Critique from Members Show 16th January 2016

2016 Whippet Club Limited Show BIS RBIS

Critique from Members Show by Annette Stone

First of all I would like to thank the committee and members for giving me the opportunity to judge at this show, so well organised! A big Thank You also to my stewards that kept everything running so smoothly. I so enjoyed my day and am very grateful to all the exhibitors that let me go over their lovely whippets!.

I found some excellent whippets of very high quality and was more than pleased with all my winners!

Temperament was fantastic all over and the only thing I would have liked to see different in the majority of the whippets was a harder muscular condition, but we all know it is Winter-time!

To me it is very important that a whippet should have curves and really good movement with a long easy stride and that, among other things, is what I looked for when judging!

Thank you all for making my day so memorable!



  1. Richworth’s Richclass King Of Kings. Nice puppy with a pretty head and long neck. Still very much a puppy in front, lovely hindquarters and has a very good drive. Nice side movement. BPD


  1. Schole’s Craigavad Once In A Lifetime. Lovely young dog with a very nice, curvy outline. Well developed front, nice hindquarters with excellent angulations. He moves with an easy, long stride and very true coming and going. Reserv Best Dog
  2. Whitehead’s Citycroft High Society JW. Very well constructed fawn with good balance. Masculine head, good neck, nice front and hindquarters. A sound mover.


  1.  Schole’s Craigavad Once In A Lifetime.
  2. Allansson’s Nattah Echo In The Mist. Very nice dog with a lovely head and expression. Long neck, deep chest and liked his side movement very much, but not so good coming towards me as the winner of the class.


  1. Butcher’s Pelyma Prince Of Thieves. Fawn dog with a very masculine head and strong bone, good neck. Nice ribcage and hindquarters. Sound coming and going.


  1. Schole’s Craigavad Once In A Lifetime.
  2. Glasspool’s Moonlake Miles To Go To Mannerpool. Very elegant, well constructed dog with a nice head, neck, body and hindquarters. Liked his movement a lot.


  1. Osborne’s Softouch Ever So Clever At Derohan JW (imp). Curvy, strongly built fawn in wonderful muscular condition! Beautiful head and expression. Long neck and good top – and underline. Very good angulations behind. Moves soundly from all directions, although would have liked a little more extension in front.
  2. Webber’s Dark Wing.  Very elegant black with a nice, curvy outline. Nice head and neck. Good top- underline. Moves very well.

LIMIT DOG (10,5)

  1. Hughe’s Corruleam Star. Elegant blue. Very well constructed with a lovely head and expression. Long neck set very nicely into shoulders. Good top – underline. A free mover!
  2. Seers’ Espinore Eagle Rock. Strong fawn, very masculine. Nicely constructed but lacks a little elegance! Very good angulation behind. Moves soundly

OPEN DOG (8, 4)

  1. Howgate’s Palmik Stright It Right JW. Very attractive dog who caught my eye the minute he entered the ring! So well balanced with a beautiful head, long neck, very well laid shoulder. Nice top – underline, excellent hind angulations. Just loved his long and easy movement! A top quality dog! Best Dog, Best In Show
  2. Osborne’s Derohan Viking Flagship. Powerful dog with a very nice head. Wonderful deep chest. Has a tendency to cut away too much. A really good mover. In excellent muscular condition!


  1. Shepheard’s Buubeezi Cahoots With Oxana Sh CM. 12 years old gentleman with a beautiful head and eye. Very well built all over and with a temperament like a puppy! Very nicely angulated front and rear and with a super movement for his age! BVD
  2. Clilverd’s Monelli Mississippi. Carrying his age very well! Nicely balanced with good angulations. Still a good mover!



  1. Gillespie’s Penbriar Can’t Believe It. Very pretty puppy with long flowing lines. Sweet head and expression. Long neck, nicely angulated in front, lots of angulations behind. Moves very nicely with a long stride already! Very promising! BPB. Best Puppy In Show
  2. Whitehead’s Winter Is Coming To Citycroft. Pretty puppy with a nice head. Very well constructed with good substance. Moves really well for her age!


  1. Howgate’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn. Feminine with a beautiful head, neck and excellent bone. Very good front and rear angulations. A free mover and a promising puppy!


  1. Meadham’s Harerunner Halfpenny. Very feminine, pretty bitch, nicely built wth a pretty head and expression. Very good depth of chest. Nicely angulated. Moves soundly from all directions.
  2.  Royle’s Kaymark Ring Of Bells. Very curvy, quite substancial , but still feminine bitch. Nice head and neck. Lovely deep chest. Moves soundly but would have liked her to have a little more drive.


  1. Saxby’s Sandspring Sunset Gold. Very small, pretty and feminine bitch. Would have liked to see just a little more substance all over. Pretty head and ears. Nicely angulated. Moved soundly.
  2. Kaymark Ring Of Bells.


  1. Courtney’s Courtbirch Scarlet O’Hara. Feminine fawn and white. Pretty head with a soft expression. Really nicely put together. Good angulations front and rear. A really nice, free mover.
  2. Gillespie’s Tappinskis Target For Love With Penbriar. Pretty bitch with good substance. Good long ribcage. Nicely angulated behind. Moves freely, but has a little tendency to drop her topline on the move!


  1. Howgate’s Palmik Wish Me Luck JW. Beautiful bitch built on flowing lines. Lovely head and super neck. Very good shoulder, good top-  underline. Generous hind angulations. Moves with reach and drive! BB, RBIS, BOS
  2. Seimet’s Demerlay Plumcreek Dixie Of Sejoda. Eyecatching, but a bit tall bitch with a nice head and expression. Very nice curves and good hind angulations. Moves soundly.


  1. Gillespie’s Penbriar Duchess. Very elegant and curvy bitchwith lovely head, eyeand ears. Long neck. Nicely balanced angulations for and aft. Moves with a long stride.
  2. Spencer’s Chelridge Charlies Angel.  Beautiful elegant fawn, pretty as a picture on the table! Well constructed and balanced. Beautiful head and neck. Good substance. Nice top – underline. Just preferred the movement of the winner.


  1. Osborne’s Derohan Pour Moi JW. Very attractive brindle, strongly built with lovely curves. Beautiful head, eye and ears. Very good front and hindquarters. Deep chest. Moves out with a long stride. In excellent muscular condition!  RBB
  2. Neale’s Stormalong Post Haste. Very feminine and nicely constructed bitch with sound movement.


  1. Whitehead’s Stormburst Winter Sparkles For Citycroft.  Really loved this bitch! So well constructed with a sweet head, beautiful eye, long neck , good angulations   Still in such a good shape and moving like a youngster! BVB, Best Veteran In Show
  2. Wignall’s Starswift Sunset.  Pretty bitch with a lovely head and expression. Nicely balanced all over and moves soundly from all directions.

Annette Stone (Judge)

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