Whippet Club Limited Show January 2020 – Critique

I would like to thank The Whippet Club for inviting me to judge their Limited Show and the exhibitors for such a lovely entry and the sporting way they received my decisions. I was absolutely delighted with my final line-ups.

Whippet Club Limited Show Jan 2020 BiS


Minor Puppy Dog (2)

  1. Ellis Oakbark Marksman For Railfield. Super quality 6-month-old fawn of ideal size with the loveliest head.   Lengthy neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good return of upper arm. His movement and outline are so promising for one so young.  Best Puppy Dog and later just out moved the showy bitch puppy to take BPIS
  2. Rishworth’s Collooney The Big Tease. 6-month-old brindle of a completely different type.  Elegant masculine head, good length of neck into well-placed shoulders. Has the scope and length that really take the eye. Lovely free movement. Another very promising youngster

Puppy Dog (4)

  1. Allen’s Zoraden A Question Answered. Handsome fawn/white trim with long neck and correct shoulder placement. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib, curvy outline Super coat and skin. Steady mover. Well handled.
  2. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet New Moon Rising At Silverfirth. Fawn/brindle parti with such an attractive head and correct eye. Balanced outline so smooth over the shoulders, good bone and feet, effortless mover round the ring. Close up to winner.
  3. Bellamy’s Mithrandir Albatross

Junior Dog (2)

  1. Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine Over Monelli. Smart fawn with white trim, built on flowing lines, attractive head and correct eye. Very pleasing to go over with his long neck into well laid shoulders and return of upper arm, good spring of rib, really impresses on the move, so accurate coming and going and in profile has a free ground covering stride. Res Best Dog
  2. Pirie’s Dejare King Of Dreams At Limasfault. Honest well balanced fawn, masculine head good neck and correct topline moved well but still needs time

Maiden Dog (3)

  1. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet New Moon Rising At Silverfirth
  2. Gower’s Courtbirch Star Opal. Pale fawn/white parti with a very attractive head and eye. Pleasing make and shape, elegant neck and good shoulder placement. Just needs to settle to make the most of himself on the move.
  3. Kaseki’s Changane Ezra

Novice Dog (2)

  1. Bellamy’s Mithrandir Albatross. Typey 10-month-old brindle with a lovely head and correct eye alert expression, A little more relaxed in this class and moved well.
  2. Hillyer’s Alroed Heaven Scent. Brindle with good neck and depth of brisket moved well in profile.

Graduate Dog (5)

  1. Muluk’s Westwood Prince Liam. Classy fawn who is sired by the Best Dog. Masculine head with long neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good bone and correct feet, deep brisket. Stands over plenty of ground, gentle rise over the loin. Free mover who impresses with a long low stide. Super coat and skin.
  2. Perkins Jasarat Jetsetter At Zeglynn Sh CM. Fawn brindle of nice size with a balanced outline nice rear angulation with low hocks that he used to advantage. In lovely condition.
  3. Blanks Maidenbower Montrose With Westmount

Post Graduate Dog (4) 1abs

  1. Perkins Dejare Would you Believe At Zeglynn Sh CM. Fawn with a pleasing head well balanced with a curvy elegant outline. Good overall construction. Good feet and spring of pastern. Moved well.
  2. Courtney’s Courtbirch Playing away At Courtbirch. Masculine fawn with black mask who demands attention. He is very well put together. Has the depth and length. Today his enthusiasm slightly spoilt his movement.
  3. Zevenbergen’s Gold Finch

Limit Dog (3) 1abs

  1. Trouton’s Runnel Run For Fun. Balanced alert fawn who gave such a good account of himself. He has a lovely head and expression. Lovely outline and of ideal size. Free easy mover who looked particularly good moving in profile.
  2. Gower’s Courtbirch Storm Warning. Elegant brindle who was close up to winner, moderate angles front and rear, in fit gleaming condition, fine coat. Shapely outline that he kept on the move.

Open Dog (4) 1abs

  1. Ellis Railfield Lone Rainger. Quality fawn who is so well constructed. Beautiful typey head, elegant neck into good shoulders and return of upper arm, deep brisket, ribs well sprung, good length and gentle curve over the loin, correctly angulated hind quarters. He is well balanced throughout and has a lovely outline. Moved well in all directions. Best Dog. Sire of BPIS
  2. Perkins Dejare Dutch Masterpiece At Zeglynn JW Sh CM. Handsome fawn with a lovely masculine head set on long neck flowing through to his good topline. Plenty of bone and substance. Sound on the move.
  3. Bellamy’s Kandalama

Veteran Dog (2)

  1. Rishworth’s Collooney Taylor Made. Elegant but masculine 7 year old fawn brindle so pleasing in overall balance and proportions, super head and expression, neat ears, well angulated hind quarters which he really used. Moved effortlessly round the ring.  A quality boy who is wearing his years well and made his presence felt in the challenge for Best Dog. BVIS
  2. Osborne’s Derohan Viking Flagship. Brindle with excellent front, deep brisket and underline sound coming and going.

Special Open Lure Coursing Dog (3) 1abs

  1. Osborne’s Derohan Viking Flagship.
  2. Seviour Evaluna Black Orchid. Larger type black with white trim in gleaming condition, free easy mover.


