Joint Whippet Clubs Championship Show 31 July 2021 – Results

Dog Judge  – Liz Cartledge

Special Veteran (7-9 years) Dog (5)

1st Chappell’s Blueflight Tiger Mist
2ndWood’s Ardencote Star Gazer
3rdNeale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo
ResPerkins’ Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn ShCM
VHCNunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset

Special Veteran (10+ Years) Dog (1)

1stMycroft’s Ch Supeta’s Razzilicious JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog (5:1 abs)

1stWhitehead, Smith & Mixides’ Citycroft Drumshanbo
2ndBlackburn’s Silkridge Ceylon
3rdSevern’s Nattah Nature’s Dream
ResMarston-Pollock & Williams’ Falconcrag Taskmaster

Puppy Dog (6)

1stHowgate & Hull’s Palmik King Arthur
2ndWinkley-Balmer & Poole’s Edenwhip I Can Be Him
3rdDargue’s Brochinbelle Wee Dancer with Japwhipp
ResBrodie & Owen’s Crosscop The Show Must Go On
VHCArkell’s Swistir Bailey’s Cream

Junior Dog (4)

1stShepherd’s Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana
2ndWayman’s Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair
3rdChappell’s Blueflight Man of Mystery
ResSeviour’s Evaluna Leave Your Hat On

Yearling Dog (8:1)

1stJohnston & Wilson’s Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke
2ndMartin’s Bowdonia Go The Distance for Stalwart
3rdBrodie & Owen’s Wolfcastle Livin The Dream
ResDimmock’s Selinko Festive Prancer
VHCCroxford, Coad & van der Schaaf-Akerboom’s Crème Anglaise’s Crown Royal (Imp Nld)

Maiden Dog (3)

1stPalmik King Arthur
2ndWoodcroft & Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco City Limits
3rdGower’s Courtbirch Star Opal

Novice Dog (5)

1stBowdonia Go The Distance for Stalwart
2ndKidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana
3rdBrew’s Nevedith De Montfort
ResLindley’s Jazellie Lover Boy
VHCMcKay’s Crosscop Born to Move for Jubrancy

Graduate Dog (9:2)

1stPerkins’ Southgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn
2ndRanveli Beach Boy at Scarletfai
3rdPrice’s Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance JW
ResTurnbull’s Ticks the Boxes at Turnstone
VHCBlanks’ Maidenbower Montrose with Westmount

Post graduate Dog (8:2)

1stBass & Hall’s Shalfleet New Moon Rising at Silverfrith
2ndVarnam & Parker’s Supeta’s Mojito
3rdByron’s Jasarat Gucci
ResRishworth’s Collooney the Big Tease
VHCChappell’s Blueflight Whoop De Doo

Mid Limit Dog (6:2)

1stWilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Toy Story
2ndFryer’s Collooney Eye Love to Tease at Stonefox
3rdGower’s Courtbirch Storm Warning
ResNunneley’s Kelsmonk Kind of Magic

Limit Dog (12:2)

1stPerkins’ Silkridge Just Joey
2ndWheeler’s Ranveli Sunshine Man
3rdSouthgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn
ResBrodie & Owen’s Wolfcastle Rumpy Pumpy
VHCWhat A Rogue

Open Dog (11)

1stPerkins’ Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge JW
2ndWheeler’s Ch Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres avec Ranveli JW (Imp Fra)
3rdPlace & Hallilday’s Aarminias Luv the Way You Lie JW
ResWilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Heatwave
VHC Neale’s Ch Runaround Starman at Stormalong JW

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Dog (1)

1stSeviour’s Evaluna Black Orchid

Dog CC: Silkridge Just Joey

Res Dog CC: Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge JW

Best Puppy Dog: Palmik King Arthur

Best Veteran Dog: Ch Supeta’s Razzilicious JW ShCM

Bitch Judge – Patsy Gilmour

Special Veteran (7-9 years) Bitch (8:2)

1stWhitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM
2ndTurnbull’s Turnstone Mamma Mia
3rdMycroft’s Ger Ch Shiny Sensations Spirit of Love for Supeta (imp Nld) ShCM
ResBass’ Blandinngs Treacle Tart
VHCHills’ Shimmeree Chantilly Lace

Special Veteran (10+ Years) Bitch (4:1)

1stJohnston’s Danluke Dicky Bird
2ndMason’s Aphrael Casting Pearl
3rdChappell’s Blueflight Rainbow’s Quest

Minor Puppy Bitch (14:5)

1stPerkins’ Citycroft Americano with Silkridge
2ndPerkins’ Silkridge Jasmine
3rdWhitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Dun and Dusted
ResLawley’s Lawleymoon Say No More
VHCJones’ Mac Bells Purple Patch over Chelynnah (Imp Swe)

Puppy Bitch (11:3)

1stMycroft’s Supeta’s Little Darlin
2ndMorris, Waddell,& Mycroft’s Crosscop Candle In the Wind to Supeta
3rdHowgate & Hull’s Palmik Lady Guinevere
ResThomas’ Brochinbelle Ooh La La at Bowdonia
VHCGreen & Halliday’s Brochinbelle Wee Floosie

Junior Bitch (4:2)

1stWood’s Crosscop She’s A Lady at Ardencote
2ndYacoby-Wright’s Cobyco City Lights

Yearling Bitch (9)

1stGlaholm’s Gazenorth Tean
2ndTurner’s Gilnockie Indigo Blue
3rdPlace & Halliday’s Aarminias She’s a Belter
ResThomas’ Bowdonia Colors of the Wind
VHCSilkridge Yoko Ohno

Maiden Bitch (6:2)

1stPalmik Lady Guinevere
2ndHills’ Shimmeree Cool Calico
3rdJohnson’s Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily
ResHandley’s Alysando’s Sweet Audrina

Novice Bitch (5:1)

1stBowdonia Colors of the Wind
2ndLindley’s Jazzellie Made with Love
3rdCyangrange Our Tiger Lily
ResChappell’s Nattah Tranquil Skye over Blueflight

Graduate Bitch (10:4)

1stHills’ Shimmeree Black Liberty
2ndBowdonia Colors of the Wind
3rdWoodward’s Brochinbelle Joyride at Hinxwood
ResBlanks’ Westmount Nightingale
VHCHandley’s Lawleymoon First Love

Post Graduate Bitch (14:1)

1stTurner’s Gilnockie Have Faith
2ndMason’s Falconcrag Rock On with Aphrael
3rdWilton Clark’s Shalfleet Bridget Jones
ResRobertson’s Moonlake Medium Blonde
VHCWalker & Winkley-Balmer’s Crosscop Crystal on Ice

Mid Limit Bitch (7:1)

1st Whitehead, Smith & Mixides’ Citycroft Storm in a Teacup
2ndWhitaker-Crosby’s Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair JW
3rdMoncrieff’s Runaround Symphony
ResTurnbull’s Turnstone Red Hot Diva
VHCPerkins’ Afterglow Miss Whiplash of Silkridge

Limit Bitch (20)

McKay & Mycroft’s Envisage this at Supeta
Sykes’ Supeta’s The Special One of Veredon
Smith’s Lorbri Mistletoe Magic
Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Queen of Diamonds JW
Stephens’ Dolce Dive Divine & Delar at Jasteal (Imp Ita)

Open Bitch (14:4)

1stSykes’ Veredon Another Rose
2ndMorris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Ch Crosscop Let It Shine for Supeta JW OSW
3rdDavies’ Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif
ResGreen & Halliday’s Collooney Hells Angel of Brochinbelle JW ShCM
VHC Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Cover Girl

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (2:2)

Bitch CC: Veredon Another Rose

Res Bitch CC: Citycroft Storm in a Teacup

Best Puppy Bitch: Supeta’s Little Darlin’

Best Veteran bitch: Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM

Best in Show: Veredon Another Rose

Reserve Best in Show: Silkridge Just Joey

Best Puppy in Show: Supeta’s Little Darlin’

Best Veteran in Show: Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM