Whippet Club Championship Show, July 2021 – Bitch Critique

BIS Joint Whippet Clubs 31 July 2021


31st July 2021

I had an entry of some top quality bitches at this, my last judging appointment. I was very happy with my top winner’s true to type and lovely quality. Some fronts were a problem heavy and elbows not under their bodies and please breeders do not lose the correct topline for it is very important as this makes a whippet a whippet, over long backs are not functional and a few were dipping behind the shoulder.

Thank you to the Whippet Club and to Jackie Hawkins and Rachel Samber, my two very helpful stewards.

Veteran Bitch

A lovely class to start the day.

  1. Mulcair Meerkat Marvel
    cream fawn in top condition, her outline is so smooth and correct, good head, neck and shoulders where she is so smooth, good front and correct quarters, very unlucky not to have gained her title  Best Veteran bitch and best veteran in show.
  2. Turnstone Mamma Mia
    blue fawn/white trim another in top condition, lovely type and still so sound the correct topline and underline and the most lovely coat and skin.
  3. Ger Ch Shiny Sensations Spirit of love for Supeta
    another lovely bitch.

Veteran bitch 10yrs +

  1. Danluke Dicky Bird
    what a little showgirl so sound and in top condition another who just missed her title. Smooth correct topline and good underline lovely size and type  could still put younger bitches to shame,
  2. Aphrael casting Pearl
    a credit for 12yrs still retains her lovely outline and is sound.
  3. Blueflight Rainbow Quest

Minor Puppy Bitch (14)

  1. Citycroft Americano with Silkridge
    headed a promising class of babes. Black and White showing lots of promise. Feminine but with substance not easy to achieve. Good head, strong underjaw, correct ears, good length of neck and smooth shoulders, correct front and spring of pastern, enough rib and depth for her age , correct length of loin and well let down quarters with short hocks. Very sound.
  2. Silkridge Jasmine
    another top quality puppy from this kennel. Correct size and type, lovely topline and underline, enough bone and correct feet and pasterns, clean shoulders and good depth, showed very well.
  3. Mulcair Dun and Dusted

Puppy Bitch (10)

  1. Supeta’s Little Darlin’
    Pale brindle of top quality so smooth with a lovely coat and skin, lovely head correct ears and strong underjaw, good neck set into good shoulders, front and spring of pastern excellent , lovely topline and underline , strong hindquarters moved soundly and covered the ground well in profile with the correct long easy  stride no flash and dash. In top show condition. Best puppy bitch and just missed b.p.i.b to the most lovely dog puppy.
  2. Crosscop Candle in the Wind to Supeta pale fawn
    i was really splitting hairs here, another top quality puppy with everything in the right place she also had everything i was looking for in a top quality whippet, sound movement and in top condition.
  3. Palmik Lady Guinevere

Junior Bitch (2)

Only 2 but 2 nice quality bitches.

  1. Crosscop She’s a Lady at Ardencote
    Lovely type and size with smooth outline with correct topline and underline, correct head long neck and good shoulders , clean front and correct spring of pastern. Moved very soundly and smooth in profile with good reach. In top condition.
  2. Cobyco City Lights
    many of the above remarks apply to her. Just not as steady on the move or as steady in front.

Yearling Bitch

  1. Gazenorth Tean
    Fawn of top quality and lovely type, balanced outline and very sound ,head neck shoulders front topline and underline all first class. Covers the ground long and low and good drive in profile in top condition.
  2. Gilnockie Indigo Blue
    classy blue who was smooth and like the above has all the requirements of a top class whippet. Very sound and in top condition.
  3. Aarminias She is A Belter

Maiden bitch (6)

  1. Palmik Lady Guinevere
  2. Shimmeree Cool Calico
    Sweet Blue with most of the essential qualities for the breed, just not the scope of one or length of stride
  3. Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily

Novice bitch (5)

  1. Bowdonia Colours of the Wind
    She has a lovely scopy outline with good topline, head a little strong correct front and shoulder and strong hindquarters moves soundly just needs to fine down which she should with age,
  2. Jazzellie Made with Love
    Red Brindle very nice type with lovely outline, good depth and spring of rib. strong hindquarters correct bone and good feet, but her front movement was very undidy
  3. Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily

Undergraduate bitch (14)

  1. Shimmeree Black Liberty
    Sweet black/white of good size and substance, good head neck shoulders front and feet with correct spring of pastern, well shaped body and depth enough length of loin, good stifle and short second thigh where many fail. Moved soundly and in lovely condition.
  2. Bowdonia Colours of the Wind
  3. Brochinbelle Joyride at Hinxwood

Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Gilnockie Have Faith
    gleaming black quality and very smooth, good head strong underjaw long neck and good shoulders clean front good feet correct spring of pastern. Lovely topline and underline, moved very well and in top condition.
  2. Falconcrag Rock On with Aphrael
    white with a lovely outline just the right balance. Good head strong underjaw enough neck and good shoulders and front wonderful depth , strong quarters moved well. Just needing to lose a little weight.
  3. Shalfleet Bridget Jones

Mid Limit (7)

  1. Citycroft Storm in a Teacup
    the epitome of whippet type not a big girl but enough. Very shapely from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail and is so sound, no flash and dash covers the ground smoothly with a clean front and good hindquarters. In an entry of top class bitches took a well deserved RCC. in top condition.
  2. Crosscop May be One More at Mulcair
    fawn and white full of quality different type from the winner and scopy. Good head neck,shoulders, spring of pastern good rib and depth would like a little more topline, is very sound and in top condition
  3. Runaround Symphony

Limit 20

A lovely class

  1. Envisage This at Supeta
    Top quality brindle of perfect size with a wonderful smooth outline, nothing overdone and so well balanced and enough neck good shoulder and wonderful depth and correct length of loin for perfect balanced, strong hindquarters and moves very soundly with reach and drive and in top condition.
  2. Supeta’s The Special One of Veredon
    and she is special to produce such a wonderful litter. I gave her the RCC last time i judged but today she to be content to take second place to her daughter, Scopy sound with substance but still feminine and is very sound, in lovely condition.
  3. Lorbri Mistletoe Magic

Open bitch (14)

Another wonderful class headed by the star of the show Veredon Another Rose.

  1. Veredon Another Rose
    litter sister to the winner of the previous class. For me she has it all in the most wonderful condition,l so very well balanced and it is this balance that won her the day. She has the most wonderful depth and underline correct length of loin which is strong and enables her to hold her perfect topline on the move. She moves with a long, easy stride so smooth over the ground. Her pretty head is so proud, front neck and shoulders first class. So pleased to award the CC and in complete agreement with my co judge Mrs Cartledge BIS.
  2. Ch Crosscop Let it Shine for Supeta
    Top quality and one I have always liked, so deserving of all her top wins. The epitome of a top class whippet bitch. In top condition as were all the dogs from this kennel, a coat and skin to die for.
  3. Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif
    another wonderful bitch and very worthy Ch.

Patsy Gilmour (judge)

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