4th WCRA Championships and Veteran Sprint – October 2018

4th WCRA CHAMPIONSHIPS plus SUPERSTARS VETERAN SPRINT – 220 yards bend; veterans 110 yards straight at RYEMEADOWS on 7th OCTOBER 2018

For those who stayed over on Saturday night, we were spoilt by the Hunters with a superb home-made venison casserole and jacket potatoes whilst sat round a huge fire pit constructed by Dave Hunter out of a tractor wheel which sent out warmth and flames late into the night!  Sunday morning started chilly with a ground frost but warmed to a lovely Indian-summer day on well covered perfect ground; the grand company and a smooth meeting brought the 2018 season to a close.

Well done to Ian German and his hardworking crew, and to Dave Hunter whose bend ran superbly once more – we had a great time.

WCRA 4th Championship 2018 - Race 1

On to the racing. The first finals to be run were for the Veteran Sprint. We had solo runs for VC Ameesha Red Rascal and VC *The Were-Rabbit in the 20lb and 26lb groups. WCRCh Satin Sunshine was an easy winner of the 23lb final, she’s been in splendid form of late while behind her a very close race for second was won by Ginny and Mike Eaton’s Small Change. The 32lb final was a close one with two WCRCh & VC’s (Markamy’s Black Bentley, Scallywag) in a driving finish and the Burseys’ top veteran held on from Pat Gant’s champion.

WCRA 4th Championship 2018 - Race 4

The bend finals commenced with the 18lb group – WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs will be a veteran next time but the way she ran, if the Villises decide to run her on the bends next year, she’d still be more than competitive! She won her thirteenth Championship with four lengths to spare while Garry Comber’s WCRCh Jett Black prevailed in a close battle for second. The 20lb weight class saw WCRCh Ryamber Something Different win her “other half” at the first time of asking, beating Gary and Emma Hogan’s Minnie by a head in a tight final to gain her racing champion status.

WCRA 4th Championship 2018 - Race 3

WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen was another impressive winner in the 22lb group and going by the time was probably the best whippet on show today – she’d have been tough to catch in a supreme. John and Sheila Strain’s Quick As A Flash ran superbly for second.

Dave and Lynn had a nice win double. First *Ray Of Sunshine beat Angie Parker’s WCRCh Sapphire’s Tanzanite Queen by a length in the 24lb final; then in the next race litter-sister WCRCh Zola Go-Quick skated home by half a dozen lengths from Christine and Mark’s VC *Ryamber Fairy Nuff, who along with the Gilfeathers’ *Max Attraction (30lbs group) represented the veterans with honour.

WCRA 4th Championship 2018 - Race 4

The 28lb final was a popular win for Dave Favell’s youngster *Lovely Jubbly, who’s taken a while to get going but today hit form with a bang, beating the Burseys’ fine bend dog WCRCh Markamy’s Son & Air. Well done.

Before the 30lb finalists went into traps we had a bit of alternative entertainment – for about thirty seconds you could have sworn it was the OK Corral. The “gunfire” turned out to be a 1920s vintage sports car backfiring very nicely as it trundled along the A438!

After all that, it was back down to business and WCRCh Back To Light, who had been beaten by the Brearleys’ Feilly’s Gold in a very close heat, turned the tables to win the 30lb group final.

Trish and Graham then also got the double up in great style in the final race of the day, the 32-pounders. *Gimme Attraction had been brilliant in his heat, winning the Fastest Time Rosette (13.98) and his second run was just as impressive. He ran a lovely bend to comfortably beat WCRCh The Cooler King, winning trap to line to gain his half coat.

WCRA 4th Championship 2018 - Race 6

Report by Mark Etheridge 

Thanks go to Jo Lock for her wonderful photos of the dogs in action. Winners photos are by Ian German, all thumbnails can be tapped or clicked on to enlarge.

