Dog Critique for The Whippet Club Members Limited Show Saturday 20th January 2024

What an amazing day! Firstly, I would like to thank The Whippet Club Committee for giving me the honour of judging their Members Limited Show on the 20th of January 2024. Not forgetting a big thank you to the Stewards who kept me on track during the day. I was very grateful to be given an amazing bottle of ‘Whippet’ gin and a lovely whippet mug by the committee for Judging. Thank you.

A very touching moment especially for me, before judging commenced, the committee held a minute’s silence for those having recently passed away, including my father.

When Mrs Anderson contacted me to say I had 117 entries I was shocked! The biggest entry for me at a show and the most classes to date that I have judged. I would like to thank everyone who entered & brought their super whippets along. I hope I did the show justice, and at the end of the day we get to take the best whippet’s home, our own!

January 20 2024 Line Up

Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog (5:1)

  1. (49) Miss Morland Zoraden Master Baker
    Parti fawn. Very mature 7-month-old puppy, showing a lovely head, bright eyes with a well-muscled neck building into strength of shoulders, & depth of chest. A steady rise over the loin allowing for good form on the move. Showing exciting potential in power from behind. (Awarded Best Puppy in Show)
  2. (47) Mrs Moncreiff Runaround Rembrant
    A lovely bright-eyed 7-month-old fawn, with good jaw & length of neck. Not as mature as 1st place but has good length of body and tucks up well into developing thighs. Moves well over the ground, could be moved on a little faster to shown ground coverage but overall a lovely puppy and has a good future.

Class 2: Puppy Dog (3:1)

  1. (21) Mr & Mrs Earnshaw Palmik I Know What I Like at Moonshadow.
    Brindle 9-month-old puppy dog, sweet face with endearing eyes. Good fill & depth of chest but at the moment a little straight in the shoulders. Great promise, with smooth curves. Movement a little wide from behind but this will correct itself with maturity.
  2. (28) Mrs Hambling Chaseover Tom Collins
    Bless this 10-month-old parti fawn boy a little nervous. Lovely head & jaw line, slightly upright in the shoulders at the moment but chest well filled with lovely body curves, falling away a bit in the croup. This could be due to his nervousness but is well covered. I am sure as he matures the latter will correct itself and will help to drive on during movement.

Class 3: Junior Dog (4)

  1. (35) Miss Hughes & Mr Jackson Penbriar Corruleam sky
    A Curvey Blue boy with good width of neck from back skull to withers. Shoulders laid back and good length of shoulder to forearm. Good return of upper arm on the move, a little wide at the back, however foot placement good showing power of movement.
  2. (3) Mrs Arkell Hijacked of Suriya (IMP DEU)
    Sweet brindle with lovely length of head to muzzle. Good infill with width at front allowing for the deep brisket. A little flat over topline with a slightly higher croup, however this Chappy moved on well covering ground viewed from profile & in coming & going.

Class 4: Maiden Dog (2)

  1. (53) Mrs Norris Harerunner Hombre Estrella
    This lovely fawn, even though a little nervous took my eye. Compact, flowing head to tail with good turn of stifle. Correct tuck up with good strength from pins to feet. Moved well around the ring covering ground with ease.
  2. (44) Mrs Martin & Mrs Halliday Aarminias Tickle Your Fancy
    A sweet brindle boy, with bright expression. Neck length & width good, but slightly upright at shoulders. Nice topline when stacked but a little lost on the move, due to being slightly ’elbowy’ which caused his legs to reach out straight in front viewed in profile. However, he did show strength and power on the move.

Class 5: Novice Dog (5)

  1. (35) Mrs Hughes & Mr Jackson Penbriar Correleam Sky
    Placed 1st in Junior dog.
  2. (42) Ms Lahood Starceylon Spectre
    Beautiful cream fawn with gorgeous head, bright expression, muscular neck into shoulders. Felt he was carrying a bit of weight, but hands felt curves and length from withers to pins with rise over the loin& tucked up well. To show his top line off on the stack move his back legs back slightly, this will show his curves much better, and hocks would be better positioned. Moved well overall but if handler moved on a little more this will show her lovely boys topline and power.

Class 6: Graduate Dog (9:1)

  1. (17) Mrs R Chandler Maidenbower Maserati
    A lovey fawn boy with masculine head with correct eye & ear position. Sloped well from occiput to withers showing strength & length of neck into well placed shoulders to elbows to feet. Nice depth of chest with good tuck up & rise over the loin. Good movement showing strength from behind. Lovely, knuckled feet.
  2. (78) Miss Saxby Sandspring Sea Master
    A sweet fawn boy with moderate head & neck length. A little short in length sloping down over the croup but a nice tuck up. Good 1st & 2nd thighs to well let down hocks. Moved reasonably well but lost topline on the move. This could be corrected by moving him on a bit quicker which would then enhance foot placement & keep topline.

