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After a great day’s bend racing at the Ryemeadows Open, we were all looking forward to more of the same this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather had the last word and we had to abandon due to waterlogging.

We have rescheduled the 2nd Championships and Superstars Veteran Sprint to Sunday, 14 July.

Existing entries – these are still valid but please let me know if you can’t make the new date and I can cancel the entry. You are welcome to make any changes (additional dogs, withdrawals, changes of weight class etc) up to Monday evening, 24 June.

New entries will be accepted using the usual entry forms – remember there’s a separate entry form for the Superstars Veteran Sprint – again up to Monday evening, 24 June.


Mark Etheridge

(Phone: 01233 813119 / mbnetheridge[at]btinternet.com)


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