Main Results : 170 yards straight

N/E 16 lb  
1stWCRCh Sapphire's PeridotSunlay Sapphire's Are Me
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Sunlay Sapphire's Gem
A. Parker
Ht: Sapphire's peridot
Time: 10:78
N/E 18 lb  
1stWCRCh Great FunChalkners Great Fun
Chalkners Sensational x Chalkners Fun Lovin’
L. Turner
2ndWCRCh Jett Black
Hts: *Great Fun, WCRCh Jett Black
Time: 10:73
N/E 20 lb  
1stWCRCh Sapphire's Queen's PearlSunlay Rock On Ruby
Busby Babe x Sunlay Queen’s Topaz
A. Parker
2nd*Satin Secret
3rdDizzy Rascal
4thCairdean Pipsqueak
Hts: Sapphire's Queen's Pearl, Dizzy rascalSemis: *Satin Secret, Sapphire's Queen's Pearl/Dizzy Rascal dead-heat
Time: 10:41
N/E 22lb  
1stWCRCh Polly FlindersWhat A Beauty
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Our Little Dink
G. Cairns
2ndWCRCh Sapphire's Ruby Queen
3rdRyamber Something Different
4thMojo Risin'
Hts: WCRCh Polly Flinders, Ryamber Something Different, WCRCh Sapphire's Ruby QueenSemis: WCRCh Sapphire's Ruby Queen, WCRCh Polly Flinders
Time: 10:68
N/E 24lb  
1stWCRCh Ryamber Something ExtraRyamber Keep On Running
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Running In The Family At Ryamber
C. Howard
2ndZola Go-Quick
3rdWCRCh The Poet
4th*BLue Dynamite Girl
Hts: Zola Go-Quick, WCRCh Ryamber Something Extra, *Blue Dynamite GirlSemis: *Blue Dynamite Girl, Zola Go-Quick
Time: 10:68
N/E 26lb  
1stWCRCh Fenland WhisperSpinning Star
Drawn To Me x Carlstream Popstar
P. Billingham
2nd*Nubs Shifter
3rdBlue He's Mia's Boy
Hts: Trueloveways, *Nubs Shifter, WCRChFenland WhisperSemis: WCRCh Fenland Whisper, Blue He’s Mia’s Boy
Time: 10:17
N/E 28lb  
1stWCRCh ScallywagInspired Twister of Carlstream
Drawn To Me x Carlstream Popstar
P. Gant
3rdWinterfell Crazy Laydee
4thLaw & Order
Hts: *Hearcat, Winterfell Crazy Laydee, Ryamber Likely LadSemis: WCRCh Scallywag, Law & Order
Time: 10:36
N/E 30lb  
1st*Kai KaiGoodad Across the Bay
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star Addition
J. Goode
2ndI'ze One More Rags
Hts: I’ze One More Rags, Kai Kai
Time: 10:37
N/E 32lb  
1stWCRCh Nip 'n' TuckGoodad Arch Event
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star Addition
G. Ray
2ndWCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred
3rdLaguna Lawns Le Lundi
Hts: WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred, WCRCh Nip 'n' Tuck
Time: 10:27

Veteran Crown Results : 150 yards straight

6-7yrs 14-20lb  
1stWCRCh VC Fun Lovin'Chalkners Fun Lovin’
Burst Into Flame x Chalkners Fun To Run
L. Turner
2ndCairdean Yoshimi
3rdWinterfell Hellfire
4thVC Enfys
Hts: Winterfell Hellfire, Cairdean Yoshimi
6-7yrs 21-25lb  
1stVC RafflesSandspring Sir Wishingstar
Karyon Ring of Fire x Sunset Promise
I. German
2nd*Zula Go-Quick
3rdStripey Nancy
4thVC *Popstar
Hts: *Zula Go-Quick, Raffles
6-7yrs 26-32lb  
1stWCRCh VC Flash in the PanWagtail Flash in the Pan
Busby Babe x Wagtail Remember Me
S. Birch & C. Gould
2ndVC Blue Sea of Ibrox
3rdWCRCh Markamy’s Black Bentley
4thWinterfell Arfa Must Dash
Hts: WCRCh Flash in the Pan, WCRCh Markamy’s Black Bentley
8yrs & over 14-20lb  
1stVC Pretty ColorWirrawon Silver Fern
Nicadale Satin Spirit x China Lady
G. Cairns
2nd*Tinkers Cloudy Moon
3rdJumping Jack Flash
4thVC Tinkers Gypsy Joe (withdrawn)
Hts: *Tinkers Cloudy Moon, VC Pretty Color
8yrs & over 21-25lb  
1stWCRCh VC Sapphire's Queen's TopazSunlay Queen's Topaz
Run At Mill x Sunlay Star Of Sapphires
A. Parker
3rdLaguna Lovely Lara
Hts: Ellobiko, WCRCh VC Sapphire's Queen’s Topaz
8yrs & over 26-32lb  
1stWCRCh VC Sapphire's GemSunlay Sapphire’s Gem
Run At Mill x Sunlay Star Of Sapphires
A. Parker
2ndWinterfell Lay Dee Grey
3rdVC Guye’s Gone Fishing
Hts: WCRCh VC Sapphire’s Gem, VC Guye’s Gone Fishing

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