Whippet Club Open Show 24 September – Bitch Critique

Critique from Open Show by Steph Marston-Pollock


Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years

  1. Stormburst Winter Sparkles for Citycroft JW ShCM. Classy bitch with a lovely shape. Correct head proportions. Elegant neck into well laid shoulder, elbows well tucked in. Well ribbed back, plenty of width to her back. Held her topline. Moved with reach. One of the best, well conditioned veterans I have ever seen.
  2. Chelridge Charlies Angel. Classic head and expression. Correct, fine tight ear. Well bodied. Moved out well.

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Ardencote Aiming High. Shapely puppy bitch. Well bodied, good topline that was held on the move. Strong, elegant neck. Preferred her spring of rib and length of upper arm. No exaggerations on her angles. Plenty of width coming and going although needs to tighten up in front and gain experience.
  2. Shimmeree Black Satin. Very close up to 1. Another lovely shape, slightly longer coupled. Lovely type and head. Elegant in overall appearance. Lovely forehand, slightly closer behind than 1 at the moment. This young lady looked like she was going through an adolescent stage and didn’t have the body weight/spring of rib of 1, however an exciting prospect for the future.


  1. Railfield Rain Lookout. Pleasing shaped head. True whippet in outline and body shape. Lovely topline held on the move. Moved with drive.
  2. Blandings Miss Lala. Heavier in type than 1. Well matured in body for her age. Strong neck down into well placed shoulders. Well ribbed back. Didn’t quite hold her topline on the move. Moved with reach, covering plenty of ground.


  1. Winter is coming to Citycroft. Elegant black/white bitch. Lovely shape, covering the ground both standing and on the move. Attractive head into elegant neck, good ear set. Well bodied for her age with plenty of scope. Good width coming and going, moved out with reach. Another one to watch for the future.
  2. Ipanema Mockingjay over Mannerpool. A completely different type of bitch to 1. Slightly shorter coupled. Good head of correct proportions. Would prefer a finer ear. Strong neck, down into a mature body. Lovely tuck up. Would like a more classic impression overall but nevertheless a girl with many qualities on offer.


  1. Ardencote Aiming High. (See MP)
  2. Penbriar Can’t Believe It. Lovely type, one that really appeals to me. Good size, correct head proportions. Elegant neck in to good front angulation. Good spring of rib, plenty of scope. Hocks well let down. Good substance. Needs to settle and gain experience.

Special Beginners

  1. Ardencote Aiming High. (See MP)
  2. Ipanema Mockingjay over Mannerpool. (See 2nd in Junior)


  1. Harerunner Halfpenny. Elegant, feminine girl with an athletic appearance. Elegant neck, correct head proportions although slightly round in eye. Good deep chest. Well ribbed back with nice tuck up. No exaggeration on her angles. Tail set slightly high. Handler got the best from her.
  2. Moonlake My Goodness at Pelyma. Classic head and type. Mature bodied, well ribbed back. Good shape and overall outline.


  1. Blue Moon Eclipse. Unexaggerated, blue with white trim. Feminine head, tight ear. Good layback of shoulder. Shorter in body/rib than other girls today, good tuck up. Carrying her tail a little high. Moved well, well handled.

Post Graduate

  1. Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW. Correct shaped head. Elegant but unexaggerated. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good fill in chest, elbows well tucked in. Well ribbed back, gentle rise over the loin. Correct croup. By far my best mover.BB.
  2. StarswiftSiouxsie Sioux. Slightly higher on the leg than 1. Good type and shaped head. Lovely pigment. Good length of body, elbows well tucked in. Covering plenty of ground standing with a shapely topline. Raised her topline slightly on the move.


  1. Shimmeree Chantilly Lace JW. Elegant, classy black with lovely length. Typey head, with fine ears. Elegant neck, good fill in chest. Deep chest into a defined tuck up. Well angulated rear with correct shaped muscle. Another one who could have top honours.
  2. Blandings Florentine JW ShCM. Lovely style of bitch. Pleasing head and expression. Strong neck. Good spring of rib, well bodied. Held her topline on the move. Steeper in croup than 1. Preferred the front extension of 1. But still offers quality.

Open Bitch

  1. Ardencote Star Maker. Lovely type and size. Pleasing head and expression, well laid shoulder. Well filled chest. Correct topline held on the move. Moved with reach and drive, very true coming and going. RBB.
  2. Citycroft Supanova JW. Eye catching girl. Lovely expression. Elegant neck, well bodied, good spring of rib. More rangey than 1. Moved out well in front. Didn’t hold her topline on the move just as well as 1. Still very appealing.

Special Height

  1. JothrynBjorne to Party with Bunehug. Classy head and expression. Strong neck, deep chest with plenty of fill in front. Well ribbed back, well bodied. Defined tuck up. Unexaggerated rear.

Special Racing/Lure Coursing

  1. Harerunner Halfpenny. (See Novice)
  2. WindflyOnnerown. Attractive black. True shaped head. Unexaggerated angulation, elbows well tucked in. Well defined tuck up. Moved well.

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