Members Limited Show – Saturday 17th January 2015

Limited Dog Show 2015

Show Classes – Judge Mrs P Molyneux

Minor Puppy Dog (4)

  • 1st Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer
  • 2nd Osborne’s Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan (Imp Fin)
  • 3rd Glasspool & Manners’ Moonlake Miles to Go to Mannerpool
  • Res Down’s Palmik Take That

Puppy Dog (5:1 abs)

  • 1st Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan (Imp Fin)
  • 2nd Smith’s Call Me All Gold at Yantabella
  • 3rd Abiss’ Demerlay Beam Me Up Scottie
  • Res Butcher’s Pelyma Prince of Thieves

Junior Dog (7:2)

  • 1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Strike It Right
  • 2nd Wood’s Veredon Just Love at Ardencote
  • 3rd Webber’s Dark Wing
  • Res Price’s Whisterfield Easy Rider
  • VHC Harris’ Stonifleet Shades of Gold

Maiden Dog (10:4)

  • 1st Field’s Spyanfly Surely Not
  • 2nd Perkins’ Dejare Would You Believe
  • 3rd Stonifleet Shades of Gold
  • Res Down’s Rubys Boy Blue
  • VHC Pelyma Prince of Thieves

Novice Dog (6:2)

  • 1st Saxby’s Nattah Knight Gawaine with Sandspring
  • 2nd Dejare Would You Believe
  • 3rd Demerlay Beam Me Up Scottie
  • Res Wroth’s Chichleycote Blaze of Glory

Graduate Dog (6:1)

  • 1st Thoms’ Nattah Pop Star
  • 2nd Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo
  • 3rd Dejare Would You Believe
  • Res Call Me All Gold at Yantabella
  • VHC Whisterfield Easy Rider

    Post Graduate Dog (9:1)

    • 1st Griffiths’ Pelyma Dashing Duke
    • 2nd Osborne’s Derohan Viking Flagship
    • 3rd Seer’s Espinore Eagle Rock
    • Res Reed’s Phoenixrise Dionysus at Dejare
    • VHC Nunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset

    Limit Dog (5:1)

    • 1st Candler-Smith’s Maidenbower Make Believe
    • 2nd Hughes & Jackson’s Penbriar Corruleam Star
    • 3rd Griffiths’ Pelyma Obi Wan Kenobi
    • Res Dejare Would You Believe

    Open Dog (9:2)

    • 1st Candler’s Maidenbower Moderator
    • 2nd Shepherd’s Nattah In Synch with Oxana JW ShCM
    • 3rd Griffith’s Pelyma Seriously Suave
    • Res Nunneley’s Nimrodel Cognac
    • VHC Wignall’s Collooney Stay With Me at Starswift

    Veteran Dog (6:1)

    • 1st Clilverd’s Monelli Mississippi
    • 2nd Candler-Smith’s Barmoll Barrister ShCM
    • 3rd Reed’s Dejare Cobweb
    • Res Williamson’s Starswift Casanova
    • VHC Hughes & Jackson’s Smokey Faeriewood

    BEST DOG – Maidenbower Moderator

    RESERVE BEST DOG – Pelyma Dashing Duke

    BEST PUPPY DOG – Ardencote Star Gazer

    BEST VETERAN DOG – Monelli Mississippi

    Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

    • 1st Wood’s Ardencote Star Maker
    • 2nd Howgate & Hull’s Palmik En Vogue
    • 3rd Robertson’s Moonlake Merely Motoring

    Puppy Bitch (5)

    • 1st Bayley’s Whisterfield As If By Magic
    • 2nd Palmik En Vogue
    • 3rd Harris’ Honey Huntress
    • Res Wignall’s Starswift Souxsie Sioux
    • VHC Franklin & Thornton’s Haccasbrook Ruby Dutchess

    Junior Bitch (5)

    • 1st Webber’s Diamond Web
    • 2nd Bayley’s Ashvillebur Amaryllis
    • 3rd Bird’s Shalfleet Along Came Alice to Blandings
    • Res Hills’ Shimmeree Chantilly Lace JW
    • VHC Longhurst’s Blue Moon Eclipse

    Maiden Bitch (6)

    • 1st Whisterfield As If By Magic
    • 2nd Honey Huntress
    • 3rd Shalfleet Along Came Alice to Blandings
    • Res Haccasbrook Ruby Dutchess
    • VHC Courtney’s Courtbirch Miss Moneypenny

    Novice Bitch (4:1)

    • 1st Courtney’s Starlight Betty
    • 2nd Blue Moon Eclipse
    • 3rd Shore’s Whisterfield Wildest Dream

    Graduate Bitch (7:1)

    • 1st Courtney’s Courtbirch Scarlet O’Hara
    • 2nd Oliver’s Spyanfly Say I’m Sexy
    • 3rd Hoare’s Tormor Spanish Coin
    • Res Hills’ Shimmeree Blue Denim
    • VHC Franklin & Thornton’s Gin Parisian at Haccasbrook

    Post Graduate Bitch (6)

    • 1st Seers’ Espinore Elegant Miss
    • 2nd Hoare’s Tormor Flakey Dove
    • 3rd Courtney’s Sypanfly Saucy Socks at Courtbirch
    • Res Wignall’s Starswift Sunbeam
    • VHC Reed’s Oakbark My Lucky day at Dejare

    Limit Bitch (8:4)

    • 1st Jones’ Welstar Heaven Sent
    • 2nd Walker’s Shoalingam Silver Sorrel
    • 3rd Spencer’s Chelridge Charlies Angel
    • Res Bass’ Blandings Treacle Tart

    Open Bitch (3:1)

    • 1st Walker’s Shoalingam Silver Promise
    • 2nd Bird’s Blandings Florentine

    Veteran Bitch (9:4)

    • 1st Walker’s Shoalingam Silver Willow
    • 2nd Jones’ Starswift Lady Ice with Welstar
    • 3rd Julian’s Bluestreak Bestseller
    • Res Hills’ Shimmeree Blue Chiffon
    • VHC Burgess’ Welstar As You Like It at Monelli

    BEST BITCH – Shoalingam Silver Willow

    BEST PUPPY BITCH – Whisterfield As If By Magic

    RESERVE BEST BITCH – Shoalingam Silver Promise

    RESERVE VETERAN BITCH – Shoalingam Silver Willow

    Racing & Lure coursing classes – Judge Mrs S Peskett

    Special Open Lure Coursing Dog (4)

    • 1st Nattah Knight Gawaine with Sandspring
    • 2nd Price’s Elmanash Majestic Gold among Silkdance JW
    • 3rd Robertson’s Moonlake Morgan
    • Res Derohan Viking Flagship

    Special Veteran Racing or Lure Coursing Dog (1)

    • 1st Monelli Mississippi

    Special Open Racing Bitch (2)

    • 1st Saxby’s Sandspring Sunset Gold
    • 2nd Williamson’s Windfly Onnerown

    Special Open Lure Coursing Bitch (2)

    • 1st Webber’s Derohan Attraction
    • 2nd Sandspring Sunset Gold

    Special Winners Racing or Lure Coursing Bitch (3:1)

    • 1st Williamson’s Windfly Over The Rainbow
    • 2nd Burrow’s Pewter Goddess

    Best Racing or Lure-Coursing Dog – Monelli Mississippi

    Best Racing or Lure-Coursing Bitch – Derohan Attraction

    BEST IN SHOW – Shoalingam Silver Willow

    RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Maidenbower Moderator

    BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Whisterfield As If By Magic

    BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Shoalingam Silver Willow


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