The WCRA are holding an exciting new competition to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

The Winner will be drawn at the 4th Championships on 3rd October 2021 and presented with a voucher for an artist commission of one of your dogs which is worth £50.

The tickets are £2 each and will be available either on the day of each Championships or, alternatively, can be included with the Championships entry form. Contact Kim Saxby for more details; email
The artist chosen will use a photo of your choosing or a photograph can be taken after the Draw.

Here are two examples of the artists or, if you have a prefer, one of your own choice. Please note that the photo can be a still or an action image and is not restricted to whippets. We will liaise with the artist and make payment directly.

Diana Webber
A well-known artist who specialises in whippet portraits but her commissions have included many other breeds and animals.

Diana Webber - Whippet   Diana Webber - Terrier

Val Beecham
Val Beecham is a mainly wildlife artist working in a variety of mediums – the painting of WCRCh Radar is in acrylic, which is similar to oil painting but dries faster and can be mounted with or without a glass front.

Val Beecham - WCRCh Radar

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