165 yards Straight and Veteran Crowns 150 yards straight


WCRA Championships 3 2021

All photos courtesy of Mr Michael Treacher


WCRCh AMEESHA SUMMER ROCKET (Ameesha Indian Summer – Billy On Show x Ameesha Pure Spirit). Owner: Liz Villis (time 10.11)

2nd It’s a Joey
3rd Winterfell Must Be Love
4th All About Me

Heat wins: Winterfell Must Be Love, All About Me, WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket.
Semi Finals: WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket, It’s A Joey.

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 20lbs20lb

*SWEET SECRET (Chalkners Sweet Destiny – Chalkners Secrets and Lies x Secret Smile at Chalkners). Owner: Allan Parkhurst (time 9.86)

2nd WCRCh My Girl Enfys
3rd Satin Sparkler
4th Pearl Keep The Faith.

Heat wins: Sweet Secret, WCRCh My Girl Enfys, Satin Sparkler.
Semi Finals: Satin Sparkler, WCRCh My Girl Enfys.

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 22lbs22lb

*ZIKOMO GO-QUICK (Ryemeadows Zikomo – Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Ryemeadows Autumnal). Owners: Dave & Lynn Hunter (time 10.10)

2nd *Tiana
3rd Satin Summa
4th Ms Money Penny
5th Fun and Secrets

Heat wins: Ryamber Stan The Man, Ms Money Penny, *Tiana, Odd One Out.
Semi Finals: *Tiana, Ms Money Penny.

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 24lbs24lb

*”O”CEAN EVERGLO (Dreadlocked Raster – Freasley’s Archer x Truly Madly Deeply). Owners: Jan & Toddy Todman (time 8.94)

2nd WCRCh Call Me Enchanting
3rd Brontë
4th Winterfell Let Me Loose

Heat wins: “O”cean Everglo, WCRCh Call Me Enchanting, Brontë.
Semi Finals:  “O”cean Everglo, WCRCh Call Me Enchanting.

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 26lbs26lb

WCRCh DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (Dance With The Devil – Devil Hall Of Fame x Black Pennel). Owner: Viv Thurman (time 9.61)

2nd Dazzle Dee
3rd Zama Go-Quick
4th Now U Sia

Heat wins: Now U Sia, *Dance With The Devil, *Speed Limit, Zama Go-Quick.
Semi Finals:  Dazzle Dee, *Dance With The Devil.

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 28lbs28lb

WCRCh ONE FOR ARTHUR (Goodad One For Arthur – Chalkners Go Getter x Bravepad Good Hope of Goodad). Owner: Ruth Mabb (time 9.51)

2nd “O” Fly On
3rd Sea The Skies
4th WCRCh Lovely Jubbly (DNF)

Heat wins: “O” Fly On, WCRCh One For Arthur, Sea The Skies
Semi Finals: Sea The Skies, WCRCh Lovely Jubbly

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 30lbs30lb

WCRCh BELIEVE IN ME (Stone Of Destiny – Star of Mountdillon x Goodad Chosen One). Owners: Alistair & Lynne Holmes (time 9.56).

2nd WCRCh Gimme Attraction
3rd *Stormin’ Norman

Heat wins:  *Stormin’ Norman, WCRCh Gimme Attraction, Markamy’s Reddie Eddie.
Semi Finals: *Believe In Me, WCRCh Gimme Attraction.

WCRA Champions 3 Not Exceeding 32lbs32lb

WCRCh MOON GAZER GOLD (Moon Gazer Gold – Sri Tau Surprise x Goodad Bespoke Lady). Owner: Ian Brown (time 9.32).

2nd WCRCh Figaro
3rd First In Last Out
4th Rising Sun

Heat wins: *Moon Gazer Gold, Rising Sun, WCRCh Figaro.
Semi finals: *Moon Gazer Gold, First In Last Out.


WCRA Championships 3 Veterans

6/7 years

WCRA Champions 3 Vet 6-7 14-20lbs14-20lb

VC WINTERFELL MERRY MAYHEM (Winterfellin Merry Mayhem – Winterfellin Tinker’s Lad x Winterfellin Phoenix). Owner: Sarah Layfield.

2nd Ameesha Just A Breeze
3rd Cairdean Pipsqueak

Heat wins: VC Winterfell Merry Mayhem, Ameesha Just A Breeze.

WCRA Champions 3 Vet 6-7 21-25lbs21-25lb

WCRCh VC RYAMBER SPRING FEVER (Ryamber A Moment In Time – One Of Us x Ryamber My Blue Heaven). Owner: Christine Howard (time 9.31).

2nd WCRCh Ryamber Something Different
3rd Mojo Risin’
4th Trueloveways.

Heat wins: WCRCh Ryamber Something Different, WCRCh Ryamber Spring Fever, Trueloveways.
Semi Finals: Trueloveways, WCRCh VC Ryamber Spring Fever.

WCRA Champions 3 Vet 6-7 26-32lbs26-32lb

VC *CALL ME AMAZING (Black Pearl of Hope – Run At Mill x Eddie’s Belle Of The Ball). Owners: Dave & Carole Cuttler.

2nd WCRCh Zola Go-Quick
3rd The Quiet Man
4th WCRCh Markamy’s Son And Air

Heat wins: *Call Me Amazing, WCRCh Zola Go-Quick.

8/9 years

WCRA Champions 3 Vet 8-9 14-20lbs14-20lb

WCRCh VC AMEESHA LITTLE EBS (Ameesha Pure Spirit – Busby Babe x Stokecourcy Hazel At Ameesha). Owner: Liz Villis.

2nd WCRCh Jett Black

Heat wins: WCRCh VC Ameesha Little Ebs, WCRCh Jett Black.

WCRA Champions 3 Vet 8-9 21-25lbs21-25lb

VC CALL ME LUCKY (Lucky Me – Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Our Little Dink). Owners: Dave & Carole Cuttler.

2nd WCRCh The Poet
3rd Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee
4th Gambler Jack

Heat wins: VC Call Me Lucky, Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee.

WCRA Champions 3 Vet 8-9 26-32lbs26-32lb

WCRCh VC MARKAMY’S RED FRED (Goodad Another Citizen – Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star Addition). Owners: Dave & Sandra Bursey.

2nd  *Max Attraction

Heat wins *Max Attraction, WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred.

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