Section 5 – WCRA Superstars Rules

5.1 Eligibility

The competition is open to all Whippets holding a valid WCRA Passport, the owner being a member of a Club affiliated to the WCRA. When entering a whippet for competition a Passport Number or Passport Pending will not suffice. The passport should contain a current-year passport sticker and authorisation that the whippet has passed for racing on a bend and/or straight as appropriate.

5.2 Counting Opens
All Affiliated Clubs will be entitled to stage TWO Opens eligible for the competition — one should be a Straight and the other should be a Bend. The WCRA will consider applications to stage two Straights or two Bends where Clubs may have a particular problem in staging either.

5.3 Booking In Dates For Opens
When booking in counting Open(s), each affiliated Club’s Secretary is required to provide written notification, including the following details for each event:

a) Date
b) Type of discipline – i.e. Bend, Straight or Curve
c) Distance to be run
d) Whether the date is subject to confirmation. If so, state when and briefly the reason(s) why.

Where there is a clash of dates between two or more Clubs, allocation of that date will be determined by order of preference [see c) above] then by the earliest postal or email date of the Club’s written notification. There may be exceptions to this where any Club(s) has/have provided provisional dates [refer to d) above].

Affiliated Club’s requests for the next season’s counting Open date(s) may be forwarded to the WCRA Superstars Officer any time after 1st March and before 1st December of the current year.

The WCRA Superstars Officer will provide confirmation, or otherwise notify, of date(s) to each Club that has applied for a counting event.

WCRA Championship dates will take precedence over c) above. Every effort will be made to ensure the earliest possible notification to the Secretaries of all affiliated Clubs of the dates for the following season’s WCRA Championships.

5.4 Advertising Opens
For an Open to be eligible it must be advertised and must mention in any advert that the Open is to count for WCRA Superstars. In the event that the date or venue of the Open is changed, the event should be re-advertised stating that the event was to be staged on “previous date” and will now be staged on “new date” and once again mention that it will count for WCRA Superstars. Opens that do not adhere to this procedure will not stand as counting events except at the WCRA Committee’s discretion.

5.5 Maiden Events
Where a MAIDEN event features at any Open, it will not count for Points. Owners of Maiden dogs must be allowed the option of entering their Whippets in the Open category if they wish, subject to the rules of entry for that Open and deadline for the same.

5.6 Minimum Runs
At all Opens accepted for competition, Whippets must run a minimum of TWO races, which comprises Heat and Final.

5.7 Judging Requirements
At all counting Opens there must be THREE Judges on the finishing line. The result of the race will be determined by these judges, and in the event of a split decision the majority will be upheld. In the event that a Track Steward has indicated an objection, no result shall be declared until the Racing Manager has consulted the officials and given his/her decision. The decision as to whether the race is valid (i.e. to be re-run etc) will remain that of the Racing Manager. Those appointed are to be capable and responsible people, considered by the club committee to be well able to take on the role.

5.8 Results
It will be the responsibility of the Secretary of any club that is participating in the competition to ensure that the results are sent to the Superstars Officer within two weeks of the Open having taken place.

5.9 League Composition
There will be five leagues – Dog League, Bitch League, Consolation League and for veterans only, the Master Veteran League and Veteran Consolation League.

5.10 Master Veterans
(Note: It is appreciated that the majority of owners are responsible and sensitive towards their Whippets both young and old. If it is intended to campaign an older Whippet in the veteran competition, please make the best decision as to whether or not a Veteran whippet can sustain this level of competition.)

Open to whippets not less than six years of age and which have not attained their tenth birthday.

Every club affiliated to the WCRA may hold two Veteran Opens per season eligible for the Master Veteran Superstars; both of which may be Straights.

5.11 Points
Points are awarded as per the document “Superstars Points System” published on the Superstars webpage. The best 12 results in counting Opens will count towards the Whippet’s Points total. In the event of a tie for 1st place in any league at the end of the season the overall winner will be decided by a count back of the least number of Opens entered, the highest number of Finals reached, 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, 4th Place, 5th Place, 6th Place, Semis, Heats, until the tie is broken. All other ties will stand.

5.12 Progeny Points
Progeny points are accumulated throughout the season for the Best Brood Bitch and the Best Stud Dog. The Sire and Dam of each whippet that reaches a Main Open Final or Veteran Main Open Final will be awarded one Point and the Sire and Dam of each whippet that reaches a WCRA Championship Final will be awarded two Points.

These Points are calculated from the best twelve counting Opens (including WCRA Championships), so each whippet can accumulate a maximum of 16 points for their respective Sire and Dam.

Each season the Sire and Dam will have all these points totalled together for their final score. Returnable trophies will be awarded to the Best Stud Dog and the Best Brood Bitch.

5.13 Superstars Certificates, Badges and Velvet Coats
Presentation of the Superstars Certificates, Badges and Velvet Coats will be made at the 1st WCRA Championships of the following season, or at the discretion of the WCRA Committee.

  • Certificates will be given to the top twelve in all five Leagues.
  • Badges will be given to the top twelve in the Dog, Bitch & Master Veteran Leagues.
  • Velvet jackets to be awarded to the Winners of all five leagues.

5.14 Disputes
In the event of any dispute over any matter concerned with the competition, or any situation that is not covered by these rules, or any interpretation of the same, the decision of the WCRA Committee will be final.


Rules reviewed April 2019
Points system reviewed 2015

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