

Special Yearling D/B (17,4)

  1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King Arthur18m old boy I have judged before and although nice before, he has blossomed. Handsome head with correct ears. Lovely lay of shoulder with a good infill and deep chest, correct bladed bone & good spring in the pastern. Topline strong and held well as he glided around the ring with such grace and ease, using his low hocks to full advantage to give him a great driving force.
  2. Wood’s Crosscop she’s a lady at Ardencote, fawn bitch nearly 2 years old and just as 1st was masculine, she is the epitome of femininity. Good for size with a graceful outline and curvy underline. Nice head on elegant neck that flows into her good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Her bone is good and feet well knuckled. Correct spring of rib and chest deep. Good rear angulation and well muscled 2nd thigh, moved well in all directions.
  3. Service & Poole’s Crosscop Proud Mary

Special Open D/B (15,6)

  1. Yeates & Winter’s Lolani Cafe Amore, another one I have judged before and given top honours to and now a year on he still does not disappoint. I love everything about this 2 year fawn dog, he is so good for size but still retains a totally masculine frame, great infill to his deep chest and strong well muscled back and once you put your hands on him, they just flow over his unexaggerated curves, to his well muscled thighs. His movement is just so very true. I understand he has quite a few RCCs now and think the big one must come soon.
  2. Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell’s Crosscop Just What I Need. 3 yr old Fawn bitch with feminine head and good ear set. Nice length of neck which flowed into her topline, well laid back shoulders and return, good bladed bone and feet. Curvy underline and good turn of stifle with low hocks. Handled to perfection and moved around the ring with drive.
  3. Ellis’ Oakbark Marksman for Railfield

Judge: Jo Strong

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