Whippet Club Championship Show, July 2021 – Dog Critique

BIS Joint Whippet Clubs 31 July 2021


31st July 2021

It was my pleasure to judge dogs at the Joint Whippet Clubs’ Championship Show hosted by The Whippet Club held at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, and I really enjoyed my day.   We started off outside, then went to lunch after Postgraduate in both sexes when it started to rain.   The rest of the classes were judged inside.   My co-judge, Mrs Patsy Gilmour, and I were in complete agreement about Best in Show, Best Puppy and Best Veteran so Mrs Leathart, the referee, had nothing to do!   Best in Show was Veredon Another Rose, a 2 year old bitch;  BOS and RBIS went to Silkridge Just JoeyBest Veteran Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM;  and Best Puppy Palmik King Arthur.


I was pleased with the entry of 83 from 74 dogs and not many absentees.   Jo Mackenzie-Strong and her daughter were my two stewards and they were absolutely first class keeping everything flowing nicely.   Many failed in front movement and some were shown just a little bit overweight.   I hate long nails and there were quite a few of those.   Several in the first few age classes were not relaxed standing on the table but I think we can blame that on the pandemic as there have been no shows and no practice time.   Temperaments, of course, were marvellous but then Whippets are always co-operative and very accommodating.   Secretary Mary Anderson and her band of helpers had everything organised perfectly;  Patsy and I were given the most beautiful plates as judges’ gifts and I shall treasure mine and make good use of it.   So, a big thank you from me to everyone who helped to make this a most memorable day.

Veteran 7 – 9 years (5)

  1. Chappell’s Blue Flight Tiger Mist
    8.5 years br/w in excellent form, good for size and type, quality head, kind expression, clean outline, moved well both ways, well conditioned and presented, handled to best advantage.
  2. Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer
    7 years and thought one sausage was not enough!  Smart, fit-looking Whippet, well proportioned, easy mover, plenty of character.
  3. Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo

Veteran 10+ (1)

  1. BVD Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ScCM
    11 years light br/w who impressed on the move, good length of head,  typical expression, fit and well-muscled, good reach of neck, well cared for.

Minor Puppy (5)

  1. Whitehead, Smith and Mixides’ Citycroft Drumshanbo
    8 months red br who had a comfortable win here.   Most attractive head, kind expressive eyes, well proportioned, deep brisket, moved and showed nicely.
  2. Blackburn’s Silkridge Ceylon
    6 months 6 days so quite new to it all.   Bit of a fidget on the table but came into his own when moving, lovely face, clean neckline, fit body, clean and well presented.
  3. Severn’s Nattah Nature’s Dream

Puppy (6)

  1. BPIS  Howgate and Hull’s Palmik King Arthur
    10 months light br/w, alert intelligent showman, excellent quality and type, very good head, well-balanced and full of promise.   Reachy neck, nicely arched, good feet, free easy mover.
  2. Winkley-Balmer and Poole’s Edenwhip Can I Be Him
    10 months, just a bit uncertain on the table, even with an ace handler he would not fully relax, plenty of drive on the move, good coat and condition, firm body and quarters.   Good prospect as long as he gets over his nerves.
  3. Dargue’s Wee Dancer with Jalwhipp

Junior (4)

  1. Shepherd’s Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana
    14 months, altogether a very pleasing package, good size, natural showman, attractive head, dark eyes, very good topline which he kept on the move, well handled, good ring presence, went very well.
  2. Wayman’s Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair
    14 months particolour.  Appealing head and expression, good reach of neck, deep brisket, in splendid condition, stylish on the move but could be a little firmer in front
  3. Chappell’s Blue Flight Man of Mystery

Yearling (8)

  1. Johnston and Wilson’s Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke
    23 months fawn, excellent quality and type, good head, kind expression, clean neckline, firm topline, fit and well-muscled, moved and showed well
  2. Martin’s Bowdonia Go the Distance for Stalwart
    19 months light br, went well once he got into his stride, good length of head, well conditioned, excellent coat and outline, well handled
  3. Brodie and Owen’s Wolfscastle Livin the Dream

Maiden (3)

  1. Palmik Kind Arthur
  2. Woodcroft and Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco City Limits
    19 months. Unplaced in Yearling, charming personality, very relaxed about it all, good neckline and depth of body, pleasing head, kind dark eyes, responsive showman.   Fit and well-conditioned.   Room for improvement in front and front movement
  3. Gower’s Courtbirch Star Opal

Novice (5)

  1. Bowdonia Go The Distance for Stalwart
  2. Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana
  3. Brew’s Nevedith De Montfort

Graduate (9)

  1. Perkins’s Keep It Moving At Zeglynn
    18 months, no exaggerations, well-balanced youngster.   Easy mover, very pleasing head, deep brisket, excellent coat and conditions, well-handled and presented
  2. Ranvelli Beach Boy at Scarletfair
  3. Price’s Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance JW

Postgraduate (8)

  1. Bass and Hall’s Shalfleet New Moon Rising at Silverfrith
    2 years, very nice looking Whippet with lots to like, good size and type, clean neckline, firm body and topline, sound mover, well-handled to win this class
  2. Varnam and Parker’s Supeta’s Mojito
    2 years.  Another typey dog in good form, quality head, held topline on the move, excellent coat and condition
  3. Byron’s Jasarat Gucci

Mid Limit (6)

  1. Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Toy Story
    2 years br/w, my notes say “best so far today”.  Best of outlines, full of quality, I liked everything about him.   Moved with drive and fluency, natural showman.   Very good head, excellent feet, smart and showy.  In the last three for the CC
  2. Fryer’s Collooney Eye Love To Tease at Stonefox
    2 years br.  Masculine and self-assured, attractive head, good body and quarters, long neck, very well conditioned, moved and showed well, responded well to his handler
  3. Gower’s Courtbirch Storm Warning

Limit (12)

Strong class.

  1. Perkins’ Silkridge Just Joey
    2 years.   Very easy on the eye, lovely young dog in terrific form, looked absolutely stunning on the table and he certainly did not disappoint once on the move which was free and flowing.   Stylish showman, most appealing in head and expression, good reach of neck, well muscled and so very fit, strong quarters, beautifully balanced.   My CC winner, also BOS and RBIS.   I loved him.
  2. Wheeler’s Ranvelli Sunshine Man
    2.5 years fawn.   All quality dog with clean outline, deep brisket, everything in proportion, handled to advantage, moved and showed well
  3. Smith and Coulter’s Stonefox Mean Mr. Mustard

Open (11)

Another good class.

  1. RCC Perkins’ Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge JW
    nearly 3.  Super mover with a good long stride, pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck, fit body, well muscled, good feet.  He is a very correct Whippet for type and balance.   I got the surprise of the day to find that Limit and Open winners belonged to husband and wife!
  2. Wheeler’s Ch. Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Avec Ranvelli JW (Imp France)
    5 years.  Light br of excellent type and size, in very good form, good length of head, expressive eyes, reachy neck, deep chest, plenty of heartroom, well sprung ribs, positive showman, freemover
  3. Place and Halliday’s Aaarminius Luv The Way You Lie  – completing a lovely trio

Racing and Coursing

  1. Seviour’s Evaluna Black Orchid
    up to size 4 years black looking very serious about it all.  Glossy coat, masculine head, failed in movement here.   I’m sure he would have preferred the large outside ring!