Whippet Club Open Show September 2018 – Bitch Critique

Very many thanks to the Officers and Committee of THE Whippet Club for their invitation to judges bitches at their Open show, it was quite an honour. The show ran like clockwork and the atmosphere was delightful; an example of just how it should be! Thanks to my stewards, Amy, Rachel and Lucy for keeping things running smoothly.

I found the entry overall to be of good quality, the Open bitch class in particular was a joy to judge, albeit very difficult. I was looking for an elegant, racey bitch with a series of graceful curves and those who kept that curvy outline while striding out in profile, in particular.

Whippet Club Open Show

Veteran (2)

  1. Osbornes’s Loroli Let’s Do It with Derohan. 8 year old silver brindle. Feminine bitch with good proportions. Built on graceful lines which won her the class. Well ambulated hindquarters, not overdone. A little close behind on the move but moved well and held her shape in profile.
  2. Webber’s Derohan Attraction. 7 year old black brindle. More shapely but falling away on the topline slightly. A heavier bitch but still carrying herself well. Lovely underline. Moved very true on the up and down.

Veteran 10+ (1)

  1. Wignall’s Starswift Sunset. 10 year old. Full of type! Feminine, balanced and curvy. Lovely proportioned head and beautiful eye with dark pigment. Long neck into a good front. In good condition and moving well, for her age, keeping her topline on the move. BVB & BVIS.

Minor Puppy (7)

  1. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel. 6 months fawn with lots of white trim. Sweet little puppy with lots of scope and length which I preferred to 2. Beautiful head of correct strength and proportions. Neat ears. Lovely eye and dark pigment. Good neck, shoulders well laid back but could be smoother. Top and underline coming on just nicely for age. Well balanced front and rear angulation. Moved really well but just needs to tighten up on the up and down, this will come with age I’m sure. A quality pup!
  2. Ellis’ Blue Raindrops over Railfield. Blue, 7 months old. More compact and less scope than 1. Very shapely and held her outline on the move. Well laid shoulder with return of upper arm, balanced hind angulation with well let down hocks. Well developed body for age. Moved well.

4th  in this class, litter sister to the winner, was my easy winner on first glance and on the first go around but was far from settled on her individual and this spoiled it for her.

Puppy (3,2)

  1. Davies’ Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif. At 11 months, this black/white trim obviously has some maturing to do, but she is so on the right track and totally held her own on the day! She has so much scope and promise. She was full of quality from her head to her tail. Her outline is curvy and smooth. I do wish she would stand over her front more but I’m sure with age and more schooling, this will come. On the move, she was so true on the up and down and in profile, she covered the ground with ease, holding her topline beautifully, all on a loose lead which pleased me no end. My Best Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch. I did feel for her in the BIS finals where she had clearly had enough but I still felt proud to see her move as true and sound, with a lovely outline, as ever. BB & BOS. BPB & RBPIS.


Junior (7)

  1. Osborne’s Florancy Above And Beyond Derohan. Silver black brindle, 12 months. Very feminine and racey bitch. Beautiful clean head and dark well-shaped eye. So smooth to go over with everything developing just nicely. Good infill of chest, depth of brisket and spring of rib. Strong loin. Correct bladed bone and good feet. Moved really well in profile with a good outline and was neater on the up and down, which put her 1st.
  2. Ellis’ Railfield Rain Nymph. Very shapely bitch and very close decision. Full of type and quality. Good head with a soft expression. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders with a good return upper arm. Beautiful top and underline. She held her outline beautifully in profile, where she moved very well, but not as neat on the up and down as the winner.

Maiden (7,2)

  1. Moore’s Zoraden Secret Sins at Sunwalkers. Sweet girl with a head of good proportions. Lovely neck. Needs to shape up and tighten in front. Nice size and good bone. Lovely temperament and I’m sure will make a great showgirl.