Class 7: Post Graduate Dog (7:1)

  1. (99) D Webber Lolani rides a Wild Trail JW
    A powerful brindle boy with good head to muzzle length. Skull ,occiput flowed well into neck, withers & placement of shoulders to elbows with good return of upper arm. Kept his lovely curves on the move showing power & drive from behind.
  2. (63) Ms Perkins Zeglynn Hello You
    A lovely fawn boy with great expression. Hands on, flowed nicely from neck to withers, good spring of ribs & rise over the loin showing good length, however fell away a bit at the croup. He moved well with reasonable foot placement and power.

Class 8: Limit Dog (7:3)

  1. (95) Miss Wayman Ranveli Beach boy at Scarletfair
    This lovely parti brindle boy showed strength throughout his body. Bright eyes, equal head to muzzle length. Occiput leading to a lovely neck, flowing into the withers and nicely along his top line. Great depth of chest with spring of rib, good tuck up & correct coupling between last rib & pelvis, with well down hocks. Covered the ground well demonstrating power & drive around the show ring.
    (Awarded Best DOG & Best in Show)
  2. (72) Mr Royle & Mrs Fricke Chiendetom Andante
    A difficult decision between these two boys. This fawn boy has such a sweet face & bright eye. Lovely head, strong neck flowing through the topline in standing profile. Well laid-back shoulders moving nicely into elbows down to pasterns. Good fill in, depth of chest but felt 95 showed move power on movement with foot placement. A little quicker on the move may have defined his strength & power more. Lovely boy.

Class 9: Open Dog

  1. (94) Miss Wayman Collooney Charlie brown at scarletfair JW
    What a choice between these two lovely boys! Another handsome fawn. Great head, stop & correct jaw. Neck flowed nicely into muscular shoulders laid back well with good withers to elbow. Lovely length with a good rise over the loin. Powerful 1st & 2nd thighs with correct turn of stifle. Covered the ground well on the move, striding out, with good return of upper arm.
    (Awarded: Reserve Best Dog)
  2. (81) Miss Shepherd Kidaruka its showtime at Oxana JW
    A stunning red fawn with white trim, beautiful head with strong jaw. Masculine neck leading to good shoulders, angulating well to elbow with lovely Pasterns & feet. Deep brisket leading to a lovely tuck up & rise over the loin. Moved well in coming & going & profile keeping topline & foot placement good. I felt that 94 had slightly more length of topline. A stunning compact boy.

Class 10: Veteran Dog (6:1)

  1. (90) Mrs Trouton Runnel run for fun.
    This fawn gentleman, 7 years & 9 months has lovely defined muscles throughout saying ‘I’ve still got it’. Lovely expression with ‘ please let me win eyes.’ Smooth length of neck to withers to thighs keeping his curves down to his well laid down hocks & good feet. Deep chest with plenty of heart room. Topline good on stacking & kept on the move, striding out well, but a little close from behind but can be forgiven for his age.
  2. (96) Miss H & Miss H Wayman Crème Anglaises One More Knight at Scarletfair (IMP NED)
    A lovely fawn with white trim, 8 years & 2 months, standing his ground well for this experienced man. Lovely head good length of neck leading into length of body. Front & rear view in stacking well positioned with a good aerial view of the balance of body. However, I felt 90 had slightly more length with topline kept on the move. Was a close call between the two.

Class 11: Special Open Racing Dog (1:1)

Class 12: Special Open Lure Coursing Dog

  1. (98) D Webber Denimblue willdo JW
    A strong blue boy. Standing strong with strength of muscles from front to rear. Defined head with bright alert expression. Strong neck leading down into well laid-back shoulders to correct depth of chest & spring of pasterns. Powerful rise over the loin with good tuck up. Very Muscular 1st & 2nd thighs with well laid down hocks. Walked with purpose & propulsion.
  2. (112) Miss d Yeates, Mr Winter & Miss Morland Zoraden Maserati
    Lovely fawn boy with lovely head & expression. Length of neck with well laid-back shoulders & strong upper arm. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Good length of body but felt 98 had slightly more powerful 1st & 2nd thighs. Drove on well covering the ground showing drive from behind.

Best DogRanveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair
Reserve Best DogCharlie Brown at Scarletfair JW
Best Puppy DogZoraden Master Baker
Best Veteran DogRunnel Run For Fun

Judge: Sarah De Lacey Munday

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