We have received the following confirmation that Team Whippet will be in the Obreedience finals at Crufts 2016. Well done everyone!

From Kate Broers

Dear Obreedience Competitors,
Firstly on behalf of the Kennel Club I would like to thank you all for taking part in the Obreedience heats that have been held across the country this year. The dog work has been exceptional and the team spirit lovely to see.

The finalists from the four Obreedience heats held this year are as follows:

Team Smiliesam – Samoyeds
Team ROAG’S Babes – German Shepherd Dogs
Team Toller – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
Team Whippet – Whippets
Team Cavaliers At Work – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Team Golden Retriever – Golden Retrievers
Team The Petit Pyreneans – Pyrenean Sheepdogs
Spantastic Spanners – English Springer Spaniels
Team Kinaway – Border Collies
Team Greyt Expectations – Greyhounds

Many congratulations to the qualifying teams!

As I am sure you are aware the aim of Obreedience is to encourage a wide variety of breeds into the world of competitive Obedience. Therefore it was agreed that only one team for each breed would be selected and a maximum of three teams per breed group. However following the heats held during 2015 it was felt that to select a team with no points over an awarded team simply because they were in a different breed group was unfair.

Kind Regards
Kate Broers
Events Specialist – Working Dog Activities
The Kennel Club

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