Obedience Section activities for 2013

Activities during 2012

This year we have organised a few events which have been well attended.

In May we had Elizabeth Kershaw instruct us at a Clicker day held at the Dogs Trust West London.

In August we had our annual Fun Day held near Reading. Here we had obedience classes, agility and the Good Citizens Bronze test.

In September the Limited Obedience Show was kindly run in conjunction with the Whippet Club Show. This was judged by Gay Bird, and you can find the results further down this page. Hopefully a critique will follow later.

More recently, in October, we held a Heelwork to Music/Clicker day near Guildford, instructed by Issy Nichols and the day finished with a few lessons in obedience.

We also have a talk kindly offered by Prof. Steve Dean in the pipeline, so watch this space!

Results of The Whippet Club Obedience Limited Show

Saturday 29 September 2012

Judge Mrs Gay Bird


1st Miles’s Ringmore Fancy Free

2nd Shore’s Whisterfiled Wild Rocket

3rd Grant’s Windfly Fairy Dust

4th Bayley’s Whisterfield Wild Rosemary JW

5th Price’s Elamanash Majestic Gold Among Silkdance JW


1st Simmons’ Bosmere Apple Charlotte

2nd Burgess’ Shoalingam Silver Prophet of Monelli

3rd Shore’s Whisterfield Wild Rocket

4th Clilverd’s Monelli Mississippi


1st Griffiths’ Pelyma Buckle My Shoe

2nd Shore’s Whisterfield Sweet William

3rd Simmons’ Bosmere Smoke Tree

4th Simmons’ Bosmere Apple Charlotte


1st Simmons’ Bosmere Smoke Tree

2nd Simmons’ Bosmere Velvet Ash

3rd Shore’s Whisterfield Sweet William

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