Full Championships Main 220yd Bend Results

NE 18lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 18lb

WCRCh AMEESHA LITTLE EBS (Ameesha Pure Spirit) – Busby Babe x Stokecourcy Hazel at Ameesha. Owner: E. Villis (time 14.89)

2nd WCRCh Jett Black
3rd Ameesha Just a Breeze

Heat Wins: WCRCh Jett Black, WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs

NE 20lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 20lb

WCRCh RYAMBER SOMETHING DIFFERENT (Ryamber In The Long Run) – Goodad Special Duty x Running In The Family at Ryamber. Owner: C Howard (time 14.62)

2nd Minnie
3rd Winterfell Must Be Crazy
4th WCRCh Sapphire’s Crystal Bell

Heat Wins: Winterfell Merry Mayhem, Winterfell Must Be Crazy, *Ryamber Something Different. 
Semi Finals: WCRCh Sapphire’s Crystal Bell, Minnie

NE 22lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 22lb

WCRCh SAPPHIRE’S RUBY QUEEN (Sunlay Rock On Ruby) – Busby Babe x Sunlay Queen’s Topaz. Owner: A. Parker (time 14.29)

2nd Quick As A Flash
3rd Ameesha Top Tease
4th Mojo Risin’.

Heat Wins: WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen, Ameesha Top Tease, Quick As A Flash.
Semi Finals: WCRCh Sapphire’s Ruby Queen, Ameesha Top Tease

NE 24lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 24lb

*RAY OF SUNSHINE (Ryemeadows Ziggy) – Wagtail Flash In The Pan x Matchington Zula Of Ryemeadows. Owner: D & L Hunter (time 14.63)

2nd WCRCh Sapphire’s Tanzanite Queen
3rd WCRCh Cosmic Chaser
4th *Ryamber Spring Fever.

Heat Wins: *Ryamber Spring Fever, WCRCh Cosmic Chaser, Ray Of Sunshine
Semi Finals *Ryamber Spring Fever, WCRCh Cosmic Chaser

NE 26lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 26lb

WCRCh ZOLA GO-QUICK (Ryemeadows Zola) – Wagtail Flash In The Pan x Matchington Zula Of Ryemeadows. Owner : D & L Hunter (time 14.39)

2nd VC * Ryamber Fairy Nuff
3rd Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee
4th Our Boy Ace.

Heat Wins Our Boy Ace, WCRCh Zola Go-Quick

NE 28lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 28lb

*LOVELY JUBBLY (Kensteen Highest Regards) – Chalkners Gone For A Run x Carlstream Popstar). Owner: D Favell (time 14.63)

2nd WCRCh Markamy’s Son & Air
3rd *Ryamber Likely Lad.

Heat Wins: WCRCh Markamy’s Son & Air, Lovely Jubbly

NE 30lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 30lb

WCRCh BACK TO LIGHT (Medlarway Forest Ranger) – Enchanted Forest of Medlarway x Wheatroyd Lily at Medlarway. Owner : G & P Gilfeather (time 14.26)

2nd Feilly’s Gold
3rd WCRCh Gunna Be A Devil
4th *Max Attraction.

Heat Wins: Feilly’s Gold, WCRCh Gunna Be A Devil

NE 32lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - NE 32lb

*GIMME ATTRACTION (Freasley’s Archer) – Drawn  To Me x Lucky Me. Owner : G & P Gilfeather (time 14.02)

2nd WCRCh The Cooler King
3rd Laguna Lawns Le Lundi.

Heat Wins: Gimme Attraction, WCRCh The Cooler King

Veteran Sprint

14 – 20lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - VETERAN SPRINT 14-20lb

VC AMEESHA RED RASCAL (Winter Shamrock At Ameesha) – Busby Babe x Shandril Perfect Storm. Owner: E Villis.

Heat Win: VC Ameesha Red Rascal

14-20lb Final Video

21-23lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - VETERAN SPRINT 21-23lb

WCRCh SATIN SUNSHINE (Red Spirit) – Chalkners Fawn Again x Strong Resolve. Owner: C Brown

2nd Small Change
3rd Hot Right Now
4th VC Raffles.

Heat Wins WCRCh Satin Sunshine, Small Change

24 – 26lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - VETERAN SPRINT 24-26lb

VC *THE WERE-RABBIT (Sandspring Special Envoy) – Karyon Ring Of Fire x Sunset Promise. Owner: S Hoddinott.

Heat Win: The Were-Rabbit.

27 – 32lbWCRA 4th Championship 2018 - VETERAN SPRINT 27-32lb

WCRCh VC MARKAMY’S BLACK BENTLEY (Goodad Special Duty) – Bethnal Green Boy x Goodad Suits Me. Owner: D & S Bursey

2nd WCRCh VC Scallywag
3rd WCRCh(s) Star Attraction

Heat Wins: WCRCh VC Scallywag, WCRCh VC Markamy’s Black Bentley.

If you would like to download and print the write up and results, please use the links below: 

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