3rd WCRA Championships 2014 plus Veteran Crowns

The 3rd WCRA Championships and Veteran Crowns at Moreton-in-Marsh on 10th August – 150 yards Straight


NE 16lb

  1. Dollybyrd (Busby Babe x Gypsy Cream). Owned by R. Winrow. Time: 9.88
  2. Tinkers Cloudy Moon

DSQ: A Touch of Indulgence
NR: WCRCh The Lighthouse Flyer

NE 18lb

  1. *Ameesha Little Ebs (Busby Babe x Stokecourcy Hazel at Ameesha). Owned by E. Villis. Time: 9.61
  2. *Maid at Mill
  3. WCRCh Isn’t She Lovely
  4. Jett Black

NE 20lb

  1. *Sweet Horizon (Run At Mill x Light After Dark). Owned by T. Davies. Time: 9.61
  2. Satin Secret
  3. Truly Scrumptious
  4. Little Pocket Rocket

NE 22lb

  1. *Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes (Barely Bronze x Wheatroyd Constant Chimes) Owned by J. Cloke. Time: 9.37
  2. *Polly Flinders
  3. Small Change
  4. Dark Delight

NE 24lb

  1. *Vensuter Muskogee Venture (Wheatroyd Texacana Venture x Wheatroyd Wheal Kitty of Vensuter) Owned by S. Ward. Time: 9.37
  2. WCRCh It’s Me
  3. Satin Sunshine
  4. Blue Dynamite Girl

NE 26lb

  1. *Leaveit To Me (Chalkner’s Flaming Arrow x Dust Town Fairy Tale) Owned by J. McLoughlin. Time: 9.37
  2. *Scallwag
  3. Nubs Shifter
  4. *Trust Me

NE 28lb

  1. *Hear Cat (Black & White Dynamite x Goodad Storm Burst) Owned by M. Blackmore. Time: 9.39
  2. Gold Edition
  3. *Max Attraction
  4. WCRCh Shakira

NE 30lb

  1. *Nip ‘n’ Tuck (Chalkner’s Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star Addition) Owned by P. Gant. Time: 9.39
  2. WCRCh Flash in the Pan
  3. I’ze One More Rags
  4. Vensuter Wheal Chimes

NE 32lb

  1. WCRCh Chermayeff (Bethnal Green Boy x Sunlay Midnite Jade) Owned by J. Fage. Time: 9.20
  2. Bomber Brown
  3. Dare to Fly


6 to 7 years 14-20lb

  1. VC Dearly Devoted (Sunset in Gwithian Sandspring x Starstrike Little Hustler) Owned by L. Simmonds. Time: 9.80
  2. Tinkers Gypsy Joe
  3. WCRCh VC Mies Van Der Rohe
  4. WCRCh Storm In A Teacup

6 to 7 years 21-25lb

  1. WCRCh VC Sapphire Queen’s Topaz (Run At Mill x Sunlay Star of Sapphire’s) Owned by A. Parker. Time: 9.43
  2. WCRCh Posh Paws
  3. CrackerJack
  4. Ellobiko

6 to 7 years 26-32lb

  1. WCRCh VC Sapphire’s Gem (Run At Mill x Sunlay Star of Sapphire’s) Owned by A. Parker. Time: 9.62
  2. Blade Bunny
  3. WCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
  4. WCRCh Have You Honey

8 to 9 years 14-23lb

  1. WCRCh VC Heross (Sky Storm x China Lady) Owned by G. Comber. Time: 10.02

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