Minor Puppy Bitch (5) 1abs

  1. Boughton-White’s Ipanema Californian Girl. Very pretty 6-month-old fawn with black mask. Lovely make and shape Good clean front, bone and feet. Elegant neck with pleasing length and curvy topline. Moved freely round the ring and was so alert and such an attentive showgirl. Very promising. Best Puppy Bitch.
  2. Boggia’s Falconcrag One For The Team At Boughton. Super quality fawn with a lovely outline. Moved well for one so young. Unlucky to meet winner
  3. Johnson’s Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily

Puppy Bitch (5) 1abs

  1. Allen’s Zoraden She Walks In Beauty. Very promising brindle with white trim who is such an assured stylish showgirl. Pretty head and eye. She is well made and presents a balanced outline. Moved well.
  2. Bayley’s Northwhip She’s A Lady Of Whisterfield. Fawn with feminine head, good front and feet, very accurate coming and going.
  3. Blanks Westmount Nightingale

Junior Bitch (6)

  1. Saxby’s Runaround Amazing Grace With Sandspring. Quality fawn the most beautiful feminine head and melting expression. Well presented and in super condition she moved well from all angels.
  2. Reed’s Dejare Dream On. Well put together fawn who was close up to winner, nice neck good depth and spring of rib, has the length well angulated behind, free ground covering stride.
  3. Courtney’s Courtbirch Precious Pearl.

Maiden Bitch (3)

  1. Boughton-White’s Ipanema Californian Girl.
  2. Boggia’s Falconcrag One For The Team At Boughton.
  3. Perkins Southgrove Joy To The World.

Novice Bitch (3)

  1. Saxby’s Runaround Amazing Grace With Sandspring.
  2. Bower’s Chippwhipp I Love Your Smile. Larger type brindle in super condition. Deep well ribbed brisket, good length with flowing lines.
  3. Zevenbergen’s Little Willow Grouse.

Graduate Bitch (9) 3 abs

  1. Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi. Very feminine fawn bitch who appeals for type, lovely head and neck, so elegant and flowing outline, good clean front with nice flat bone and neat feet. Light positive mover.
  2. Walker’s Limanica Jade Star. Elegant fawn with long neck into well laid shoulders, good front and spring of pastern, typey head and eye, moved out with a free easy action.
  3. Reed’s Southgrove It’s My World

Post Graduate Bitch (7) 2abs

  1. Moncrieff’s Runaround Symphony. Fawn who just oozes quality a true whippet with no exaggeration typy head and expression, lengthy neck that flows into excellent shoulders. Good bone well shaped feet well-sprung pasterns, moves so well coming and going and so graceful in profile with super extension and drive. Super quality coat and skin and today she showed so well. The more I looked at her the more I liked her. Was pleased to award her Best Bitch and BIS.
  2. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star At Silverfirth JW. Pretty headed brindle/white parti, with nice length of neck into well-placed shoulders, pleasing topline and length of loin, good bone and feet, moved well.
  3. Richards-Healion Clynecourt Colour Me Classy.

Limit Bitch (8) 2abs

The strongest class of the day with six quality bitches.

  1. Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony. Golden fawn with white trim with the prettiest of heads. Litter sister to my BIS winner and  so similar in many ways. So smooth to go over. Good front, correct feet and springy pasterns. Loved her scopey outline, has all the curves and keeps her topline and shape on the move.
  2. Richards-Healion Clynecourt Colour Me Cool. Stylish brindle who is so feminine and shapely. Lovely head, alert expression Deep brisket and good underline. She moved well using her well-angulated quarters.
  3. Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker.

Open Bitch (3)

3 lovely bitches

  1. Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny For Bluestreak. Very stylish fawn/white parti who is right out of the top drawer. Beautiful quality head, elegant neck flowing into clean shoulders, good front and correct feet, pleasing depth and spring of rib and good  length of loin, well angulated behind, moved well, and handled to get the most out of her. Res Best Bitch RBIS
  2. Hoare’s Tormor Many Clouds. Taller fawn of excellent type who I have often admired. Beautiful classic head and correct eye. Lovely smooth lines elegant neck and good topline. Well angulated behind she is light on her feet but moves with plenty of drive.
  3. Osborne’s Derohan Florancy Above And Beyond Derohan.

Veteran Bitch (7) 2as

  1. Richards-Healion Anywhere And When At Clynecourt.  Nicely sized 8 year old fawn/white of excellent proportions, loveliest of heads with soft expression, smooth easy mover.
  2. Bass Blanding’s Treacle Tart. Elegant brindle white who good head sweet expression and long arched neck. Moved well and clearly with purpose, showing her socks off.
  3. 3rd Wignall’s Starswift Sunset

Special Open Racing Bitch (3) 1abs

  1. Jones Kenaiteen Blizzard At Silvergarth. Sound brindle white part who is well constructed throughout. Free easy mover.
  2. Saxby’s Sandspring Sunset Gold. pretty headed pale fawn with such a sweet expression.  Attentive showgirl who is 7 seven years young.

Special Open Lure Coursing Bitch (3) 2abs

  1. Osborne’s Derohan Por Moi. Brindle who is so well made throughout, good front construction, and spring of pastern, pleasing outline, moved well in all directions.


A J Timberlake (Judge)

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