Spec Beg (3,1)

  1. Baulch’s Erinnis Mignonette. Beautiful classic bitch. Fawn and white trim. Very shapely and smooth. Good front and balanced hindquarters. Straight on the up and down and moved well with topline in profile. Good bone. Much more mature and settled which won her the day.
  2. Wignall’s Crosscop The Wonder Of You at Starswift. Fawn and white trim. Very immature and not yet filled into her frame. Of good type and quality. Just needs to fill out and settle up and down.

Novice (3)

  1. Carlton’s Chiendetom Overture. Bitch of much type and femininity. Won 2nd over 3rd on her fluidity in profile. Very shapely. Bright eye, good head. Lovely top and underline. Moved really well in profile, much preferred her in this class than her previous.

Undergraduate (6,1)

  1. Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak. Fawn and white. Beautiful shapely bitch who is a showgirl, showing herself off to advantage with help from her very clever handler. Full of quality. Good head and I loved her expression. Lovely neck flowing into a shapely topline, matched with an elegant underline. Balanced in angulation. Well let down hocks. I’d like to see a higher head carriage in profile to present the lovely outline she does when standing. Moved true and sound in all directions.
  2. Hills’ Shimmeree Black Liberty. Beautiful Whippet bitch all the same. Lost out on topline but a good underline nonetheless. Lovely smooth front and good bone. Sweet head and expression with neat ears. Moved very well in profile.

Post Graduate (7,1)

  1. Whitehead, Smith & Mixidies’ Klaruchart Ailama with Citycroft. Cream fawn bitch with delightful, complimenting dark pigment. A little strong and heavier than what I was looking for. Well laid back shoulders, good return of upper arm and balanced hindquarters. In super condition! Very sound in all directions and keeps her topline in profile.
  2. Richards-Healion’s Clynecourt Colour a Me Cool. More elegant and racey than 1 which I preferred. A little too fat and not settled which is where she lost out. I liked her proportions and balance. Moved really well in profile.

Limit (5)

  1. Hoare’s Tomor Manyclouds. Fawn/white trim. Very feminine bitch. Good length of head with a classic expression. Lovely neck into smooth, well laid shoulders. Bladed bone, well sprung pasterns and neat feet. Definite tuck up.  Balanced hindquarters. Lovely profile mover.
  2. Hills’ Shimmeree Balck Satin JW. Black bitch. Ultra feminine bitch with a shapely outline. Elegant neck into good shoulders, could have a little more return of upper arm. Good spring to pastern and neat feet. Very shapely top and underline. Moved well in all directions.

Open (7,1)

  1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve JW. Cream fawn bitch. Heavier through than I would preferably like. Beautiful head and gorgeous expression. Lovely balance and well proportioned throughout. On table inspection, she is lovely to go over with nothing out of place. Absolutely super profile mover holding her topline well. RBB.
  2. Whitehead, Smith & Mixidies’ Winter Is Coming to Citycroft.  Black with white trim. Lovely racey bitch who was more my type. Totally feminine with such a graceful outline. Well proportioned and totally balanced in angulation. I wish she would have settled on the move, as it spoiled her movement on the up and down and outline in profile, which lost her the class; a very close decision.

Open Height (8)

  1. Doherty’s Creme Anglaise’s La Colle Noir. Lovely racey and eye catching bitch. Good shape covering plenty of ground when standing. Such a sweet head and expression. Moved very well up and down and in profile. A lovely bitch who stood a commendable 4th in the Open class.
  2. Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker. Unplaced in the Open class which was no disgrace, I must say! Fawn with white trim. Another lovely bitch who is so typey and fully of quality. She is super sound in all directions on the move! I would just prefer a smoother neck in to shoulder and more shapely topline. Very well handled.

Racing/Lure Coursing 5

  1. Bailey’s Collooney Candy Crush. Red bitch, white tips. Lovely racey bitch who is so fit and sound. Good head with a soft expression and neat ears. Faultless on the move, just could do with more curves, standing and moving.
  2. Webber’s Diamond Web. Red black brindle and white bitch. A little heavier and more compact. Lovely head and expression. Could be shapely in topline but had a good tuck up. Moved very soundly.

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