4th WCRA Championships 2013 – Results

Results for the 4th WCRA Championships – Sunday 6 October 2013,
260 yards bends, Moreton-in-Marsh


N/E 16lbNot Exceeding 16lb Winner

WCRCh THE LIGHTHOUSE FLYER (Goodad Strike Gold x Karyon Berning Lighthouse at Trevarbeth) L Stevenson (time 17.58)

2nd WCRCh VC Baby Love

Heat Winners: WCRCh The Lighthouse Flyer, WCRCh VC Baby Love

N/E 18lb

WCRCh GOLD DUST WOMANNot Exceeding 18lb winner (One of Us x Typhoon Tilly) D & D Naylor (time 17.24)

2nd WCRCh Fun Lovin’
3rd WCRCh Diamond’s Star
4th Quintessence

Heat Winners: WCRCh Gold Dust Woman, WCRCh Fun Lovin’

N/E 20lbNot Exceeding 20lb winner

WCRCh HIGHLAND WARRIOR’S LADDIE (Kinnaird Star x Kelinda Gold) D Thomson (time 16.88)

2nd WCRCh Lighthouse Belladonna
3rd *Belle Of The Ball
4th Winterfell Hellfire

Heat Winners: *Belle Of the Ball, WCRCh Highland Warrior’s Laddie

N/E 22lbNot Exceeding 22lb winner

WCRCh SAPPHIRE’S QUEEN’S TOPAZ (Run At Mill x Sunlays Star of Sapphires) A Parker (time 16.70)

2nd Winterfell Phoenix
3rd Zula Go-Quick
4th *Femme Fatale

Heat Winners:- *Femme Fatale, Zula Go-Quick, Winterfell Phoenix, Bang Tidy
Semi Final Winners:- *Femme Fatale, WCRCh. Sapphire’s Queen’s Topaz

N/E 24lbNot Exceeding 24lb winner

WCRCh IT’S ME (Busby Babe x Wagtail Remember Me) N Ingley (time 16.81)

2nd Winterfellin Babybelle
3rd Satin Sunshine
4th *Sidney

Heat Winners:- Winterfellin Babybelle, *It’s Me

N/E 26lbNot Exceeding 26lb winner

*MAX ATTRACTION (Drawn to Me x Tarramoss Lazy Town) P & G Gilfeather (time 16.51)

2nd Fenland Whisper
3rd Ryamber Fairy Nuff
4th *Some Dog

Heat Winners:- *Popstar, Fenland Whisper, Max Attraction, Ryamber Spring Along
Semi Final Winners:- Max Attraction, *Some Dog

N/E 28lbNot Exceeding 28lb winner

WCRCh SHAKIRA (Chalkners Fast and Furious x Raven of Frankia) J Burrow (time 16.43)

2nd WCRCh Markamy’s Black Bentley
3rd Ryamber This Charming Man
4th Markamy’s Marley

Heat Winners:- *Shakira, Ryamber This Charming Man

N/E 30lbNot Exceeding 30lb winner

WCRCh SHROPSHIRE JOC-KEY (Breakingbury Triple Seven x Matchington Summersweet) C Wyatt (time 16.38)

2nd WCRCh Flash In The Pan
3rd Winterfell Arfa Must Dash
4th Blackthorn Bob

Heat Winners:- WCRCh Flash In The Pan, WCRCh Shropshire Joc-key

N/E 32lbNot Exceeding 32lb winner

WCRCh CHERMAYEFF (Bethnal Green Boy x Sunlay Midnite Jade) J Fage (time 16.24)

2nd Star Attraction

Heat Winners:- WCRCh Chermayeff, Star Attraction.

The Fastest Time Rosette was won by WCRCh Chermayeff who recorded a time of 16.08 in his heat.

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