WCRA Newsletter / January 2022

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Championship Dates and Formats for 2022

1st WCRA Championships & Veteran Crowns
8th May / Main 150 yards Straight; Veterans 150 yards Straight
Closing Date: 17th April

2nd WCRA Championships & Superstars Veteran Sprint
26th June / Main 220 yards Bend / Veterans 110 yards Straight
Closing Date: 5th June

3rd WCRA Championships & Superstars Veteran Sprint
14th August / Main 220 yards Bend; Veterans 110 yards Straight
Closing Date: 24th July

4th WCRA Championships & Veteran Crowns
2nd October / Main 150 yards Straight / Veterans 130 yards Straight
Closing Date: 11th September

Please note the format this year is different; the decision to make this change is in light of past issues with access to the bend in October

2022 Passport Stickers

The entry fees for the Championships remain unchanged as do the Passport Application and Club Affiliation Fees. However, the cost of Passport Stickers has been the same for many years therefore it has been decided to increase them by 50pence to £2 each.

“Blasts From The Past” entry & draw / In Memory of Ian German

We wanted to do something different in memory of Ian German and we have decided to dedicate a special entry of Blasts From The Past to our schedule for 2022.

You will be able to enter as many of your dogs that have retired or have passed over the rainbow bridge and hold so many special memories at a cost of £1 per dog.

A separate entry form will be available to download from the Whippet Club website or you can obtain a copy from your Affiliated Club Secretary.

A draw will be made at the 1st Championships and the owner(s) of the winning dog will be presented with a trophy.

The net proceeds will be donated to The Cinnamon Trust as per the German family’s wishes. https://cinnamon.org.uk/ The Trust’s primary objective is to respect and preserve the treasured relationship between owners and their pets. To this end it works in partnership with owners to overcome any difficulties that might arise. A national network of over 18,000 community service volunteers has been established to provide practical help when any aspect of day to day care poses a problem – for example, walking the dog for a housebound owner.

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